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  1. ill check into that, i just found the resolution setting in shadowplay, weird thing is though, its set to use games resolution but it still has that black space around the vid, going to try to record later tonight with it set to 1080 and see what happens. ill try cropping it later after i eat something.
  2. the fuel tanks are stock, and sadly no i cant get you a full res screenshot, i finnally got the ship back home after removing the mod and reloading the save. the video would be full res, but for some reason shadowplay decides that its going to record 4k even if my game is only 1080, suggestions for better capture software? to be more clear on exactly what happened, ship landed on mun, quicksaved, closed game, load stock part revamp, open game, load quicksave, ship is uncontrollable and made out of jello.
  3. weird, when i got it to play withought force closing my ships became unstable and uncontrolable in my quicksave, in this video im hammering all the directions and nothing happens, then the landing leg just kind of pops off. and the shroud on the terrier wasnt their before i tried using the mod, but it just kinda showed up. weird. any incite as to why this happened? could it have been that the ship was built before the mod was installed and included parts that the mod changes? going to make a backup of the backup of the backup, then try loading the mod again and playing around abit.
  4. didnt know such a thing existed until now, thanks. i read that as 90, like, 1990, lol
  5. yeah, having a quicksave from almost a week ago doesnt really help when i bork my game lol.
  6. well the closest quicksave is eons ago (like 100 science ago) but it seems only this ship is affected, ive relaunched a replica and the shrouds seem to dissapear as they should and i have full control, so i guess im just going to cheat a ship their and call it a day. thanks for the help horseman. EDIT hmmm, when i switched back to the ship on the mun so i could eva the kerbal it seems to be fully operational again, the shrouds are still glued to the ship though, weird. welp, ill just take that as a lesson to not install mods from older version.
  7. i wanted vens stock parts in a fully up to date version of ksp, and i thought that i could put vens stock parts revamp in and if it didnt work i could just delete it......and well i guess i was wrong because now when i load my quicksave this happens. i have absolutely no control over the ship, and once the fuel burns up or i cut the engines it gets all wobbly and one of the legs falls off, also the engine shroud jsut kind of showed back up. is their any saving this? EDIT oh, and sorry about the capture, shadowplay has been acting strange recently, it likes to think my game is in 4k resolution for some reason.
  8. safe to use in 1.5.1? guess not, just encountered a windows error and the game had to be closed.
  9. putnamto

    What did you do in KSP today?

    well attempted my three for one again, actually got the bugger this time and crashed into the mun i think 10-20 times before actually landing their. did my sciencing, and went to leave, only one problem though the kerbal was a scientist with no experience, and the probe core is in the lander, not the return module. im not a very good pilot with no assists so she ended up with an infinite ap going straight out of the solar system, i reload my quicksave and its all the way back to before the rendevous ill get it tommorow. you should definately turn him into space spaghetti atleast once, for dany.
  10. putnamto

    What did you do in KSP today?

    had three contracts 1 space science around moon 2 science on surface of moon 3 saver kerbal in orbit of mun i thought ill do a three for one, built a probe with an empty command pod, sent it to the moon, went for my rendevous and when i was trying to match speeds with my target the target ended up inside of the exhaust of my rocket and *ahem* "rocketed" away from me and spinning out of control, i quickly switched to the targets craft, thinking i could just EVA before it gets to far away, and as soon as he EVA'd he turned into a giant sphaggetti monster and stretched across the universe.....:(
  11. putnamto

    Uncontrollable spinning

    Ive had this problem with my wireless keyboard and being to far away from the receiver
  12. i dont remember removing it, but for some reason its not their hmmm
  13. i downloaded astronomers visual pack, and it says you need to get a texture file, so i got the 2k textureAstronomersVisualPack>EVE now inside of eve their was a bunch of .cfg files.the 2k texture folder hadAstronomersVisualPack>EVE>Textures.so i moved the textures folder from the 2k texture download into the EVE folder inside of the AstronomersVisualPack folder.so now it looks like KSP>gamedata>AstronomersVisualPack>EVE>textures did i do this correctly? order of events in my brain download AVP, TextureReplacer, and EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements move those to my gamedata folder download AVP_2kTextures move the texture folder from the EVE folder inside of AVP_2kTextures into The EVE folder that was inside of the AstronomersVisualPack?
  14. putnamto

    a couple questions about modding

    ok, maybe you can clarify this for me? i downloaded astronomers visual pack, and it says you need to get a texture file, so i got the 2k texture AstronomersVisualPack>EVE now inside of eve their was a bunch of .cfg files. the 2k texture folder had AstronomersVisualPack>EVE>Textures. so i moved the textures folder from the 2k texture download into the EVE folder inside of the AstronomersVisualPack folder. so now it looks like KSP>gamedata>AstronomersVisualPack>EVE>textures did i do that correctly? because im seeing some weird graphic anomolies sometimes and it doesnt quite look like it does in the videos or pictures from that topic post.
  15. ok, so how would i go about altering the contents of a mod to make broken parts of it work again? i dont know if this is the place to ask this, or if its even acceptable to ask this, but theirs a part to a mod that i love that has never worked right. in the KIS fun parts pack at first none of the fun parts were equipable, i made a post in its corresponding topic and the mod author kindly told me how to help myself, a little light reading and some changing of words in a config file and i was good to go. on to the part that i need help with, the boombox, it will not play the music, it never has even back when i was playing 1.3, i figured it would be as easy as a fix as the equip problem, so i get into the config file and change point the sndPath line towards the file that i assumed was the music, but it still doesnt work. the original cfg file looked like this and with the changes i made it, it looks like this pardon me, if this is frowned upon, or to far beyond my feeble mind, im just trying to gain some knowledge here and get my stuff to work the way it was intended, and i kinda figured i was being a burden by constantly asking the mod dev's to fix things, you know teach a man to fish yadda yadda. and the second question, sometimes when im downloading mods for manual install, sometimes the dependencies have the same name as the parent mod, so how do i go about copying these to my gamedata? i dont have a real world example right now, so heres one i made up. say Putnamto's visual mod needs EVE as a dependency, so i download both Putnamto's visual mod, and the EVE mod, but when i go about copying the contents of their gamedata folders i get this the folder structure for putnamto's visual mod Putnamto's visual mod>Gamedata>EVE then the folder structure for EVE Environmental visual enhancements>Gamedata>EVE i know these are made of files in my head, but its just an example ive run into a few times when downloading visual mods manually, what do i do in a situation like that?