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  1. i love this place, moderators that actually moderate. a little off topic, theirs another board i go to that is basically a cesspool, its got rules but nobody enforces them, and if you talk excrements on the mods for not doing their jobs, or try to get them to address something, you get flagged instead.
  2. putnamto

    What crimes against Kerbin have you committed?

    i wanted to deorbit my station, but i needed to undo the supports so hopefully it would fall apart(it didnt) and i didnt have any extra kerbals to spare, and im lazy, so i cheated one into existance, cheated him to the station. as it was deorbiting i had him hold onto a ladder and i told him, if you survive to the surface you can live. the cool part is that for the longest time while the ship was burning up i could see a faint red star moving across the sky away from me.......it was him. sorry for hte bad video quality. (i was going to add in the arms of an angel, but video editing upsets me)
  3. putnamto

    Out of curiosity, what's your craft naming scheme?

    what its supposed to do, followed by the word test, WIP, or some other identifying mark to keep it seperate from the other ones exactly like it.
  4. putnamto

    staging, and subbasemblies

    OK, I didn't cover every use case, and I may be building my subbasemblies wrong. I just wish it would leave the sub assembly together in its own stage, be it at the top or bottom of the list. Instead of completely rearranging my stages
  5. i think it would be very helpful if when i attach a subbassembly to a ship, the entirety of that subbassemblies stages would just stack together as one stage on the top of the stage list. i feel that theirs no reason why the game should try and put my subbassemblies staging features at the same level as my launch stages. would be really helpful for small mass produced probes/sattelites that are meant to go up in groups. heck, sometimes its so bad that it completely redoes all of my stagin when i attach the assembly, just abit ago when i attached my probe assembly the game put my probe engines in my transfer stage, my transfer stage engine as my launch engine, and moved my launch engine to the top. and all fifteen decouplers to the same stage in the middle.
  6. lol, if by might get it wrong, you mean ALWAYS gets it wrong. i dont know how many times i have engines in a subbassembly that i slapped into a fairing and called it a day, only to find that ksp thought the payloads engins needed to fire before the danged main core.
  7. +1 for having info, you can never have enough info, must have info, everywhere dangit. the biggest hurdle in the game for me when i first started was trying to orbit, videos would say do this while your ap is @70k, and being a new pc gamer i would stumble on the keyboard to try and find the map. things like ap, pe, alt should always be visible on every screen.
  8. putnamto

    Part ideas for KSP

    i like the idea of hydraulic parts, just a simple piston would work
  9. while they are at it add the radial mount and staging thing to all of hte cargo bays
  10. putnamto

    a testing area

    i like this, would be better if they had options in the hack gravity to set it to exact gravity of certain bodies.
  11. putnamto

    a testing area

    i dont really agree that it would clutter the ui, it could just be put into the same menu as the desert runway and woomarang
  12. putnamto

    a testing area

    so, im the only one that would love the idea of just clicking launch from the VAB and clicking test-mun instead of doing all these tedious work arounds/mods/using the debug menu?
  13. putnamto

    a testing area

    i think a stock solution would be better.
  14. i think it would be nice if they added in a sort of testing area based on the other planets. you could launch from the VAB, or SPH into it, it could give you the option of different scenarios based on planets (mun, in space, min, etc) and it would just be a sample of the planets geography and gravity for testing things like rovers and landing and such, could give some start up paramaters to (vertical height, vert velocity, horzontal vel. etc) so we could learn how our vehicles behave in certain conditions withought flying all the way their, or using the debug menu. it could even add a new use for probes, make all the different planets locked at first and the only way to unlock them for testing is to send a probe with a scanner of some sort to the planet and radio back/recover the data. i think this would be really helpful.
  15. or just the ability to fill a tank completely full of lf, or ox at your discretion.