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  2. I wonder if any emergencies could be salvaged in such a way
  3. They said the same thing about Columbia and Challenger
  4. Where have I heard that one SpaceX can not afford to rick dozens of lives like that
  5. @sevenperforce @farmerben Im idea(not the full topic of the thread just this one point of it ), is to transfer the electrons from one of the chemicals to the other proplleant. Causing both of these atoms to be ionized then combining them for a chemical reaction. The hope is that the heat reduced from the first ionization process can cause the gases in the combustion chamber to be hotter, thus expanding more, thus creating more pressure. I'm trying to forcibly strip the electrons from an otherwise stable fuel and apply it to the other, then re-combining them in the combustion chamber they will spontaneously react like hypergolic fuels. I do realize that take the electrons away in the first place cost energy. So I am not adding/creating energy. (only adding this because the way I worded it, it seems like a free energy machine, my bad, i'm not sure how else to word it at the moment I will edit this out if I do) Probelms: -Heat -A ton of energy to power the ionization process.
  6. I haven't written the script for this yet just have placeholders to make sure the main parts of the control code works. I was thinking of something like that, I need to do more research on the matter though Ok Where do I find the documentation?
  7. how about an on/off for a servo? This sounds like what I need I mean what are the limitations of PySerial
  8. Is it possible to reverse ionize something? I mean in the rocketry context, I know you can add an electron. My design require them to not have electrons. I’m trying to make these fuel spontaneously react like a hypergolic fuel. If the plasma jet leaves the nozzle normally at such high temperatures, I read somewhere that it could be about 1,000,000. (I think it was the the VASMIR article ) Why not harness that waste heat in a combustion chamber. Yes I know it will melt... Very quickly, that being said things can be done to fix this such as pulsing the engine or using the fuels to cool it down, Etc. Sorry I have not gotten a chance to read that yet sorry I’m sure it relates based off of the skimming I did of it but I need to in-depth more.
  9. I think the shear scale of such a project would be preposterous. Look at the cost to build an SLS. Now imagine this. Any resources you bring back to earth would cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per kilogram. Not going to happen any time soon
  10. What exactly do you mean by two devices? I mean I need to get data from sensors and I need to send commands to servo motors and pyros.