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    A KSP player from China, Hope to translate more MOD, let more people use it.
    Localization support please contact me : [email protected]

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  1. yes , If KSP supports you can put any /flag folder
  2. About I hope that the flag and decals is always personalized and flexible, so it is released like this. You can download it according to your needs. The flag is divided into general and national. There will be a section of NEBULA_Decals in the future. How to request a flag that is not there? You must indicate the country abbreviation or Normal; And provide a logo sample that can be easily formatted into various formats. E.g: CN : CMS : China Manned Space : I would make a flag or institution flag or decal. some flags flags normal cn de en es it jp ru decals 12 14 18 44 Flags Use Download the flag into the xxx\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Flags folder. Decals Use // TODO Some Flags License
  3. @boeserwolf93 The plug-in is a relay, but this spacecraft does not seem to be connected to any relay satellite. The spacecraft antenna should have a short, at least one relay connected to an antenna. This short antenna should be 100% green, which will be better transmitted. It is true that the repeater antenna is connected to the repeater antenna, and it seems that your distant spacecraft is connected to Kerbin, so for now you do not have to relay. Please note the information in the game wikipad. The distance of the antenna!
  4. @DMagic https://github.com/DMagic1/KSP-Portrait-Stats/pull/7 Support localization and translate Chinese; // Astronaut Parts #PORTAIT_STATS_UI_COURAGE = Courage: #PORTAIT_STATS_UI_STUPIDITY = Stupidity: #PORTAIT_STATS_UI_VETERAN = Veteran #PORTAIT_STATS_UI_BADASS = Badass #PORTAIT_STATS_UI_EXPERIENCE = Experience: #PORTAIT_STATS_UI_CURRENT_FLIGHT = Current Flight: // Tourist Parts #PORTAIT_STATS_UI_ITINERARY = {0}'s itinerary: #PORTAIT_STATS_UI_GO_HOME= Get thee home!
  5. 2333. 可以的. 不过是下个月的事.过完元旦再说咯. 大家放心吧.肯定会出测试版的.也会参考已有翻译的.2333
  6. 告诉大家一个好消息: 我联系了MJ2的作者(我记得换人了?反正是现在的维护者) MJ2的本地化将放在18年的1月份. 也就是下个月.我已经联系过了.会很快支持的,当然,中文也会很快支持的. ---- PS ---- (对于跟我一样的三脚猫4级英语/或者比我还差的)知道MJ2支持中文以后最大的变化是啥不? 最大的变化不是<以后再也不用等汉化了>也不是<以后再也不用落后版本了>而是 <以后我TM也能用开发版了>. 另外,KIS 的中文优化,嗯,慢慢改. 23333 (哎呦,谁打我,打我也得慢慢来.嗯,先去物色下一个汉化插件)
  7. Look at my signature,my doing is {Action Groups ReExtended}. You should go to the new thread, not the current thread. The author of this thread is no longer maintained
  8. 嗯.毕竟是第一版.有些翻译确实不好翻译.中国的翻译,当然按中国的来
  9. 啊? 作者还没发布测试版啊.你们怎么反馈? 要现在测试的话,文件在这里 : https://github.com/ihsoft/KIS/blob/next/Lang/zh-cn.cfg 下载下来后放到相关文件夹下即可.
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