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  1. I have a weird bug: textures don't load for some parts for example: ST-DOS-TKS, -PWR, -LAB, -HAB, -FEM, PC-HECS2, the whole SC-ENG family, SC-BAY, SC-GEN, the ST family etc. The other parts work to variable degree: shape is ok (not whole screen), textures etc. this happens for both 1.3.1 and 1.4 on Linux. Maybe just a stupid question but if not I'll add logs and the rest. Thanks.
  2. OverlordMorgoth

    [1.3.1][Kopernicus] Stock Planet Expansion

    Can we expect this mod to be updated to the latest Kopernikus version? I'm missing it in my system
  3. OverlordMorgoth

    [1.3.1] Boris System Alpha v0.1

    Can we expect this mod to be updated to the latest Kopernikus version? I'm missing it in my system
  4. Not the bad news. I tried it on Linux and am having some graphics issues: https://imgur.com/gallery/rxZdT I tried the pluginData solution but that didn't help. Any ideas? Answered in GPP
  5. I recently moved to linux and encountered the pluginData problem which I took on as described here but that solved only half the problem. https://imgur.com/gallery/hGNkk Any advice?
  6. Works well on Linux, kudos! I do prefer the orbit being visible nevertheless. Great pack, cant wait for the final release! aand I'll have to edit that sadly: C2-1 anc C3-1 have some graphical glitches: https://imgur.com/gallery/4gA36
  7. OverlordMorgoth

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    Great mod(s), I had all three (GPO, AK, BK) installed in my last sandbox game (I may edited a few .cfg). The problem: I switched to Linux and tried to do the same magic trick again and encounterd the pluginData (nonloading of Textures, ugly yellow planets) problem, fixed it for GPP and OPM and then found out none of your mods use pluginData. Any ideas?
  8. That makes sense but no comms+skilled pilot != dead in the water.
  9. SSTU - SC - B - CM Re-Entry Module is its full name.
  10. I have been using for a while now but have been looking into the logs for some other issues and noticed something: There seems to be a lot of 'Textures Not Found' with this mod, nothing critical and only adds a second or so to the loading process, but have the heads up. Something more applied: I have built a big ship using using the a Re-Entry capsule just to notice a few days into the flight (when mechjeb ran out of electricity) that the capsule has no control capability and that my pilot was a bit useless.
  11. Just here to confirm that it works with GPP Secondary just fine and congratulate on the release!
  12. OverlordMorgoth

    [1.3][WIP] Kerbal Exoplanets (v0.3)

    A lot, which causes me to suspect that its my RAM which cant load it all: OPM (Gallileo) GPP Secondary Extrasolar (Valentine) Boris System GPO (did some manual editing to keep the Mun, Kerbin and Minmus) Challange Pack HW KO+/K+ SPE Cerillion Spud My guess: RAM as you don't delete anything in the pack and there is no fancy re-naming or reordering of the planets (I had a look at the code). Kopernicus does seem to make .log files for all of the planets. I'll try tmrw as its almost 2am here and a single launch of KSP takes 15min. If it fails I'll send you the logs. Not the RAM. Here are the Logs: http://getwebb.org/d/p4iKLvTs
  13. OverlordMorgoth

    [1.3][WIP] Kerbal Exoplanets (v0.3)

    Sadly it doesn't seem to work. It does exhibit some weird behavior so I am not sure if the mod is to blame or my home-brew. It got stuck on the loading screen of my save once and failed to load planet packs twice. Maybe it has something to do with 1.3.1 or Kopernicus. I'll keep trying and keep you informed .
  14. OverlordMorgoth

    [1.3][WIP] Kerbal Exoplanets (v0.3)

    Quick question: will this edit the stock system? Is it compatible with other planet packs (OPM, GPP (Secondary), Boris System, etc (all orbiting Kerbol))? I would like to add this beautiful pack to the fold without breaking my save. Keep up the amazing work, cheers!
  15. OverlordMorgoth

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    Time to learn Kopernicus i guess. BTW: I noticed a weird bug when trying to land on Olemut, the ground seems to be 3-4km over the textures. KER tells me that the terrain is near and my space plane does crash and burn somewhere high up. To be fair, might have something to do with my excrementsty attempt to keep Kerbin and get Gaia to be on the opposite side of the sun.