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  1. @cantab In seriousness the Gold looks better
  2. Hmm this is difficult, but I would want to see a push to study the possible life carrying moons in the outer solar system. I also think some more interstellar probes that are designed to operate for hundreds of years could be something useful while we develop better propulsion technology. But that is a dream and not going to happen for realistic reasons... But ehh that is the subject of the thread after all.
  3. This is outrageous, its unfair, how can you be on the council and not be a master.
  4. First isn't this a lounge subject? Second, what scale is the model? You mean progress spacecraft?
  5. Just a thread to discuss math things, I guess I havn't seen one so here.
  6. If Anyone is interested I create a space related discord server for people who are interested in that sort of thing to talk about space, space news, rocketry, physics, math, chemistry etc.
  7. Update: I think I got it mostly working except for one thing What exactly is this? Where am I supposed to install this __main__ module?
  8. Yes it is a folder, that took forever sorry This is what automatically loads
  9. loading 1 second C:\Users\>my_windows_username_ignore_this<\Anaconda3\envs\untitled1\python.exe the name of the project is untitled1 @Kerbart Just to clarify this is the problem I can write my script fine but I can not run it since it wants be to add the config. Just to clarify The Python Console found in tools btw
  10. sorry for the double mention, did not even think about it