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  1. Banned for having the default avatar
  2. banned for extremely specific reasons
  3. "warriors" by Imagine dragons, alternating with a song from homestuck volume 9. if I tried to name it people would look at me like I had 413 heads. the title is that silly, but, oddly enough, it makes sense in context.
  4. yeah, google translate probably isn't the best way to do this. A best lone hard born in bye bitty. Hold I'm hungry. But hark the lift Me! Moo is paid bit a bot whiskey blue is not normal.
  5. recieves a wire. inserts a swordfish
  6. A earphone cat was born in Bye City. Frodo is hungry, but fortunately, Pluto is made up of a hard disk ... your dirty animal.
  7. 4/10 I sometimes see you around
  8. same rules as last time, just treat it like telephone. bring back the barn
  9. banned for lack of reason
  10. not going to post the draft of my novel on the forum.