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  1. Yes, I've changed my profile picture and banner, and I'll be changing it to this on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter tomorrow (please subscribe to The Final Space Frontier-ist, my YouTube channel).

  2. hey @SamBelanger thank you for following me!

  3. Hey orb8ter! I just wanted to say that your tutorial on rendezvous and docking really helped me with rendezvous and docking to my own station, sky dragon 1, thank you and keep up the good work!

    1. Orb8Ter


      Awesome that you docked its always hard when you first try but it becomes a lot easier, so well done :cool:

  4. hey NSEP thanks for following me!

    1. NSEP


      No problem! I am 'Jbaltus stuff' from Julian Danzers streams by the way. :wink:

    2. anti_con2


      oh wow hi Jbaltus!

    3. NSEP
  5. I got into duna and eve orbit for the first time :D 

  6. just made my first mun landing, wanted to say that you thought me how to do an orbit inclination change, which helped with the landing, thank you and keep up the good work!

  7. hey matt! I love you're videos and I just wanted to say that with you're help last night I finally achieved orbital flight! thank you for you're help and keep up the good videos!

    1. Matt Lowne

      Matt Lowne

      Thanks! Glad you found my stuff useful :)

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