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  1. boltzens

    I have a few questions about the forums.

    Aha, thank you for clarifying!
  2. boltzens

    Santa Hats

    This is awesome.
  3. boltzens

    I have a few questions about the forums.

    Hi! And welcome! I'm relatively new too. I wondered if there is a secret recipe to being able to post freely on the forums? I've made about 15 replies (and I promise, I'm a real human being, and following the community rules!) but I'm still getting the message that my posts need to be approved by a moderator.
  4. boltzens

    I made a thing

    Nice work!!
  5. boltzens

    The food you're craving right now...

    cornbread is the food I am craving right now. and always. dry, simple, and plain -- not the over-sweetened, cake-type stuff. and don't get me started on the travesty of adding peppers or anything else to it.
  6. boltzens

    I Am Groot

    Oh, groot my groot.
  7. boltzens

    Weirdest Quotes!

    "Cross my heart, smack me dead, stick a lobster on my head!" ~ John Crichton, Farscape
  8. boltzens

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    My coworkers and I went to a restaurant that actually has something called "mystery meat" on the menu. (no, nobody ordered it)
  9. boltzens

    Geek cred

    Went back to grad school to earn my PhD.
  10. boltzens

    Some orbit concepts for education (or fun!)

    Right on. Love Science Friday but had not seen this...thanks for sharing it here!
  11. Great video on a fascinating topic! Thanks for making it happen!
  12. boltzens

    Telescope recommendations?

    Take a look at the other menu options: The Magazine, News, Photos, Videos, Blogs, Community, etc