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  1. niiiiiice. how many parts? and what FPS, and whats your specs(the pc that is)
  2. putnamto

    How to stop Minmus base from flipping?

    i understand that, but using a mod to fix a bug/glitch/game flaw is something different IMHO
  3. Everything to the right of the SRB went up in one launch, docked with the station, jettisoned the orange tank, then the skycrane(the part with the four engines) decoupler, brought the rovers to the construction site and dropped em off, then flew back to the station to grab the science bay. I love my skycrane.
  4. putnamto

    How to stop Minmus base from flipping?

    Use kas and strap it to the ground with pylons
  5. putnamto

    Rover uncontrollable on Mun

    with my rovers that have the medium size reaction wheel i usually drive with SAS off, and the Reaction wheel turned off also, then i try to keep speeds beetween 15-20ms, but i slow down to 10-13 when taking turns or she rolls. but when she rolls i just turn on the reaction wheel and flipper upright. reaction wheels are also good for when you get inevitibly board of the loooooooong drive and decide to hit every bump you can for airtime, then you can use the reaction wheel to reorient yourself so you dont become a pile of garbage on the surface.
  6. putnamto

    Volume of a particular vessel

    wait, you cant just put a mammoth upside down on top of your rocket? lol
  7. nice station. i use the dock rotate mod for rotation purposes, every time i even thought about messing with any of the settings on the konstruction ports they would break completely until i removed them and reattached them.
  8. i think it was suggested that he just make it so the konstruction ports cant be root at all, but i dont know if he saw that or decided to put any thought into it.
  9. well, no, i did the opposite. like say my konstruction port was the root part, i would detach the whole craft from the port, not the port from the craft.......that make sense? like, i had my station>structural fueselage>konstruction port(the port being the root part) i would KAS and detach the structural fuselage, this would cause the port to fall off and free float.....i think like i said, its been awhile, just do a quicksave right before the final approach and toy around until you find the right combo.
  10. putnamto

    launching crash

    you got that right lol.
  11. @invultri i never did this on the surface, but in space it seems detaching the part with H(not G) and letting it free float in space, then grabbing and reataching seemed to do the trick for me. Edit, every time i have done this their has always been another control point on the craft so i dont know if this will work if theirs no probe/capsule, and i dont remember if this is exactly what i did to fix the problem its been awhile, sorry.
  12. putnamto

    launching crash

    yeah what @Gargamel said. to bad a dozen reboots of the game would take an eternity even on an ssd.
  13. putnamto

    Excessive load times.

    i would still clone the drive just in case, so if the drive does perchance fail it would be easier to loose a few days of progress than it would be to lose an entire save file.
  14. putnamto

    launching crash

    i dont know how to read the log, but what i ended up doing was writing down all my mods in order of what i felt was most important to least important. then uninstalling all of them and adding them back one by one. install mod, launch ksp, test launch, close ksp install second mod, launch ksp, test launch.....etc. was rinse and repeat until you find whats causing the crash. yeah its abit laborious but you are taking the game outside of its stock configuration so a little work has to be done. im sure in a few hours somebody more knowledgeable will come by, im just trying to give you simple steps to try and figure it out while you wait.
  15. am i being ignored? what else do i need to put in the topic?