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  1. The program is being very weird.... I ran the following code: And this is what I got: It looks like the top and bottom rows are disconnected, as @Selective Genius said...
  2. If it's only text that you need help with, have you tried PowerPoint? Kuzzter used PowerPoint for his graphic novels, I think...
  3. I am SO sorry for the misunderstanding! Actually, this is my calculation domain for the simple 2D heating problem: Does this code make sense now? #include<stdio.h> int main() { double T_old[100][100]; double T_new[100][100]; double Tin; int x = 0; int y = 0; printf("\nEnter the Initial Temperature: "); scanf("%d",Tin); for (x = 1; x <= 98; x++){ for (y = 1; y <= 98; y++){ T_old[x][y] = Tin; T_new[x][y] = Tin; } } //Boundary Conditions x = 0; for (y = 0; y <= 99; y++){ T_old[x][y] = 85.00; }//LeftWall x = 99; for (y = 0; y <= 99; y++){ T_old[x][y] = 30.00; }//RightWall y = 0; for (x = 0; x <= 99; x++){ T_old[x][y] = 30.00; }//BottomWall y = 99; for (x = 0; x <= 99; x++){ T_old[x][y] = 30.00; }//TopWall double alpha = 0.000137; double cellSize = 0.01; double timeStep = 0.0001; double coefficient = alpha*timeStep/(cellSize*cellSize); double time = 0.00; for (time = 0.00; time <= 300.00; time += timeStep){ for (x = 1; x <= 99; x++ ){ for (y = 1; y <= 99; y++){ T_new[x][y] += coefficient*(T_old[x][y-1]-T_old[x][y]); } } for (x = 0; x <= 99; x++){ for (y = 0; y <= 99; y++){ T_old[x][y] = T_new[x][y]; } } } for (x = 0; x <= 99; x++){ for (y = 0; y <= 99; y++){ printf("%d\n",T_new[x][y]); } } return 0; getch(); }
  4. Assuming the following to be the calculation domain, with blue dots being the boundary nodes, and the yellow dots being the interior nodes, Well, here's the final code: Now, what's wrong with this? Can someone please tell me?
  5. Hmm, but we are not providing for boundary temperatures here... How about this? Is this OK? Because my program is not running, strangely....
  6. Well, I am a lil confused.. How do I mesh the grid? How do I let the system know that a domain has been divided into several discrete finite volumes?
  7. Yes, Yes I am in a grad course... and while the melting problem that I have been told to solve involves a pure metal (Gallium)(ENTHALPY-POROSITY TECHNIQUE FOR MODELING CONVECTION-DIFFUSION PHASE CHANGE: APPLICATION TO THE MELTING OF A PURE METAL), a universal method applicable for both alloys and pure metals would be great. This is what I want my program to exhibit: The calculation domain is 2D,rectangular. The material is crystalline, and is assumed to be anisotropic,so different thermophysical values in each direction. It does not have any impurities or solutes, so that's one problem out of the way. Although I would really like to go one step further and include impurities, let's go one step at a time. And yeah, convection in the calculation domain (beyond a certain value of liquid fraction) will also be required. While the problem linked in the paper above is relatively simple, I want to go a lil further than that.. About modelling solidification process, I came across the Enthalpy Porosity Method and the Effective Heat Capacity method. Which one do you think will be more suitable?? Thanks, you are too kind! But I first need to sort out the numerical foundation of this problem before I venture into C...
  8. So, it's summer vacations and I have an assignment. It's to write a C program to calculate the solidification/melting front of a calculation domain using the Finite Volume Method. I have no idea where to begin, to be honest.. Can someone please tell me what I should do, how I should proceed?
  9. The ENTIRE 'Weird Al Yankovic' playlist (Seriously, look it up, you wont regret it) But this one's stuck in my mind~
  10. My win 10 is shutting down and rebooting randomly, with messages like "Video scheduler Internal Error"... It happened in a presentation today! It was sooo embarassing!
  11. Hi! Since I won't be able to play KSP for quite sometime, I thought of a good way to make best use of my free time: make Kerbal song parodies! Here's the first one~ 10 points to whoever guesses which song it's a parody of. You guys are free to post your song parodies too
  12. So I found this... This right here is the engine bell of the first stage SRM of SLV-3, India's first launch vehicle..(also used for several early missilies) So, is it just me or is that Sellotape/duct tape sealing the cracks in the bell??? Did they buy it from Jeb's Junkyard?? Did this SRM actually fly? I have sooo many questions!!!
  13. Thanks... But it's so difficult to watch the worst side of humanity.. shopkeepers are selling essential goods at 4-5X the maximum retail price, one of my 'friendly' neighbours is charging a ton of cash to let others use his petrol electric generator to fill up the inverter batteries. I had to use physical violence for the first time in my life yesterday when a group of guy tried to steal fruits and veggies I bought.. I could only scratch and bite and slap them, but my brother beat the mulch outta them.. he was injured too.. My brother doesn't mind his broken nose, he loves violence and conflicts. But I am always scared for him.. My Dad told us to wear rings on our fingers when we got home. Well they are glorified brass knuckles, the ones he used 25 years ago when he was a delinquent . I dunno, I don't want to hurt anyone, but my brother won't always be around to save me..
  14. I don't know where you grew up, but it seems like a nice, homely place. But please don't impose your visions of an ideal society on our society. Because trust me, when you have 1.2 billion people competing for a limited amount of resources, everyone else is the enemy, and it's 24/7 hunger games. If public were allowed to hang around, to watch the counting process here, it would be a freaking bloodbath, a security nightmare.. You use lifts, right? Isn't it risky, compared to stairs? What if someone with a grudge decided to tamper with the lift, leaving you stranded, or worse, snap the cable and foil the emergency brakes? Please learn to trust machines a bit. Or else we might just go back to the medieval times. Your toaster can give you a shock, for all that we know.. It's a CPU, you could make it operate a roomba if you extracted it from a device. I am pretty sure if hackers manage to get their hands on one of the cpus used in our EVMs they can get it to play chess as well, but that experiment does not prove that the VOTES were tampered. In fact, the Election Commission of India allowed individuals and Organisations to try to prove that EVMs can be hacked. No one was able to prove it. Perhaps that just means that our EVMs are better than yours?? Good for you if you don't. But we have to count 800 million votes and deliver the results in a sensible period of time, counting ballots by hand is just impractical.