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  1. KSP Staff: Lets Rick-Roll our community members Me: Joke's on you, I love that song!
  2. Apparently, ISRO tested the SS-1 stage of the SSLV, and there was an anomaly. No one knows whats going on though. One reddit user took daily images of the 6C test facility of ISRO from the SENTINEL satellites and made a gif. Just one media house has reported this anomaly so far, and it appears that something went wrong with the nozzle of the rocket motor.
  3. You know, when I am presented with such conundrums, I always assume the worst. In this case, I will assume that KSP 2 will be a glitchy, soulless mess. If the game turns out great, then YAY! If the game turns out to be bad, well, at least I have mentally prepared myself for it already.
  4. Chapter 4: A "Scaythe-ing" Mission A wild launch window to Scaythe, Rhode's second closest planet appeared. Kerbals could a) Ignore it; b) Send a probe or c)Send a crew. Thus the KSC decided to choose the most unwise course of action, and decided to send a crew of four to explore all biomes of Scaythe and its smol moon Scindo. The first launch put the Hab-Lab module into orbit. This was the spaceship's core stage seating 4 kerbals, and carrying a science rover with it. The module was deployed in space and all of its subsystems were tested before the next launch. The next launc
  5. This popped up in my feed a few days ago. I saw 'Evangelion' so I clicked. Did not regret it I dont understand the lyrics, but its catchy..
  6. Would "Darth Cantankerous" be an intimidating name for a Sith Lord?
  7. I had my first motor accident!!! This incident is funny because I never had such an adrenaline high before I was driving my Scooty and a cat came out of nowhere in front of me and then I lost control and skidded into the rainwater ditch. Then a switch flipped inside me and I DRAGGED the 120 kg scooter 5 feet over a steep incline. (Despite being only 51 kg) A kind gentleman wanted to help me but my adrenaline filled brain made me shout obscenities at him... I wish I had not done that. So I managed to drag the scooter out of the ditch and returned home as if nothing ever happened.
  8. Interlude: The Kraken Giveth, and the Kraken Giveth Some M're Previously, on Above and Beyond, we read a report about the rescue of a 'Camald Kerman' who was mysteriously wrecked at Lua without KSC's knowledge. Today, we move back a few weeks to see what exactly the military was trying to hide when it whisked Camald Kerman away from the KSC's interrogation room. (Why does the KSC have an interrogation room? Don't ask. Just Don't..) It was a week ago when Major Camald got the permission to fly a new experimental aircraft. The X-K20, as it was called, was supposedly a revolution in av
  9. I invoke the occult powers of African Warlord "Sseth Tzeentach". He says "Hey Hey people, Sseth here." while saving my life.
  10. Chapter 3: A Rescue and A Disaster The Space Center decided to spend some money to upgrade its buildings! The VAB is bigger, the Mission control is shinier, the administration building does not look like an abandoned shed and the swimming pool finally has some water. Their was a hefty price tag attached to all these upgrades, but such is Life. You don't get any free lunch. While looking around for new contracts for replenishing the treasury, the mission control found some really weird contracts. Some contracts wanted them to mine a star, some wanted to splash down on lava. Mortimer c
  11. This I tried, and I cried. It would be interesting to see how your mission report develops.
  12. I know this greeting is too late, but I hope you had a Happy Birthday
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