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  1. [1.3][WIP] Kerbal Exoplanets (v0.3)

    A lot, which causes me to suspect that its my RAM which cant load it all: OPM (Gallileo) GPP Secondary Extrasolar (Valentine) Boris System GPO (did some manual editing to keep the Mun, Kerbin and Minmus) Challange Pack HW KO+/K+ SPE Cerillion Spud My guess: RAM as you don't delete anything in the pack and there is no fancy re-naming or reordering of the planets (I had a look at the code). Kopernicus does seem to make .log files for all of the planets. I'll try tmrw as its almost 2am here and a single launch of KSP takes 15min. If it fails I'll send you the logs. Not the RAM. Here are the Logs: http://getwebb.org/d/p4iKLvTs
  2. [1.3][WIP] Kerbal Exoplanets (v0.3)

    Sadly it doesn't seem to work. It does exhibit some weird behavior so I am not sure if the mod is to blame or my home-brew. It got stuck on the loading screen of my save once and failed to load planet packs twice. Maybe it has something to do with 1.3.1 or Kopernicus. I'll keep trying and keep you informed .
  3. [1.3][WIP] Kerbal Exoplanets (v0.3)

    Quick question: will this edit the stock system? Is it compatible with other planet packs (OPM, GPP (Secondary), Boris System, etc (all orbiting Kerbol))? I would like to add this beautiful pack to the fold without breaking my save. Keep up the amazing work, cheers!
  4. Time to learn Kopernicus i guess. BTW: I noticed a weird bug when trying to land on Olemut, the ground seems to be 3-4km over the textures. KER tells me that the terrain is near and my space plane does crash and burn somewhere high up. To be fair, might have something to do with my excrementsty attempt to keep Kerbin and get Gaia to be on the opposite side of the sun.
  5. Hypothetical worlds

    World calling this awesome mod, you alive?
  6. Considering the newest update which confuses me a bit: Obviously the internal structure of the pack changed a bit so first off: How to update? Is there still a way to keep Kerbin? Side note: the module manager is a little outdated, 3.0.1 is now instead of 2.8.1, so I recommend either throwing it out (seriously, people will manage doing it themselves) or updating it.
  7. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    @Galileo Let us hope his great wisdom will reconsider with KSS (still no sarcasm, great job on the planet pack m8) @StarCrusher96 Keep us posted on those patches, the hype train has no brakes as we all know (what bugs?, been bad to your mod the whole weekend, except eternal night on Kerbin it works perfect.). On the same note: Is there any plans for Kerbal Origins, Extrasolar Planets Beyond Kerbol (Loved to keep that one around Kerbol), Dwarf Planets Plus, SSRSS, Cabbinks Challenge Planet Pack, Boris Sytem etc.
  8. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    OPM put in its place by simply changing the referenceBody from Sun to Kerlanes and voilà. This albeit threw up another question, is the All the center of the universe?
  9. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    OK, some weird compatibility Issues: - GPP is MIA - OPM is around the All, which kind of renders the whole Mysteriousness of the All obsolete - Extrasolar is MIA - GPO is MIA (Side note: according to CKAN GPO and GPP are incompatible in all combinations) - All other minor packs I tried are MIA for now, I'll continue trying and post what I find. On the other hand, Maybe I am installing something very wrong....
  10. [1.3.1] Extrasolar v1.6.1 [1/1/18]

    Is this mod, albeit amazing by itself, compatible with KSS?
  11. [1.3.1] Kerbal Star Systems [v0.7.3] 11 Dec 2017

    Fist off: holy loveing excrements m8, this is absolutely mindbogglingly amazing is it just me or did this just edit my swear words? And now the question: There are Planet packs that are relativly small and I think they look quite wierd stranded alone around their own star (CCP, Planet Cerillion, Dwarf Planets etc.) or packs whose location seems resonable and a logical stepping stone for further conquest (Extrasolar the Valentine system for example; I'm on my phone, don't know the name by heart). Is there a way to tell certain mods to stay where they are and not move into the ultra-endgame void?
  12. Couldn't definitely answer that but to specify: this came up while trying to create a bodies.ini. It won't load any bodies except the stock ones. I am using GPP_Secondary.
  13. Ok very stupid issue here: KSPTOT won't detect my celestial bodies... Flight mode: yes KSPTOTConnect in Gamedata: yes Mods: GPP, OPM, KO, GPO etc. The Logs: Read doubles from KSPTOT Connect failed: SIZE must be greater than 0. file: 'S:\Matlab\v90\mcr\toolbox\shared\instrument\@icinterface\fread.m' name: 'fread' line: 163 file: 'C:\Users\Hajdin\AppData\Local\Temp\Hajdin\mcrCache9.0\KSPTra0\h...' name: 'readDoublesFromKSPTOTConnect' line: 53 file: 'C:\Users\Hajdin\AppData\Local\Temp\Hajdin\mcrCache9.0\KSPTra0\h...' name: 'getBodiesINIFileFromKSP' line: 8 file: 'C:\Users\Hajdin\AppData\Local\Temp\Hajdin\mcrCache9.0\KSPTra0\K...' name: 'createNewBodiesFileFromKSP_Callback' line: 0 file: 'S:\Matlab\v90\mcr\toolbox\matlab\guide\gui_mainfcn.m' name: 'gui_mainfcn' line: 95 file: 'C:\Users\Hajdin\AppData\Local\Temp\Hajdin\mcrCache9.0\KSPTra0\K...' name: 'mainGUI' line: 42 file: 'S:\Matlab\v90\mcr\toolbox\matlab\graphics\+matlab\+graphics\+in...' name: '@(hObject,eventdata)mainGUI('createNewBodiesFileFromKSP_Callbac...' line: 0 The error simply states that there was an error pulling and asks me if I was in flying mode (cruising over Kerbin in a homemade jet) and if KSPTOTConnect is loaded (its in Gamedata). What am I doing wrong?
  14. First off: Amazing planet pack, absolutely love it! Gaia is amazing but I kind of like to keep the Kerbin System as my starting point (keeps saves a bit more stable) so I tried to get Gaia to lead on the same orbit by 60o but that screwed up Kerbin (Launch Locations, KSC is on some mountaintop, East and West seems swapped or something, The heightmap itself seems stable thought). Any idea why or how? I'm a complete noob to modding so any help would be appreciated. KSP 1.3.1 Heavily Modded. This is what I did: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oxkUV-jdJb-5JBheTiZk1mmElDgb6L2d