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  1. If Anyone is interested I create a space related discord server for people who are interested in that sort of thing to talk about space, space news, rocketry, physics, math, chemistry etc.
  2. Update: I think I got it mostly working except for one thing What exactly is this? Where am I supposed to install this __main__ module?
  3. Yes it is a folder, that took forever sorry This is what automatically loads
  4. loading 1 second C:\Users\>my_windows_username_ignore_this<\Anaconda3\envs\untitled1\python.exe the name of the project is untitled1 @Kerbart Just to clarify this is the problem I can write my script fine but I can not run it since it wants be to add the config. Just to clarify The Python Console found in tools btw
  5. sorry for the double mention, did not even think about it
  6. @Kerbart The thing is I can not run the code to begin with, thus no console opens I think That? @Kerbart I run that and it just prints another >>>
  7. Would I rather want to live in the Truman Show, or be told the truth. Interesting concept
  8. Reminds me of the time, I had a dream I can not really remember the details, but everything two weeks or so after I had the dream later happened in that dream. It was really strange.
  9. I have been trying to set up PyCharm for a few hours now, I have read the tutorials on JetBrains, but what they seem to be referencing is not there. Any ideas? I did not really know where to post this so... Here I guess
  10. The threat of annihilation, a basic human fear, is the driver behind technology. War is not required for technological advancement. Only the possibility of it.
  11. Perhaps I am misreading the situation again, who knows
  12. What does the craft I have created have to do with beta testing? All I am detecting is a passive aggressive person right now who is trying to prove superiority at craft building or something, perhaps I am misreading the situation. Either way to quote myself again. Precisely what gives this post comedy effect. As a note I do bit doubt your Beta Testing Abilities or something. It is just funny
  13. I am only kidding around, I was saying that is is funny to see a fan of a game offer to get the game before everyone else as a beta tester. It is fine It was just funny