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  1. Was trying to attach it to landing gears, but because the range is short, landing at night was hard. But I managed to edit another mod (Aviation Lights) to give me the required range.
  2. Hey @IgorZ Is there a way to raise or remove the cap on "Light Range" ?
  3. Hey @MOARdV I am trying to use the parts attached to landing gears on my SSTO, the problem the Light Range is so small and capped at 50. Is there a way to rise that cap to something like 400 ? similar to the stock illuminator MK1
  4. CKAN.InvalidModuleFileKraken: TweakScale v2.4.5.1: C:\Users\Crimson\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp77E7.tmp has length 288150, should be 256221 at CKAN.NetModuleCache.Store(CkanModule module, String path, String description, Boolean move) at CKAN.NetAsyncModulesDownloader.ModuleDownloadComplete(Uri url, String filename, Exception error) Hey @Lisias I am getting this error from CKAN while trying to update. lol we posted in the same time @Nova1
  5. Since the game is about to be considered complete, I suspect a ton of dead mods coming back to life.
  6. This is actually good news. Now the development of KSP 2 is getting serious since squad decided to join in. Now you should rest assured knowing that we would get a game worthy to be a KSP successer.
  7. @Shadowmage @TiktaalikDreaming @lo-fi Thank you for this great mod. If you are still taking suggestions then I would like a suggest a tiny addition to Aircraft wheels. Lights, Please add lights to it. This is the only thing that makes me go back to stock jet wheels.
  8. I guess it does not work with TweakScale ? I put 4 drills scaled at 75% but still each produce 60 kW according to SH overlay.
  9. This explains why I don't have the black sky issue since I have a Planet pack installed. But you still got the KSC lights issue ?
  10. I don't know if its just me. I updated Kopernicus KSPI Kerbin Side Remastered GAP And noticed that KSC building lights turn on at Day and turn off at Night !!
  11. I updated recently and shadows looked bad a bit like the old bugged ones, so obvious on Minmus, went to Scatterer options and put quality to very high (was on low) and Shadows got fixed for me. But the Aliasing is so bad especially those Gigantor Solar panels they Aliasing so bad, I have Anti Aliasing in in-game options on x8 but it seems it does nothing, it was fine on previous Scatterer.
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