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  1. yeah, going to have to ditch kopernicus for awhile. hey now that mostly everything is fully functional(accept that i still have two kis inventories) i can start fresh, time to retire my 2(real life) year career
  2. ok, well it seems somethings horribly wrong, i removed all of my mods, and i still dont have control over the lights color. im on 1.7.1, im a sad panda. went so far as uninnstalling, reinstalling the game, and still not their, i feel like im missing something. ok, after some installing, uninstalling, again, i think its a bug in 1.7.1, the sliders are their in 1.7.2.......but kopernicus is not available for 1.7.2 yet
  3. yup, unless theirs two of them, one withought the color change ability. somethings fishy about my install though, i have two kis inventories on my character. would anybody know of any conflicts with the suit in terms of mods so i can narrow down my search?
  4. My sliders arent their. Time to start removing mods
  5. I thought we could change the colors of them? I updated my mods, loaded the dlc and played around a bit, but nowhere do I see an option to change the neon light colors. Am I missing something?
  6. Started work on my ore refinery on minmus. Sent a scanner, forgot the antennae, sent another scanner, forgot the batteries. Went send a third and I got a message I have never seen in my 2+ yrs playing this same career...... Insufficient funds. I literally have no way of making money, the only contracts that pay out are on duna and I cant afford to go their......:(
  7. The side visible from the building select screen, or inside
  8. I agree with gargamel on his bullet points, the one thing I don't understand though is that both consoles have native kb/m support, so it shouldn't be that hard, right? Actually now that I think about it, it would probably be a PITA, since ksp enhanced was built from the ground up with controllers in mind
  9. Anybody have the problem of building something, then going to launch and it always seems to be night time? Wouldn't it be nice if their was a way to "launch in the morning" from the VAB/SPH It would simply time warp to next morning then load the craft on the pad.
  10. Thanks @Snark I read over that and it all makes sense! I feel smarter now. When I get time I'm going to post pics of my duna probes that I think will land on duna, and hopefully someone here can give me some pointers. Im pretty confident in the duna probe, this is my third redesign of the things
  11. where would i report problems with the update? i just launched a probe from my mothership that was built in 1.6, after landing the probe and switching back to the mothership the game locks up and needs force close.
  12. Tried that, eventually got fed up and cheated a copy of the ship tgrir with bigger shields.
  13. so i sent my first unmanned mission to eve today, and well, i guess i hadnt planned accordingly. the mothership is in a circular 100km orbit with 8 probes intended to land on the surface and radio back science.......but for hte life of me it seems their is absolutely no way to land these. i think i drastically underestimated EVE's atmosphere. any tips on how to get these down to the surface in one peice? it has a heat sheild, but it doesnt really help, the sci jr blows up first(or the airbrakes if i forget to spam them open and close) they each have around 800dv, 2 drogues, 2 regular chutes, and four airbrakes. and why cant i imbed pictures?
  14. alrighty, all is said and done, fuel tank attached to the kerbin station, duna probe system also attached to kerbin station and fueled up. question though, 1819 should be enough dv to get from 250km kerbin orbit to a high circular duna orbit?
  15. SUCCESS!! thank you guys, once i understood how to control the DPAI all was well. but i ran into a snag, see, i needed to dock with that fuel tank so i could transport it to the mun fuel depot........halfway through transit i realized their was no sr. docking port on the fuel depot, and the engineers didnt have a screwdriver, so i whip up a fast ship and get to the fuel depot before the fuel tank does, hand off the screwdriver, use KAS fuel pipes to transfer fuel, hit F5 to quicksave, then disconnected and started home......when i realized i had only put enough fuel in the tank to get back, but not enough to store, so i hastily reload the save........and im back at the docking port from the begining.......... ksp is almost like the girls in my life in this regard, finnally a breakthrough followed by soul crushing defeat.