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  1. First a very big Thank You for maintaining Kerbalism, the best mod besides KSPIE - what leads to my question: - Emulating the devices of KSPIE in Kerbalism is to much to be done, but: if only the electricity generating reactors (or the generators) would get a fixed value instead of beieng not simulated at all. Would it be possible to set a fixed production rate for parts (not only KSPIE) instead of not simulating them? - Since ever I get the message "electronic producer shows unexpected behavior at high warp ...." This is another example where "less would be more" - IMHO - or I
  2. @Domin1c I had the same issue, switched to comm net until the update fixed the bug ... Right now on Unix CKAM the update leads to a CTD - manual installation works, of course.
  3. Bug with AGI computer core data limit 1MB (6.4 Science) on transmitting The AGI never transmits mire than 1 MB of data, all other Science is lost. When someone could confirm this, I would like to ask to take this on the buglist. Due to my heavily modded game, I hope not to see the error at the wrong place - so if I do, let me know .... (Thanks for the update - sorry that this is off-topic)
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