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  1. Nivee~

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    "New twist to Avenger's endgame!" "Which original Avenger will die in Avengers : Endgame?" "Is Star-Lord the key to defeating Thanos?" "Is Thanos really the villain in Endgame?" "Will Ultron be coming back?"..... "Hidden easter eggs in GoT superbowl ad" "Will The Mountain face off against a dragon?".... Dear NEWS websites, your job is to deliver relevant news. Not promoting speculation about a problem that will solve itself in a few months!
  2. NIVEE Inc. proudly announces it's latest enterprise, a collaboration with SpaceY Technologies Corporation to launch payloads to space. The new rocket, Megakerb-G will fly for the first time with a test payload to certify it's space-worthiness. <Megakerb-G Brochure> ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ There are two test launches scheduled. NIVEE Inc. will rent out the historic KSC launchpad for it's operations. Once the test flights are completed, commercial launches will begin. Parties interested in launching their payloads to space are invited to register their payloads with the company.
  3. I knew MJ means MechJeb, I just couldn't help it when I saw "MJ, Fire up." And Whhooops! My Bad, Annie it is! I heard it quite some time ago, it was my introduction to MJ's music
  4. ♪♪Amy are you Ok? Amy are you Ok, are you Ok AMY? You been hit by, you been struck by.... a smooth criminal~♪♪
  5. Nivee~

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Oh it's not a 3D print! Just a couple of rendered images, that he sent to me on my messenger. We talked about it and he said that he made the blender model himself. Here's the website that I was told he downloaded them from : .... He said that he made the apollo variants on his own. Maybe he was using these as references? Yeah, it could be. I will ask him after I have calmed down. I so hope this is true... I am not breaking up with him over this, if he confesses. We have been great for each other! But he's going to have to take responsibility and his punishment; I wont just let this slide..And yeah, Valentine's day is ruined... And the whistle-blower, I am going to deck him for ruining it all for me... It's almost as if he intentionally wanted to hurt me emotionally or something...
  6. Nivee~

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    My bf didn't even bother to change the filename... And oh they are similar, I compared every lil nook and cranny.. It was not just an Apollo, it was like a modified Apollo, for LEO missions(shorter service module), with solar panels and a soyuz-like orbital module. Hmm, yeah I suppose..but I won't classify him as 'pitiful'... He's a great guy..It's just that it would probably have taken him like a couple of hours to build that model from scratch, if he took it seriously, but he just had to take a shortcut... My whistle-blower friend? He doesn't know mulch about 3D modelling... And if you are talking about my bf, then I dunno... Hmm.yeah I suppose... and what if he did lie?
  7. Nivee~

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Hmm, so this happened: A couple weeks ago, a guy asked me out. He is great at blender and made a apollo model to impress me before asking me out on a date. And today, just before Valentine's, one of my friends reveals that he didn't make that model on his own, but rather downloaded it from this site.. And then he(my friend) showed me that site, and quite a few other 3d models available for download. Now, it's not like my bf couldn't have made that model, it was within the limits of his skill sets. It is the fact that he chose to be lazy. He has been a great guy, even my brother has warmed up to him a lil. But to tell a lie to start a relationship sets off quite a few red flags for me. I haven't talked to him about the lies, a part of me thinks that 'meh, I am happy now, thats all that matters...' but another part of me thinks 'What's stopping him from making up more lies in the future..' I am confused...that's not the feeling I usually get in Valentine's week! Normally, during this time of the year, I am feeling empty inside and binge watch thriller movies to fill the void.. I don't know what to do about this....
  8. What's the latent heat of fusion for anhydrous air??
  9. Nivee~

    ISRO Discussion Thread

    Oooooh~ Shiny!!
  10. Nivee~

    ISRO Discussion Thread

    Edit: Any *operational* rocket
  11. Nivee~

    ISRO Discussion Thread

    I don't think there's any rocket with that many staging events...
  12. Nivee~

    What have you been playing recently? (Other than KSP)

    I am playing Judgement Apocalypse Survival simulation.... Let's just say that when you play a Devil slaying survival simulator, but play smooth Jazz / country music in the background.... it almost feels like you are the villain..
  13. How can I play on a realistically sized home world (same metrics as Earth and the solar system) but not RSS? Which planet packs should I use?
  14. Nivee~

    So what is Serenity?

    "What is Serenity?" Oh? I will do you one better. Why is Serenity?
  15. Nivee~

    ISRO Discussion Thread

    Well about dang time! But their SCE-200 sorta looks like the RD-810 when you compare looks and specs.. And I found this! Looks like SSLV is INDEED based on a ballistic missile.... Same core diameter, and I have a sneaky suspicion that the second and third stage are almost exactly the same as those on the Agni-V.... As long as they are used responsibly, it's okay..I guess..