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  1. Those new fairings are too good, but what really got me- now there's so much cool stuff to stuff into those fairings, and I mean really cram. This is quickly becoming the preeminent probe part pack
  2. I put things together in ways unintended I-is this allowed? I needed to return some spicy data from orbit, but the spyglass devices were too thicc for my little Etoh so I made a bespoke satellite using an interstage and the mariner whatcha-whozit as a bus
  3. Gapo n, demanding further content that would be weeks worth of work? If you're good at texturing you should make something; modeling is easier than texturing
  4. @Plutron it requires an up-to-date b9ps and CRP, as well as modulemanager (which 1.6 is rather temperamental with; really won't be good for mods until 1.6.1)
  5. Hi @FreeThinker, thanks for the quick test. The blue glow is supposed to be incredibly subtle (and serve to highlight the function of the shadow shield, a concept I'm rather fond of), thanks for calling the a: dramatic oversaturation and b: performance hit to my attention. I may ditch the idea altogether; even at a low emission I haven't been able to get it quiet/ I know visuals aren't exactly realistic there. Before I return from vacation for a new build, it should be fixable by removing any fx tied to "GlowTransform" in the config The small thrusters are steered pump exhaust for roll control/steering (because the gimbal on the main engine is largely just for show; testing found ksp does not handle gimbal on long engines well at all; instant noodle rocket) isp is high because roll control has more utility in KSP than IRL, where the extra fuel wouldn't be wasted
  6. More work has been done: Several more art passes on the main engine in the pursuit of ever better art; now with two lightbulb main variants (radiative high efficiency, and regenerative decent efficiency) Both variants have LH2 solo and oxidizer afterburning modes (with dedicated SFX for each!), and both have 3 mount variants using carefully reused texture space/ managed texel density I also took another art pass on this bad boy. New emissives and plumes all around! The more observant among you may notice a tentative release at the top. This is for testing; I welcome feedback. Don't make me regret this, internet
  7. You are correct. The idea in situations like this is to use systems that mathematically approximate realistic function. My point is this : Creating special tankage for the nuclear saltwater (and all the other highly niche resources, like plutonium carbide, water, UF4, and the myriad of fusion resources down the road) will take up both scope and prime real estate in the end user's RAM, especially with the modeling standard I hold myself to. Right now the only planned extra tankage is a size3 cryogenic stack. I could maybe add some tube array tanks, with very economical UVs but that would take time I barely even have to model. I might go back on this later if I learn to model more quickly and there is a sufficient demand for it, but for now this is the plan. Imagine the two tanks together (working fluid and nuclear fuel vaults) as a closed system that can be approximated as the assembly of tubes required for safely storing nuclear saltwater. The gameplay is no different beyond that threshold. Taking this approach will keep the scope narrower and make the mod much more lightweight on the user's end, which is one of my main goals.
  8. The Fissile salts have their own dedicated storage, aside from the water. I know it isn't perfectly realistic, but between the two tankages (Plutonium and Liquidfuel) the mass should be similar to the array of tubes required. This way the tankage can be used in other engines that only need the Plutonium dust (like a dusty plasma or fission fragment rocket) The top section here is built into the engine, but will also be available as a standalone part in multiple profiles (I made sure that the ambient occlusion would work with it) to use in other setups. I'd sooner use stock xenon for stock-only, but that is moot; Given a very high need for LH2, I'm going the CRP route. Stock liquid fuel is far too dense for any sense of balance with very high-isp NTR's, so aside from another art pass on the engines, I am making some custom cryogenic storage. Edit: I could make the nuclear fuel boxes (or engine) rapidly ISRU into nuclearsaltwater maching Nertea's definition, which the engine then consumes, but don't see much of a use for that (since the end result is identical)
  9. Hi @FreeThinker, The current plan is to use preexisting resources; however, for gameplay simplicity I am more likely to use a small number of them rather than find the explicit match, for local commonality. IE, plutonium or EnrichedUranium + Liquidfuel instead of the nuclearsaltwater resource- which means that other fission rockets such as the dusty plasma would share ISRU. As far as balance, I have part high weight and an inordinate fuel cost, as well as the engine (and most of the strong engines I am making) being fairly unwieldy. This one in particular is very long, has no gimbal and is very thrusty- these factors together make atmospheric usage almost impossible without auxiliary control engines, and restrict it to use as an interplanetary/interstellar drive.
  10. I'm currently working on a pile of fission rockets (might do a beta soon), and was entertaining the idea of doing fusion engines when I finish that. If enough people seem to want it, I might be tempted to do just that. My parts are straightforward to use (they just work) and remain balanced. It is a very lightweight and minimalist approach compared to how KSPIe handles things
  11. I don't have a good answer; my preference is Jool for the interesting moons and green skies. This is really something to decide for yourself. One thing to be aware of, scatterer has a bug in 1.4+ that makes the gas giant atmosphere vanish below 300km. If you want a view like the attached picture, you'll need to downgrade to KSP 1.3.1- Also, it will be a very difficult endeavor to try and return to orbit at a gas giant from an airship (but it is a borderline possibility, with the right parts)
  12. Yes, I am here. Aside from a vacation and skyrim/building a new pc, this is what I have been up to: Edit: updated OP
  13. B Brief update. I haven't stopped working; Good/bad: I keep growing as a modeler and having to scrap obsolete work/develop new workflows. This is how things are looking now.
  14. So that gives 2.25km/s acceleration and deceleration (leaving the reserve 1000) There exists some specific trajectory that uses precisely that much dV to intercept earth sooner, but I don't know if MJ has the facilities for that sort of advanced transfer, or how much sooner you can make it- odds are slim here. I would either try to weather it out, or fiddle with Mechjeb