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    Locked in the basement at the Kerbal Space Centre, pls let me out
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  1. Is there a Shuttle launch pad mod to go with this? (I've already tried Modular Launch Pads but it's too big and Tweakscale doesn't work with it)
  2. This is so surreal, Jool won't be green anymore just now realizing this might be April fools
  3. I'm going to build a reusable ship to go to Jool and back, that has to have the ability to reenter LKO. My current design I'm working on has about 10,000 m/s and I'm wondering if that's enough for the mission it'll have to undertake.
  4. I have only one question, will it have Easter eggs and potentially lore?
  5. Yes, I've changed my profile picture and banner, and I'll be changing it to this on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter tomorrow (please subscribe to The Final Space Frontier-ist, my YouTube channel).

  6. I just opened ksp to it and I'm afraid to open the save in case something happens. https://anticon2.imgur.com/all/
  7. like if you made a falcon heavy ksp recreation!
  8. this happened yesterday, but I competed my new space station, Sky Dragon 2: https://imgur.com/a/ahm4I
  9. landed my first rover (the betsy rover) at duna: https://imgur.com/gallery/ztjwD9I
  10. made my first ever kerbal landing on minmus! Operation Minmus Landing EP 5: Vulture Has Landed
  11. In my Youtube series "Operation Minmus Landing" I sent the lander into low Minmus orbit the docked the return vehicle to it but it wouldn't even show the option to undock the the lander, does anyone know a solution to this (that doesn't involve destroying the docking ports)? here's a picture of the two joint spacecraft in minmus orbit with no option of undocking on either of the docking ports: https://imgur.com/9Axfe3G
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