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  1. dunno if it’s possible but this would be cool. i tried using pistons for it once but they usually got destroyed in the process of contacting the ground.
  2. wow. that is so much worse than the original mainsail. have you... seen a rocket engine before? because i have seen individual plastic legos with twice the detail and believability. maybe try using a reference image while modeling and texturing this thing. the old mainsail and new skipper at least have some greeble on them. EDIT: this was dumb im sorry
  3. this is the suggestions and development discussion section
  4. I downgraded my Unity version and it worked fine. Unfortunately, I suspect that making entries for my two dozen kopernicus planets is going to be a rather long process. Oh well. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hello. I am having some problems with using the KSPedia Database to make KSPedia entries for my mod. When I open the KSPedia Database, it is completely blank (as contrary to the tutorial's view of it). I am new to Unity, and am not sure what I'm doing wrong. Can you help?
  6. i'm not sure i quite understand what you're getting at, but having lagrange points would be awesome.
  7. Agreed. Gravity assists are so incredibly difficult sometimes, with the orbit lines just straight-up disappearing and never showing me the possible SOI intercepts. It gets incredibly frustrating and has so much room for improvement.
  8. [snip] anyways, the 3.5m tanks are still there. was it that hard to check?
  9. Could be fun if they made noise during certain events, e.g. touchdowns, reentry, and whenever a piece of the ship is destroyed. Maybe a little "bye bye!" type noise when undocking bits of your ship.
  10. Just wondering, are you avoiding adding custom science definitions for non-Gael stuff because it takes an unnecessary amount of work to write or an unnecessary amount of work to implement? Or both?
  11. Yes, the bugs and problems are mostly minor, but there are a lot of them. Like... a ton. If you even just skim through the suggestion subform you'll see just how many there are.