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  1. Sure there are mods that contain fueltanks, but they dont have the unique texture (that white insulation) that all the parts from this mod have. I’d like to have fuel tanks meeting the theme, so i can build my stations purely out of SSPR textured parts
  2. Another nice thing would be if the handles would actually work and Kerbals could grab them. Is that possible to implement?
  3. Holy f**k, the models/textures are amazing! Assembled a station in orbit using only your parts (except girder, solar etc) and it totally amazes me! I’m using the white rims and the station looks so clean and realistic with that nice texture, wow! Edit: One thing that bugs me is that i cant put L/OX or monoprop in the storage modules. So much options from various metals to water etc but no LOX/ Monoprop? Is there a simple way i could i could implement that by changing something in the cfg?
  4. I thought i read it somewhere a while ago, but now i cant seem to find it so i gotta ask; Can i install Principia and use it in an existing save? Or will i need to start a new game? Edit: So apperently it worked, just threw two probes i had around duna out of their orbit (leaving the solar system now). Amazing mod! PS: In your post it says "here for 1.4.1" but actually links to a 1.4.2 download, might want to update that. Oh and i like your new moon update cycle!
  5. @MaximumThrust I dont know if I’m missing something or if its some value related to the mod, but what does LAN stand for in this context? The mod is exactly what i was looking for, just want to know what value is set to 0 sometimes.
  6. Thanks for the reply, sadly i (literally) broke my wifi adapter, so i cant redownload it at the moment. I doubt something went wrong with the download making only this one part disappear, since i dont use ckan or something. Probably some other mod is corrupting it, i’ll see what causes the problem. Could you give me the name of the part which should be able to extend a tube from it so i don’t accidentally try it with the wrong one? Thx for your reply, awesome mod!
  7. I don’t know when or why you deleted the flexible corridors/tubes, but i just downloaded the new version and i miss them. Any chance to put them in again? Or went something wrong?
  8. "Not your (mod), for sure." or "Not yours, for sure". Choose one, its up to you. @Vanamonde
  9. Two questions, you said in the comments section that your mod adds the extremely thin atmospheres rocky bodies have. So how thick are the atmospheres you added? In example, the atmosphere of the Moon would be way thinner than the earth's atmosphere is at ISS-Height, where KSP has no atmosphere cause it stops at way higher pressures. And if they are just somewhat close to it (close like 10000 times or more thicker than they would be), they still wouldnt change something cause they are just really close to the ground and when you are there you are landing, so how did you manage this? Thank you (I'm playing RSS and if there will be a RSS-OA version i would take a look at it)
  10. It's standard 240pin DIMM desktop memory (it even says "DESKTOP"). But even DDR3 is at around 15$ for cheap ones.
  11. If you are fine with the following RAM contact me,
  12. When you open the TaskManager and go to RAM you can see "Slots: x of y used" and "Socket: DIMM or SODIMM usually". Could you tell me the parameters?
  13. A lot of mods do that because it has to be like that. You are actually installing several mods, Kopernicus,TextureReplacer and so on
  14. Great mod and great community on your discord, congrats on release! Edit: Maybe you could post the story behind (more like before) it