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  1. Nivee~

    Too Much Science!!!!

    Totally forgot about that!!!! But even so, I will use them only when travelling farther from Eeloo. To the outer planets, the Valentine star...and maybe the stars in The World Beyond star pack..(I am fangirling on The World Beyond so bad! ) I almost did! While excavating science from Minmus, it took me about 3 hours to extract all science. And just when I thought that it was over, I realized that I had not done the Materials bay and the mystery goo experiments!!!! I also have the Surface Experiment pack and Dmagic's science mod installed, so more science! From each biome, of each celestial body, of each planet pack... *Listening to 'Bang My Head Against the Wall' by Sia* Yeah, thats what I am going to be doing.. Thanks for the responses!!
  2. Nivee~

    HSP: Mission complete.

    Orbiter...Don't let me down...oh I see what you did there!! If it were a lander, I would call it Way down we go.
  3. Nivee~

    Too Much Science!!!!

    Oh! I forgot to mention that I am playing a science save(correcting in the OP) . And as of right now, I need a couple of thousand science, to get the fancy karborundum fusion engines.
  4. I have 7085 science hanging around in low Gilly orbit. Should I just transmit it all back to kerbin, or should I send a crewed mission to Gilly so that I could use the science lab and extract, like what, 36000 science????? I have a couple of mods, so my tech tree is a bit bigger... Also, the Science Lab is too overpowered!! EDIT: I am playing a science save, 200% science returns.
  5. Nivee~

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I knooowww! But I put my smartphone in silent mode, and keep it in my bag, which I deposit at the library baggage counter.....I regretted not having my phone with me!!!
  6. GASP!!!!! HERESY!!!! My first thought was, "Hey! How is the sand standing upright? Shouldn't it fall..O wait, theres a stone underneath.."
  7. Nivee~

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Ok, my turn to vent. So I religiously visit my school library, even though it's summer vacations here. I never miss out on 'library day' (which is Monday to Thursday, 8am to 3pm). I do not entertain any phone calls, texts, whatsapp...I stay away from distractions in those seven hours. So, a bunch of seniors, a couple of seats away from me, were having trouble with co-ordinate geometry assignment. They eventually gave up on it and got busy with their individual matters. One of the girls, who sorta knew me scooted over, trying to find out what I was doing. Eventually we started talking and began discussing the co-ordinate geometry assignment..I could not solve all of those, But I got quite a few problems correct! We were enjoying doing the assignment together, when her classmate interrupted, ridiculing her for taking help from a junior. Not ridiculing, it was more like bullying, he called her ugly names too.. The girl got teary eyed, apparently she is an easy target for such bullys!!. I told him to mind his own business, he told me to f*** off. I ridiculed him for behaving like a 9 year old who had just learnt what the phrase 'f*** off' means. He remarked how I was a junior and a girl on top of that and thus should remember my place. (WTH!) Hearing this commotion, the librarian intervened. That bully's friend(a nice guy, actually) apologized on his behalf and dragged the bully out of the library.... AND THAT'S IT! NO PUNISHMENT FOR THE BULLY/MISOGYNIST OTHER THAN A SLAP ON THE WRIST. If it were not for my cousin brothers ganging up on him, threatening and intimidating the life out of him after school, I might have been the next target! :Sorry for the longish rant..But I found this thread and I just HAD to rant!!!!!:
  8. Nivee~

    [WIP] KewtSAT Development Thread

    Oh! But I follow Newton! And I believe in the particulate nature of electromagnetic radiation .and particles are 'ejected', waves are 'emitted' So ejected is correct, if I don't follow the wave-particle model of electromagnetic radiation. (But yeah, I should say 'emitted'... its not 1600s anymore! )
  9. Nivee~

    [WIP] KewtSAT Development Thread

    Like radiation shielding? But I doubt it will eject any radiation.....
  10. Hmm, Lemme know what parts you need help with~ edit: I accept 'likes' as payment
  11. Nivee~

    What did you do in KSP today?

    The kerbelle is NOT impressed!
  12. I wish to land near a supply depot that I landed before on the Mun. The problem is, no matter how I try, I land some 3 kilometers away from the target. How do I land within a 100m of the target?
  13. Nivee~

    [WIP] KewtSAT Development Thread

    I made this yesterday(Yesternight?) The 20x20x40cm camera, a science payload for the cubesat!
  14. Nivee~

    Too many Polygons

    I recreated it from scratch in Wings3D, it has now 350 polys compared to 1700-something earlier!
  15. Hello! Is there a way we can automate the rocketbuilding process, without needing an engineer?