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  1. EFFECTS { fx-twinboar-running { MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE { name = core modelName = ReStock/FX/restock-fx-boar-core-1 transformName = fxTransformCore emission = 0.0 0.0 emission = 0.01 0.1 emission = 0.075 0.25 emission = 1.0 1.0 speed = 0.0 0.35 speed = 1.0 1.0 } } } Anyone know a good way of creating a duplicate of an effect node using module manager? Basically what I want to do is create a copy of fx-twinboar-running and rename it to, say, fx-twinboar-running-2. And from there I'd like to simply switch out the FX definition with a new one, which should be easy enough. @MODEL_MULTI_PARTICLE[core] { @modelName = ReStock/FX/restock-fx-nerv-core-1 //ReStock/FX/restock-fx-boar-core-1 } Additionally, how do I get MM select an effect node based on a key word such as "running"? Since I'd like to automate this process. My reason for wanting to do this is so that I can use B9 Partswitch on rocket engines to have em swap between different runningEffectName definitions depending on what fuel type they're set to run on.
  2. FYI to anyone who reads this, I've still not found a fix for this. I'll try to remember to update this thread if I do
  3. That totally seemed like something that would fix it, but I tested it and unfortunately it seems to have no effect, regardless of whether it's set to true or false. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/650801211502624828/890033058051407882/Kerbal_Space_Program_2021-09-21_20-31-36_Trim.mp4 Here's another clip that shows the... peculiarities of this. https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/api/class_module_r_c_s_f_x.html I assume you got that parameter from this website, yeah?
  4. I'm attempting to add a toggle to engines that allows them to act as RCS thrusters. I got it working without much of an issue, except one thing: the thrust is backwards. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/650801211502624828/888609874978701342/Kerbal_Space_Program_2021-09-17_21-36-53_Trim_Trim_Trim.mp4 Here's a video clip of what I mean. This happens with every engine I've tested, notably the "spider" and "puff". MODULE { name = ModuleRCSFX stagingEnabled = False thrusterTransformName = fxTransform //thrustTransform thrusterPower = 2 resourceName = MonoPropellant resourceFlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW runningEffectName = fx-spider-running //running atmosphereCurve { key = 0 240 key = 1 100 key = 4 0.001 } } Here's the relevant block. I've currently got it configured to work with ReStock, which changes the "thrusterTransformName" and "runningEffectName" values. Note that the engine fires normally through the ModuleEnginesFX engine, it's only reversed when I try to get it working through RCS. Fixes or workarounds would be appreciated, but I'm not looking for alternatives such as mods that overhaul the whole flight control system (e.g, Throttle Controlled Avionics).
  5. oh. I just tried to pitch your own idea to you. Not sure how I managed that. huh well, I look forward to the patch.
  6. no this is something else, like. uh. like if you could make it so the harvesters wouldn't operate if they don't receive a minimum rate of electric charge. not necessarily more than just 0 EC/s, but, say, some custom amount like 5 or 10 EC/s.
  7. nah because they can operate on even minimal rates of electric charge. say, 0.1 EC/s. it just throttles down their production rate accordingly.
  8. I mean like a minimum rate of electric charge that's not necessarily just above zero. Like it could be 5 EC/s or 10 or something.
  9. well i dont know! It's kerbal space program, i learn something new about bad game design every day! hey while we're here, is there any way you can make the harvesters require, like, a minimum rate of electric charge in order to operate? I think it would make for interesting ship design restrictions. If not as a stock feature, then maybe as something that can be enabled in the SpaceDustHarvester module.
  10. @Nertea I did some testing and it appears that the SpaceDust resource harvesters' collection rate isn't throttled by a ship's ability to supply electric charge. The harvesters are either on or they're off, and this is determined by whether or not the ship has any source of electric charge. Therefore even a single solar panel is sufficient to power them at full speed. This doesn't make for good gameplay.
  11. Alright. thanks man, ill be keeping an eye out for that other project of yours
  12. In the latest version of KittopiaTech (release UBE1), I'm unable to view changes I make to a planet's PQS material ingame, even if I rebuild the surface via the "Rebuild Sphere" button. In older versions of the game (at least as far back as 1.7.3), changes to the material node were applied instantly. Currently I'm playing on KSP version 1.12 with release 55 of the stable branch of Kopernicus. The ability to view PQS material changes in real time is really important to being able to understand how the different parameters work, and I'd greatly appreciate a fix or workaround. Thanks.
  13. I'm working on a mod that adds the option to switch between different propellants for the stock engines. I recently updated from 1.7.3 to 1.12 and it no longer calculates the delta-v given in the VAB/SPH properly until I switch editors, reload the craft file, or exit and re-enter the VAB/SPH. MODULE { IDENTIFIER { name = ModuleEnginesFX } DATA { maxThrust = 300 PROPELLANT{} PROPELLANT{} PROPELLANT { name = MonoPropellant ratio = 1 DrawGauge = True } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 196 key = 1 186 key = 7 0.001 } } } My changes to the max thrust and atmosphere curve are calculated correctly when I select this ModuleB9PartSwitch subtype, but the delta-v is still calculated as though the engine runs on LF/Ox instead of MonoProp. I'm using the latest version of B9PartSwitch (v2.18.0) and no other mods.
  14. I made some different resource colors. V hypergol is part of my mod. use if you'd like EDIT: Added some more.
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