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  1. Tryphon

    [1.4.5] Extrasolar v1.7.6 [9/12/18]

    Great job ! Thx for your work.
  2. Tryphon

    [1.4.5] Extrasolar v1.7.6 [9/12/18]

    I'm running 1.3.1, and had no idea i was possible to downgrade or prevent steam from auto upgrading... Is it actually possible to download 1.3.0 version ?
  3. Tryphon

    [1.4.5] Extrasolar v1.7.6 [9/12/18]

    Apologies are clearly not needed here ! Thanks for the works you've already done, and for answering the question. I'm in for the fix.
  4. OK. Call me a blind man... apologies !
  5. Tryphon

    [1.4.5] Extrasolar v1.7.6 [9/12/18]

    Does this (fabulous !) mod have a known compatibility issue with modular flight integrator ? I am experiencing luminosity problems. Kerbol seems to give very very few light, if any. Outside atmosphere i basically can't see almost anything, even in daylight. Artificial lights work fine, however. My only solution was to dramatically enhance ambient light in settings, but of course it's completely unrealistic. After huge testing, i've come to the conclusion that modular flight integrator can't work with extrasolar. Wich is a problem, because kopernicus don't work properly without mfi, and without kopernicus, no extrasolar. A i missing a mod ? I have the followings installed : Kopernicus Extrasolar EVO EVE SVE Distant objetcs Scatterer MFI Other mods are unrelated with graphic rendering or kerbol system configuration, and the bug occur even without them.
  6. OK, after more testing it looks like there's a compatibility issue with Extrasolar. Ever heard about it ?
  7. Is there any known luminosity issue with Modular flight integrator ? I installed it along with eve, scatterer and stock visual enhencements. Those mods don't work properly witthout it, but with it installed, it looks like kerbol luminosity is near zero. The sun exposed parts aren't any brighter than the other parts, and the overall luminosity of the game is extremely low : i simply couldn't land on Ike, for instance, even on broad daylight : i can only see dark... After more testing, i am positive : as soon as i install Modular flight integrator, even in a vanilla ksp game data folder, Kerbol becomes a pale lantern, casting no shadow. The log :
  8. OK, you just saved my life ! That's it. From now on, i'll use ckan whenever possible. Thank you !
  9. Sorry to bother again with my issues... but nothing in the mod seems to work at all for me. As i said previously, the solid core doesn't generate any thrust or consume any fuel. Neither do the candle reactor engine or closed cycle gas core. Direct cycle nuclear turbojet doesn't work either, and often disappears of the available parts in vab. For obvious reason, I didn't try anything deeper, more complex right now, when i can't fit in the very basics. What is happening ? I tried on two different computers, with brand new blank game installs. Game version is up to date, 1.3.1. Apart from the listed required mods (twekscale and heat control), i only use kopernicus (last version), extrasolar, mechjeb, CTT and KER. Any idea, anyone ? My guess would be, this mod actually needs other mods, i haven't installed yet.
  10. I'm just trying to get it to work at the launch pad ! Of course I don't plan to use it first stage. I already tried to use it in vacuum, for no result. And it is supposed to work in atmosphere, according to the mod's video tutorial.
  11. Here i am. What is missing ? Fuel seems ok, KE shows some d-v.
  12. I'm on career mode, do have radiators. For whatever reason, i looks like i can't post pics. My test ship is as simple as can be : command pod, a basic fuel tank, the solid core engine, two radiators attached to it.
  13. Hi everyone... having just discovered this absolutely amazing mod, i'm trying to get the very basics to work. So, i placed a Solid core reactor on a jet fuel tank, and... it doesn't work. Am i a complete idiot ? What am i doing wrong ? This part being both a reactor and an engine, what is missing ? I realize this is an completely noob question, but... hum... help !