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  1. Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    What if we just started a watchdog?
  2. Specific Impulse Help

    How so
  3. Specific Impulse Help

    I understand why you need units now! And that 10000 one I I flopped the thrust and fuel flow sorrry 0.01 is a wonderful Speciifc Impulse . They are all in Lbs and Seconds I'm used to American Units so that's why, also I'm not using this for KSP but for model rocketry so all my tools are going to be American units
  4. Specific Impulse Help

    Don't mind this ^ @sevenperforce @GoSlash27 can you verify just my answers for these assorted ones? Fuel Flow 5 Lbs Thrust 15 Lbs Isp: 3 Seconds Fuel Flow 10 Lbs Thrust 10000 Lbs Isp: 1000 Seconds Fuel Flow 10 Lbs Thrust 1000 Lbs Isp: 100 Seconds Fuel Flow 5.5 Thrust 1500 Isp: 272.7272727 Fuel Flow 100000 Lbs Thrust 1000 Isp: 100 Seconds Fuel Flow 53 Thrust 1852 Isp: 34 Seconds (doesn't seem right) Fuel Flow 1.5 Thrust 100 Isp: 66 (ish) Fuel Flow 10 Thrust 1500 Isp: 150
  5. Specific Impulse Help

    7,500 divided by 100 (fuel flow) = 75
  6. Specific Impulse Help

    100 seconds Isp Oh wait 75 seconds of burn time correct?
  7. Specific Impulse Help

    So doing thrust 10,000 and 100 pounds a second on fuel flow I already answered it
  8. Specific Impulse Help

    With my example? I know I just didn't bother to write it. I need the fuel flow rate and thrust
  9. Back when I was a kid

    I have one in my house.
  10. Specific Impulse Help

    Fuel flow rate: 100 pounds a second Thrust: 10000 Lbs Isp= 100
  11. Specific Impulse Help

    That's what I figured that's for your help do you mind if (tommorow) I give a few examples and you check my work?
  12. Specific Impulse Help

    All I mean is how do you calculate your fuel flow with solid fuels?
  13. Specific Impulse Help

    Yes if there core is cut it that way I mean if it is cut so it's equal.
  14. Specific Impulse Help

    Ok that's good for liquid rocket how bout solid rockets. Find the weight of the proplellant and burn out the engine. Correct?
  15. Woomerang launch site

    Where do I find persistnace.sts. Do Imoaunch the game, do I use the local files where in local files. I can't find a saves folder in squad or gamedata.