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  1. finnally got my first probes to moho, and eve, the one on moho was fine and dandy, the one on eve.....not so much. i ran out of fuel when attempting an aerocapture and got stuck for quite a few passes, wouldnt have been so tedious accept that i didnt have enough batteries on it to let it orbit over and over withought solar panels, so i had to open, close, open, close, open, close the panels. then finnally after the fiftieth pass under the blowtorch i was in the atmosphere, i celebrated to early and this happened. ......my last quicksave .........4 years ago.
  2. docked bob to my kerbin station, now im just need 40 more tech to get the mining equipment so i can put it to use. btw, never, EVER ask me to dock an asteroid to anything ever, it took over an hour of trial and error, turns out putting a docking port in line with the ship thats pushing the asteroid, but on the opposite of the asteroid is near impossible, thus making docking near impossible, not to mention the damn thing refused to fly a straight line and accellerated/decellerated like molasses.
  3. caught my first space potato and put it in a 100k kerbin orbit, only lost one solar panel, and only cursed the claw a few hundred times......i think thats an improvement now what to do with this potato though? i figure ill science it over every biome, then dock it to my kerbin station and mine fuel off of it to fund my interplanetary conquest. (sorry the image is dark, the sun was on the other side when i took the pic, and i always forget to put lights on my craft until i need them)
  4. yeah, i checked their, it only has two options, set it off at this time and date, or set it off this many seconds from now, their is no option for x amount of kerbin days from now. or atleast not that im aware of
  5. Is there a way to set an alarm for a specific number of days from now? Like I have an asteroid entering kerbin soi in 87 days and would like an alarm to go off then
  6. added a fuel tank and docking module to my kerbin station, this station is in orbit for science, refuelling, and to act as a waiting area for launch windows. the whole thing went up in this arrangedment due to COM issues, so i decoupled the tug for the station(it went up with the payload) and docked it to the top, then decoupled the top and moved it to the bottom, flew the thing to the station, docked, then decoupled the now bottom and recoupled it in its final resting place on the side of the station
  7. matt danny or scott, why did you make me chose!
  8. i noticed that if i save a booster with a robotic part as a subbasembly then load that subbassembly it breaks the vab almost entirely, mouse clicks do nothing and parts in the menu's grey out, i can still click to drop the part.....but it doesnt drop the part it just clicks, and trying attach the part does nothing. creating a new craft, and loading the sub with an empty vab breaks it even more, not allowing placing of certain parts(at random it seems) and not being able to left or right click with the mouse. i dont know if this is related to the booster being the subassembly, or the fact
  9. I've been to eve before, but never with comnet enabled, I'm afraid I'm going to depart kerbing and then lose control of the ship due to being out of range. I have a fully upgraded tracking station, and three comnet "rings" one at KEO, one at LMO, and one slightly higher than minmus. These all have Ra50 I think. Can I just slap an ra100 on a pribe and throw it out their?
  10. Would say that after teaching them the mun duna is the next logical step. But the skill gap is so big it's like teaching someone to ride a bike, then expecting them to ride a harley
  11. Isn't their a way to make it so you buy individual parts from the tech tree instead of the whole node?
  12. been playing around with robotics recently, and I came across a situation where it would be useful to use pistons as a kind of "shock absorber" With the current game this is impossible(correct me if I'm wrong). So I suggest springs, they would come in three lengths, be surface attacheable and have a user set resistance. Also would love to be able to lock translation controls relative to my frame of reference. I can't tell you how many times I've destroyed my stations solar panels because my symmetrical ship was oriented the wrong way.
  13. Agreed, I don't want to move my dang comnet, and no I don't need a third station around the mun.
  14. Maybe not for tablets, but a stand alone vab app would be nice, my game likes to eat more and more Ram if I spend to much time in the vab. That way you could design your ship, then move it to your save
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