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  1. Hi, I've got the exact same issue and I don't use KIS. I got this bug when I was trying to land on Iota. When my last stage fell to the ground, I couldn't save, use menu or plant a flag. My game was softlock and I had to reload a previous save
  2. Great mod ! Can we disable Anti Aliasing ? I like pixels Thanks.
  3. In carreer mode, do we get missions to do on these new bodies ? Or do I need to install a contract pack mod ? Thanks
  4. Does this mod work with Galileo's Planet Pack ? Thanks
  5. Hi, I've got a problem with a fresh install. My textures are pink ( supprimer.png?dl=0) Mod installed: GPP GPP_TEXTURE Kopernicus 1.4.5-1 WarpEverywhere Log => Thanks !
  6. Thanks for your responses. This fixed my issue. I don't know how I manage to add some trim to my probe. I create this probe to be in orbit of neidon, a planet of the mod "outer planets mod" far away from kerbol. On my screen we can see the two last stages of my ship, the nerv (empty but didn't decouple yet) and a argon thruster (near future technologies mod). I though the nerv was a good engine because of the high ISP in vacum. This is a bad idea ? And for the RCS, I use them to turn my ship for manoeuvre node. I can do these only with reaction whell even with the nerv (200h on KSP, never used reaction whell )? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, I've got an issue with my last probe. RCS activate themselves although SAS is disabled. I think the problem comes from the pitch not aligned (bottom left of the screenshot). What am I doing wrong ? Thanks
  8. Good jobs, this mods is great. I've got an issue with the space station's contract "Launch a new Space Station". Although I met all pre-requisites, the contract is still greyed out. I went and returned home (unmanned and crewed) from severals bodies (mun, minmus, eve) and I don't have any station around theses bodies Thanks for your help