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  1. if you dont mind me asking, you seem more knowledgeable than myself, ive never understood the driver thing, its a suggestion for almost every game that just randomly stops working and its never made sense to me, if the game works for x amount of time, and you've changed nothing, then suddenly it starts crashing why would updating graphics drivers do anything? i know it does sometimes, but i have no understanding of this. edit, also the verify steam files thing, if i havent gone into the games folder and done anything with the files themselves, why would they need verification? im not trying to sound like a prick or anything, im just curious.
  2. ive had this happen twice today, i loaded a VAB ship in the SPH, launched, crashed, reverted, then the game force closed. upon reload, i just went straight to the runway with the ship, and once again, the came force closed upon revert. ksp loghttps://www.dropbox.com/s/4sj61okshkxot6t/Player.log?dl=0 and my mods
  3. unhappy with my messed up comnet around the mun, i decided to send a ship with supplies to retrofit the sat's with parachutes and bring them back to kerbin. i did, and when i was done i recovered 1,700 apeice........the supply ship cost 85,000....and most of it is non recoverable.
  4. Set up a mun comnet, watched it fall apart, learned up on orbital periods, set up a kerbal comnet right outside minmus. Finally got to actually fly to minmus for the first time on this save, took bill, Bob and octo. Set up some ground science, did a lot of orbital science. On the way home I realized 31km was to low for a re-entry and decoupled the pod moments before it all blew up, thankfully the science was in the pod, earning me 930sci. Tomorrow is going to be like christmas on kerbin, I'm finally going to get those bigger boosters that jeb's been hinting at all year Oh and I found out goo cans that aren't attached to your ship can still be scienced and collected
  5. thats for sure, i did get my mun constelation looking good, but it turned into a little wile later.
  6. i am fine with that, but i have to ask, how did you come up with that? what was the math involved? im horrible at math, and i use alot of mods to get past that, but im curious and would like to learn. and im also a little dumb. i would ask you to draw me a picture if you could.
  7. the orbital period on three of them is 34 days and 5 mins, on one its 34 days and 8 mins and on another its 34 days and 3 mins, i dont have time to continue playing the game, but ill see what i can do later.
  8. in the last pic, their orbital periods are off by +-5 minutes, but that shouldnt be cause for concern should it? and something i didnt notice is that the meyer resonant orbit calculator does days in a 24 hour format, and kerbins days are only 6 hours, i sat here scratching my head for a few minutes on that one.
  9. well the one on the mun didnt turn out so well, going to scrap it and try again, but with my newfound knowledge i made this. HAIL SATAN!
  10. i didnt know about orbital periods and their importance, the stock game doesnt tell you that info as far as i know, KER does though. thanks guys
  11. using this tool https://meyerweb.com/eric/ksp/resonant-orbits/ i was able to set up a nearly perfect triangular orbit around kerbin, yet when trying to do the exact same thing on the mun i get different results, im not good at explaining things. im trying to set up a triangular constelation evenly spaced at 300,000 m, i do my burns according to that tool yet my relays end up in weird orbits, like, instead of it coming out to an equalateral triangle i keep getting an isosceles. a picture to better explain myself, anybody know what im doing wrong? is the tool flawed? my first instinct says that my orbit is to low, but if i was higher up i would have the same results now that i think about it.
  12. This I don't like the color of the navball, if it's transparent or black, how will we easily see the horizon