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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! This is a replacement for the Dres Awareness Society as the original thread is quite old. Here is a link to the old thread:
  2. Welcome to the Dres Awareness Society! Here you can post things about Dres express love for Dres or just do anything to help spread the word about Dres. Some people out there just don't like Dres, and we need to show them that Dres is a great planet too. So please help to support Dres. Show Dres that you love it, and spread awareness about Dres. I like to believe that us at the Dres Awareness Society do not love Dres more than the other planets, but we just think that all planets deserve equality and that Dres has been cheated out of the equality it deserves. @SpaceplaneAddict made a very cool challenge about Dres here.
  3. I challenged you to make a mission for Jeb and Valentina on a date! Must include: 2 seats and a table for Val and Jeb. Umbrella A simple Rover Difficulty: Easy: Land on Kerbin's North Pole Medium: Land on Minmus Hard: Land on Duna Super Hard!: Impress me... Mods ✔ Stock ✔ Infinite Fuel X Refuelling ✔ Service Module ✔ Return? Optional
  4. Original Text After one thread (Which shall not be named) started the Eeloo, fake, society, I've decided to prove that Eeloo is not evil! Eeloo and Dres! We love both! Appreciation!
  5. I first started playing KSP back in 2012 and still don't understand why I keep coming back every few weeks or so and then play it for several weeks before taking a break again... then back again for more... and that's 5 years I've played and I still love it as much (if not more) than the day I started. I think KSP is my favourite game of all time. That said I think I really need a better PC because I can't install some of the lovely graphics improvement without a big hit to FPS. And I was just looking for a new PC when I sat back and thought "Why do I keep playing this game"? Generally I like building ships and programming things like Smart Parts, Mechjeb and KOS (but I haven't used that since 1.1.3 tbh). It's building a ship that can handle itself with little to no input from mission control. A bit like how real life probes behave. And that got me thinking. I wonder how many different ways people play KSP and what their favourite way is. There are the builders like me who spend a lot of time in the hanger or VAB. There are the ones who do everything manually (who I call the masochists heh). There are the ones who do just spaceplanes and or just mess about in Kerbin orbit. There are the realistic solar system buffs and the super graphics nerds. There just isn't one way to play this game. Yeah, if you love space, KSP is going to be a big program for many years to come... at least in my home that is.
  6. source:http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?id=4079 I thiiink this should be safe for this forum? Check the source for funny alt text.
  7. So it's January 1st once again and here I am wondering why I am still playing KSP and ignoring many of my AAA games in favour of a game that could be considered boring by many... but definitely not by me. You see, it's the old Lego and Minecraft thing... You only get out as much as you put into something. Games which are absolutely amazing like Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Tony Hawk 5... no... NO... DEFINITELY not Tony Hawk 5.... where was I? Oh yeah, those amazing games lose their shine because they are fixed in what you can do (even Fallout where you can now build settlements still is limited)... but even the base game of KSP, Lego and Minecraft have unending possibilities. On top of it, KSP is not limited to a specific age group (ie no sex and/or violence and/or swearing... welllllll okay, there is SOME violence when you crash but you just grow new Kerbals after all). AND it's educational. Learning that you cannot just aim for the moon and fly toward it and have a hope of landing on it. AND learning that sometimes you have to burn away from a target to get closer to it (sounds bonkers but true)... and dropping stuff into the sun isn't as easy as it seems (so I found that Orbital Mechanics is not the name for a space garage after all. Who knew???). Yup... KSP could only be better if it enabled mods... but what's that you say... MODS EXIST? Yup... KSP turns from a small indie game into something freaking huge when you include all the vast number of mods out of there. Some are crap but the majoriity are beyond amazing. Some include scifi spaceships... some include real ones like the SpaceX craft and NASA favourites like Apollo and Mercury and Gemeni. Even Russia and Chinese craft are available. Others turn the game from a basic space simulator into a real depiction of our solar system. Utilities range from making re-entry harder to including autopilot systems that assist in your flight across the solar system. The only limitation to the mods scene is memory due to being limited to the 32 bit version of Unity. The 64 bit version of Unity (which is the engine KSP runs on) is currently unstable... still... So currently you find that you can add stuff to KSP... find it runs crap and then have to chop out bits you don't need just to make it run stable. Then you find more mods you want and have to chop out other bits to get those to work. But is all the hassle worth it... DEFINITELY. Then you can play the game your way... Be it in Sandbox mode... be it in Science mode... or be it in full on Career mode. All are fun. Yes... You can say that I just adore this game/simulator/time travel machine (start playing in the morning and you wonder why it's gone dark outside and people are banging on your door wondering where you have vanished to... true story!). There really isn't anything as good out there that lets you run NASA your way... And NO... out of all the excellent AAA games released in 2015 I have to say that KSP was STILL my game of the year... That's every year since 2012 for me now... since I watched this following video in fact (thank you so much NerdCubed, for all the hours I've lost playing this game heh... oh and go to 6:45 where he shows off KSP... as he says, It's basically NASA if run by an... idiot)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n1g3oTXjDM Kerbal Space Program - BEST GAME EVER! Thanks HarvesteR and team. You guy's rock. HAPPY NEW YEAR! and here's to making 2016 an even better KSP year. Soooooo when is the Kerbal Movie coming out???
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