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  1. Hey @Nertea , on the H500-144 Hydrogen Tank, some of the textures or switched compared to their names (foil compact and bare have the corresponding isohedral textures and vice-versa). Not really a problem, but hey, you should want to know And as always, thanks a lot for your amazing mods
  2. I use Decoupler Shroud since before installing Restock/plus, and I had no problem so far... Were you able to reproduce the issue on a clean game?
  3. You can try it from Lua, it's ridiculously easy I made it accidentaly yesterday, and it was pretty fun, until I tried to land
  4. Unfortunetly, no... This new update is really good and well integrated, bugs I had before are not there anymore, except for the twin candle engine
  5. I have 2 "size 2 adapter" and a Mk3 one, but no Mk2... Isn't it just a reading mistake? I always mix up those two sizes name... Or I have a problem with my installation BTW, great mod, I love it
  6. @herkyuman You have to create it, by following the instructions in the wiki (general link in the OP, but here's the specific page) https://github.com/PorktoberRevolution/ReStocked/wiki/Asset-Blacklist-and-Whitelist
  7. @vardicd On the Github page, under the title"Restocked 0.1.3", then under the description, you have "assets (4)", then: - ReStockPlus_0_1_3.zip 6.34 MB - ReStock_0_1_3.zip 103 MB That's it
  8. Those golden probe-core... https://imgur.com/gallery/vF6GnVU
  9. Everything is really nice and well done, you're definitely the boss A bit of a ride from Rhodes to Ash: https://imgur.com/gallery/vF6GnVU
  10. Looks like the known problem with realplume; if you have it, you have to delete the Squad cfg from realplume; Restock already have personalised plumes, that's why there's a conflict between them.
  11. Tested in a game with only Restock and Restockplus, none of those problems appeared... Must be something else.
  12. If you have a screen of your Game Data folder, perhaps someone could hep
  13. For now, I use KSC Extended to expand it, even if it's just visual, and besides the ground color of the new elements to change, it works like a charm, with no integration problems. I still have to try to create a new one somewhere else though,
  14. @Friznit At least on my game, KK's working fine, ground color has changed to match Rhodes, some new space centers have been implemented, including on Lua, the closest moon, and my other KK mods works perfectly too