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  1. Yep TY this was it. I had simply missed the ui menu. I knew it would be something simple that I was missing lol. TY very much K-C
  2. I have tracked it down now to KerbalJointReinforcement. Removing it fixes the problem. I will try putting it back on whenever it is next update. Thanks all. Thanks guys I worked it out. In KJR there is an options menu. It was in fact a visual of the autostruts. There is an simple option to turn off the visual in the options menu.
  3. Hi guys, I installed this a few hours ago and ended up with these odd lines on every craft. Deleting the Kerbal joint reinforcement file removed the issue. I had this picture on another thread and someone suggested that it might be a debug flag that was left on. Not being a mod myself I don't know if that is the case but I thought I would post this here in any event. I don't really know if the issue is with Joint reinforcement or one of the other files contained within KSPIE just that deleting Joint reinforcement removed the issue. I am almost positive that the lines on the craft were some sort of visual representation of autostruts. K-C
  4. I have tracked it down now to KerbalJointReinforcement. Removing it fixes the problem. I will try putting it back on whenever it is next update. Thanks all.
  5. Hi I was wondering if it might be a bug. It only appeared after I applied the latest update to Interstellar extended. The lines are all internal and appear on rockets planes... everything. I am using quite a few mods, and am running in the latest windows version. I might try removing the mod and doing a reinstall to see if that fixes it.
  6. Hi all, I am aware this is likely to be something obvious that i have overlooked. Out of the blue all my aircraft and rockets started displaying these (mostly green) lines. Anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them????
  7. Hi Rudolf, Just so you know, I did a clean install and that fixed all the issues I was having. I suspect I forgot to delete KJR before I installed your version for IR. I suspect there was something left behind when I did that which caused my problems. Anyway, all good now and thank you again for your amazing work. Kim
  8. Well even if I cannot get it to work I really do appreciate all the work you and the other modders do. You guys are awesome xxxxx I definitely had scaled down IR parts so that explains that one. If I could only figure out why I can’t turn off the autostruts I am sure it would work. I must have another mod that is over riding it somehow. I think it might just be a good old process of elimination. Kim
  9. Hi guys, Thanks for all the advice, but it just doesn't love me I am afraid lol. I have advanced tweakables on and struts are still locked which of course means I can only get IR to work in the VAB or SPH. I am starting to think though that something else I am using might be causing additional issues as when I tried the IR rotatron it either doesn't work at all, or the entire craft begins to spin out of control. Also if I make a craft without landing legs just a pod and an engine, put a hinge on it and use it, voila I get sent into the middle of the sun or kerbin or somewhere with an altitude of 00000m and everything is locked up. I do run a heavily modded version of ksp... so I am sure the problem will be at my end and not a problem with the mod I will keep plugging away and see what I can work out lol. Thanks again boys Kim
  10. Hi guys, My first ever post I am sure this will be a really obvious fix. I am new to ksp and IR. I am having what I think is a problem others have had in the past related to landing gear and autostrut making IR work fine in the hanger but not at all outside the VAB. Can someone help a gal out and please explain to me how I fix this. Oh I am using 1.4.2 Kimberly