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    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Just a tune,not a song.....absolutely breathtaking.. And the comment section...IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
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    Mission Accomplished, maybe?

    @RealKerbal3x There are no pics yet, my savegame borked up... but it will be back and running soon!
  3. Hello! I had this idea for the longest time, and I decided to make it tangible. Please ENJOY! Chapter 1 Planet-sized Disruptions! And World's First Society is weird? The Space Survey Satellite looked like a crumpled foil roll in illustrations. It was irradiated with light from all sides, a pale soothing blue contrasting with a bright powerful aura. The SSS had been the flagship space observatory for KSC for 15 years now, well past its service time of 5 years. When it was launched into orbit, the first Kerbals to land on Mun had just returned, with loads of scientific data and bragging rights. And today, 15 years later the ageing telescope would witness the first Krewed mission to Duna. The sturdy SSS had seen all that it could with its eyes in the kerbolar system. The next object of fascination would of course be another star. So when the clock struck midnight in KSC, and the Duna Mission commenced its pre injection burn check, it received instructions to point to Valentine, a dim star that might have planets in orbit. No thorough research had been done, and presence of planets on any star other than Kerbol was merely a hypothesis. And two hours later, when the Duna mission was halfway through its burn, SSS recorded several megabytes of information, which would be the single most important discovery in Astronomy in over 2 decades. ****** Darya was your typical little know-it-all, and rest assured, that was meant as a compliment. She had graduated from Kerbin institute of Space studies at a age when most lil kerbs and kerbelles first encountered, and subsequently surrendered to Calculus. Her knowledge and thirst for a challenge were put to good use at the High Altitude and Higher Attitude Space observatory (HAHASO), where she had a two hour space telescope time reserved, all for herself and her 'assistant', Jonas. Well, Jonas was a prodigy as well, graduating top of class at the same university as Darya, two years prior. He held academic records that made him the object of envy for many kerbs. That is, until those records were broken by Darya. He was not bitter at her for that, he was initially glad that the jealous good for nothing stuck ups had found someone else to be jealous of. Then he smacked himself for taking pleasure in somebody else's misery. He conveyed his concerns to Darya, along with a subtle message that he would make sure that no one wrongs her. "BWAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" was her dismissive, candid response, and he was okay with it. But he was not OK now. He had celebrated a lot the previous midnight, when the Dunian mission completed its Injection burn successfully. All that hydrazine in his system was not taking well to any forms of light. And a little witch slapping him with a flimsy water bottle and shouting in his ears was not helping either. "Jonas!Jonas!! Wake up, you Gosh-Danged kerb!" Without waiting for a response, the kerbelle went back to her workstation, gulped her remaining coffee and kept taking notes. "Ugghh.. it's morning already??" Jonas' got rid of his brief state of delirium when Darya stuck a Computer tablet close to his eyes. "Look! Look at this! I cant believe I did it!! After decades of hardships, I finally..." "Shut up, drama queen, you are barely two decades old..Now what's it that you are babblin... Oh..OOOHHHHH!!!!" Jonas' eyes widened in shock as he started making sense of the information he was being presented with. "This..This is way too big for us!! You realize that?" Now completely sober, Jonas glared at the tablet screen and Darya alternatively. "I know, its not everyday you discover planets on another star systems now, do you??" The Astronomical Conference next month was total chaos, after Jonas and Darya wrecked up a major storm by presenting and publishing their findings. There were talks about launching more advanced telescopes to exclusively study the planets and planetoids in the Valentine system. Darya and Jonas were kicked out of the HAHASO, on charges of acting without official permission when they published their findings, but it was ok! KSC hired them almost immediately as they stepped out of the observatory. ****** Their first day was quite mundane, being stuck in the tracking station. "From discovering extrakerbolar planets to tracking satellites..." Darya sighed, "What a fall it is, my kerbs! Then I, and you, and all of Kerbin fell down!" "Reference to Julius Kaesar aside, we are lucky to have a job. The Director at HAHASO blacklisted us from joining any other observatory! That cheapskate..." "None of it matters now.. Guess we just have to suck it up and track..ugh... satellites.."Darya said The next few days were excruciatingly.......boring. However a week into the job, they had their first reprimand "We have a geo-synchronous satellite out of it's orbit! 3 weeks, 3 weeks will be all that it takes for the network to fail! Do you have any idea what your negligence has cost us?" Their boss, Rekudo Kerman was going ballistic on them! " if there is anything to neglect in here..." Darya murmured. "What was that? What did you say?" Rekudo's skin turned less greener in anger." Now listen, both of..." His tirade was interrupted by a phone call. His facial exrpression shifted from angry to feeble when he saw who was calling. "G..good Morning Mr. Mortimer..Umm..yes, th-they are right here, I am writing their termination letter as we speak..You want to sp-speak to them? Oh of course sir, I will send them to your office.." Pale and sweating, he looked back to Jonas and Darya. "You two have done it now, the Boss wants to terminate your careers personally! Well, good luck in your future endeavours. Now excuse me while I try to save the satellite.." ****** "Goodness, we really screwed this one up, didnt we?" Jonas sighed while they walked down the hallway to Mr. Mortimer's office. "Guess we should start practicing how to live like homeless people,huh Darya?" "Oh don't worry Jon! We are prodigies, PRO-DI-GIES! A once a generation phenomenon!" Darya tapped his shoulder symphatetically "We will work something out. So don't worry." "Ha! You truly believe your own hype, dont you? Well, let's see what Mr. Mortimer has to say." The knocked on the door and on hearing a "Come in.",they walked in the room. "Darya and Jonas, I presume." Mortimer did not even look up as he continued sorting out the paperwork. "You messed up royally, didn't you?" "Yes sir, and we have no excuses for this. We were negligent in our behavior." Jonas had never bent the knee to anyone, and he was not planning to, even if it meant saving his job. "You were negligent...hmm... even though this job might be your last shot at a relevant career?" Mortimer let out a low chuckle. "What are you planning to do after this? Work at DarkBucks?" "We will work something out 'sir'." Darya replied. "Please hand us our termination letters and get it over with." "Oh I am going to terminate your job contract with the tracking station, rest assured. But first, let me tell you a story." ****** World's first Society.... it is not as mundane as you think. Long ago, when Kerbin was still at it's 'medieval' age, it was commonplace for businessmen and merchants to use shady means to achieve their goals. Backroom deals, blackmail, name them. Such an environment only beget hate, distrust and violence. A few decades of feuds led to Kerbin's societal structure on the brink. It was then, when the new ruler of Kerbin summoned the members of the merchant faction at the core of the problem and issued one simple directive to end this violent conflict. "If you have problems with each other, battle it out fair and square!" This statement led to the formation of the World's First Society. Whenever a dispute arose, the society would establish a venue of competition and the results would be absolute. Conflicts would be resolved by means of a race between representatives hired by opposing merchants. As such, merchants entrusted their wills to the representatives. Ironically, the first World's First Conflict(WFC) took place not between the merchants, but to chose the next ruler, after the sudden demise of the *present ruler* The competition was 'The First to climb Mt. Kemoga'. From that day onward, World's First Conflicts were viewed with respect in the political circles as well. ****** "Do you know why I am telling you this?" Mortimer turned around to face Darya and Jonas. "I dont think so sir.." "Nope!" "Because KSC has been issued a World's First Conflict by the *Eastern Space Agency* for the rights to colonize Eeloo." "But..Isnt space technically free waters? Anyone can build anything anywhere, right?" Jonas cautiously interjected. "That Space Treaty is not even worth the paper it's written on. The only reason it has stayed in effect for so long is because of the backing of World's First Society. However," Mortimer paused for a moment, completely pensive, "it's president has showed interest in this WFC when ESA first proposed it. As of right now, Eeloo is up for grabs. Any one can colonize and own it now." "Oh krud.." Jonas groaned."This will be one heck of a mess to deal with." "Will you guys be going to the Sarnus system?" "Not yet. For now, we will be visiting the Mun. And as for your contract...." Mort tapped his pen on the desk and then signed two documents. "There you go, you are fired from the tracking station. And, I would like to welcome you to the Kerbonaut Korps!" "WHAAAATTTTT??!!" ~The End? NAH! You haven't seen anything yet!
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    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Search for the tribes, just dont leave your germs behind and get the heck out of there ASAP..
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    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I cant feel any pity whatsoever for that guy...yeah you may call me insensitive, but this is soo arrogant of that guy to assume he was a savior or something, and not worry abt the consequenced... now the tribe might just get extinct... ...and while i have no personal attachment to the tribe, a part of humanity might cease to exist, and its sad...
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    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Yeah...worst part, he might have diseases which may kill off the native population... ...This was a stupid thing to happen....
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    Well, it finally happened...

    Gosh I feel stupid...
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    Well, it finally happened...

    What job is it that you exactly do, and how do I apply???!!??
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    How famous are you?

    0/10, I haven't heard of you either....
  11. <Sees programming conversation going on, tries to join in> Uuuuh.. umm.. yeah... sure... yeah that loop...if-else, of types..
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    Advice required!! Python or C# or C?

    Aye Aye!!
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    Advice required!! Python or C# or C?

    @Green BaronWell, almost ! But I picked up a C book and started doing stuff anyways! I am at arrays already, pointers look scary though...
  14. " 'Grand Theft Rocket: Planetary Impact Massacres' sounds like a great name for the next iteration of KSP "