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  1. ill give her a whirl later, thanks.(and then i will delete it and make my own, but you know how that is) have you upgraded to 1.4 or something? that craft isnt compatible with my version of ksp, or atleast the game says it isnt when i try to load it.
  2. it was working fine last i used it(a month ago?) but when i tried to use it last night, and this morning i get this weird black cross with an x instead of its normal window. all of my custom waypoints are still on the map and i can click to delete/rename/etc. output log is here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/40e46f849ym5g1i/output_log.txt?dl=0 also ive tried uninstalling/reinstalling the mod and sometimes the window opens with no contents inside and i can move it around, but most of the time its just this.
  3. i put landing legs on it in hopes that it would save the can, and i put the can in instead of the pod to save weight(and i thought it looked cool) ive tried the manned version with a crew cabin but ive never been able to slow down the cabin+pod enough to stop it from being destroyed on impact, and it always had a tendancy to turn prograde and speed up instead of slow down. hell ive had it continue having the aero flame effects all the way to the ground before. i will take your advice in mind and probably redesign the top half of the craft, thank you. my next quest is to get four tourists landed on the mun, and then back again.
  4. i dont have aerodynamics unlocked yet, ive tended to stay away from all of the things associated with airplanes for now. sorry, was just frustrated that makes no sense. thank you for all the help guys.
  5. sorry about that, wasnt noticeable on my screen. but thats exactly what happens, the only way i can get the pitch down to 45 degrees is to turn off stability control, but if its off, as soon as i drop the bottom stage it spins wildly out of control(then i get frustrated and start pressing space over and over in hopes of it blowing up) i did eventually make it into orbit with that ship and successfully rescued neible. oddly enough rendevous with stranded kerbals seems easy(with mechjebs help) but making orbit with this ship is a pain.
  6. im switching it over to a radial mounted battery and putting it right under the can.
  7. it was a battery and a probe core thank you, ill try that. edit, im a horrible pilot, was looking good until my middle stage ran out at 20km, i staged and my ship started cartwheeling.
  8. No other mods on the craft that I can think of. Under the nose cone is a reaction wheel and probe core
  9. ive done it before, but my brain is stupid and i cant figure this out at all, i made mechjeb try in sandbox and he just laughs and smashes it to the ground. ive tried launching straight up and turning horizontally, this almost worked but my pe would reach 60km then climb slower and slower and slower until around 69km it would almost completely stop moving until i run out of dv. ive tried pitching 5 degrees off of launch, at 100m/s, and at 400 m/s, then in each of those cases killing my engine once ap is 70k+ and turning horizontal at 30s till ap and thursting, this does the same as my attempts at going straight up but this time my pe stops climbing around 50-60km and my ap starts climbing rapidly until im completely out of dv. i guess im really just looking for some solid guidance as to what im actually doing. and my brain is broke and i cant remember anything, ever, like i said i have flown this before successfully because of what i named it, and the fact that i have an extra kerbal. i hate this game sometimes.
  10. i was using the lander can, and i realize its not made to reenter kerbins atmosphere, well easily.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/codytheputnamto/videos/1882088788497653/ holy excrements that actually worked. this has to be the fiftieth time ive tried to land this. next time more parachutes. it was pure luck that she lived, thank you guys. if you watch the video just skip to the end.
  12. oh, i was opening them as soon as the game would allow it.
  13. default on the parachutes, and i dont know what the speed is, ill try again when i get back on the game later tonight
  14. yes i have a parachute, im trying to aero brake, but i think my kerbin orbit is way to....i dont know the word for it, my Ap is something like 10mil and my pe is only 35km. should i try again and raise my pe up to 50km? i dont really understand aerobraking, i assume its just coming into the planets atmosphere horizontally and letting the atmosphere slow you down but they slowest that does for me is get me to 10-15ms.