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  1. Incredible work! I honestly didn't know that BahaSP was up to date at all. Thanks so much for the update!
  2. Not yet dead - just taking a bit of a break due to finals and now a vacation. I can't promise updates as soon as I get home - Squad's lack of communication over the past 3 weeks has really killed my desire to play and mod for KSP, and the impending Porkjetification of the rocket parts has me wanting to spend my time looking into making new models and parts rather than a patch for the old.
  3. Everything except the escape rockets should work. We are going to update to @BahamutoD's 1.1 compatible Animaton Modules as soon as we get a chance to.
  4. The launch escape functions are not working in 1.1 at the moment - we are waiting on Baha to update his plugin. I will check out the heat shield and some of the suggested balance changes as well.
  5. Kerbal Stuff will be missed sorely, but we have a new download link at Spacedock! We'll be updating the main post shortly, and we'll be back here with more impressive updates soon!
  6. I feel like once we see some of @Porkjet's rocket parts in devnotes or Squadcasts or wherever, it'd be a reasonably safe time to attempt a community-made style sheet. Even without Squad's official support, I feel like a lot of modders have gotten close enough to stock style (you absolutely included, @hoojiwana) to contribute to a style guide. Since the art style is so disjointed at the moment, the guide would only be able to cover some styles of parts (I think we can do well with a section for Porkalike and for Claira-alike/old stock), and while it's imperfect, it's definitely not a total waste of time. If some people want to start now with a Classic Stock style guide or a Porkjet's planes style guide, I personally think either would be extremely useful.
  7. Thanks for the tip, @Kerbas_ad_astra! We'll implement that change with the next patch!
  8. ISRU converter, an adapter for 2.5m parts, some structural parts, and maybe some extra heavy landing legs. Don't expect any of this though - that's what I want to see eventually, but both jnrobinson and I have been busy, so you may not see all of those soon (or ever).
  9. Yes - we plan on an update for at least 1.1, hopefully featuring new content and some fixes/changes, and potentially a small patch for 1.0.5 depending on how much content we can finish and polish. We aim to add a few more parts to complete the full 3.75m set, then go back and find places where we can combine part models/textures and do a total conversion where we clean up everything and convert to .dds textures to reduce the RAM overhead.
  10. We have no plans to make an additional model without the LES at this time.
  11. We are aiming on doing a(nother) balance patch very soon - once we figure out what some of the new 1.0.3 values are - and we're looking at a content patch to add in the last of the parts somewhere after that. Once that is done, our next major patch will be a full pass for efficiency - remapping and redoing textures and models to help lower polycounts and texture resolutions to help loading times.
  12. Oops. I guess that could explain some of the issues we were having, even though when making the parts, I adapted the Squad parts to ensure balance. I will make sure this gets rectified in the next patch.
  13. That sets a curve, with only two keys, it serves as a straight line, which is how we intended for it to be set.
  14. I've never seen that before! We will look into it, but please be aware that we are trying to remove excess config data (hence no more specific TACLS config included), so it's not likely that we will provide specific Keepfit configs anytime soon.