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  1. I have tried it. still can't seem to transfer fuel at all.
  2. Thanks for the advice, I have tried turning on the setup distribution to on both parts and I still cannot get any stock resource transfer options. This is most bothersome with the Liquid fuel and Oxidizer from the Brew Works and the Chuckwagon. I can't transfer the fuel between KAS pipe to another ship and between the two modules themselves. I also can't transfer Ore this way either. It tanks my plans for making a remote LFO outpost to refuel my lander's with.
  3. I am having a bit of a bug with the pathfinder base elements where I can't transfer any resource between the separate elements of the base or other ships via KAS pipes. the transfer option doesn't appear. I can transfer between different parts both stock and modded, even other Wild Blue industries mods. I am in KSP 1.3.1 with Pathfinder 1.21 CRP mode. I know that CRP is no longer supported but I cannot picture the mode influencing the resource transfer. Here is a log file https://www.dropbox.com/s/3bcol31i1ghn738/KSP log 1.log?dl=0 (hopefully, I took a break from KSP and I can't remember where anything is anymore) If anyone has any recommendations on how to get resource transfer to stark working. I makes any ISRU attempts mostly useless.
  4. I am glad to see this mod is alive again, i thought it was a really cool idea. Just a side note, there is some realistic basis for using electricity as a form of heat shield. It is called magnetohydrodynamic aerobraking, which is simply using an electromagnet to repel the mildly ionized gasses that are generated from the shock-wave of the spaceship. Its a pretty neat concept, with quite a few advantages. If you want to read more you can here http://selenianboondocks.com/category/mhd-aerobraking-and-tps/. So you have scientific basis for a heat shield technology that only uses electricity while at the same time fully based in reality. I would personally (my way) is have the part be a heavy rounded nosecone that has an electric ablator converter and serves as a radiator to nearby parts (to simulate the protection it would give nearby parts).
  5. Thank you @capi3101, you were really helpful (Sorry about taking so long to get back, holiday prep) how big is the base on this? is it another 12.5m part or is it smaller, the door in the picture makes it look like it is smaller. on another note, my experiments in making concrete in CRP mode have run into a few, bugs. The first is that the OPAL converter does not seem to produce slag or waste. This is compounded the behavior of the geology lab and claimjumper, both will not open the manage operations icon from the right click menu, when I do it spawns a start converter button in the menu that does not do anything. I can operate both from the mod icon on the sidebar but that is inconsistent with the rest of the parts. Could you investigate and give me an idea of what is happening/how I can fix it? I can get you a log report if you want it. Also there is no oxygen storage in the nukeworks, or the option in the buckboard storage which precludes the refining of Uraninite into enriched uranium.
  6. This is why you always check the wiki so you don't make such silly mistakes. I was meaning a template for the Casa or Ponderosa that produces water, slag and other things from ore. The chuckwagons should not be a problem but what is the OPAL unit? I am trying it in sandbox first to get the hang of it but that sounds familiar. And how does claimjumper make slag? I have set one up before and I don't recall getting any slag.
  7. somehow this picture just makes me think of school or a reeducation class, I don't know why. On another note, what are the minimum parts to create Koncrete in CRP mode KSP 1.3.1 and pathfinder 1.2.1? My best guess is gold diggers for minerals and ore, a Casa configured as a Watney, and a Brew Works Hacienda. Am I missing anything?
  8. In my opinion, having both is just adding unnecessary complexity to the mod, unless you are trying to go for extreme realism then I wouldn't the aforementioned restriction. I like the new model you created more than the previous model. On another note, the Casa in habitat setup in CRP mode in KSP 1.3.1 and Pathfinder 1.2.1, I can't attach anything to it with KAS. The game acts like it isn't even there for KAS. Is this a bug that is fixed in later versions or a feature? If it is a bug is there a quick bugfix for it and/or if it is a feature then how can I change it?
  9. @FreeThinker I have a request that the "Discovery" Magnetic Confinement Fusion Rocket can function as both a magnetic nozzle and a plasma nozzle. This way the Discovery has a unique role among the parts in KSPI extended. Also if you are up for a challenge you could implement a third option which atomic rockets calls Dual Mode, here is what Atomic Rockets says about each mode: Pure fusion rockets use just the plasma thermal energy, and just the fusion products as reaction mass. The neutron and bremsstrahlung radiation energy is considered to be waste. This mode has the highest exhaust velocity/specific impulse and the lowest thrust/propellant mass flow of the three fusion engine types. Fusion afterburners use just the plasma thermal energy, but adds extra cold reaction mass to be heated by plasma energy. Again neutron and bremsstrahlung are wasted. Dual-mode use the neutron and bremsstrahlung radiation energy to heat a blanket of cold reaction mass which thrusts out of separate conventional exhaust nozzles. In addition a Dual-mode can switch into Pure Fusion mode. This mode has the highest thrust/propellant mass flow and the lowest exhaust velocity/specific impulse. The pure fusion rockets is modeled by the magnetic nozzle, the Fusion afterburners are modeled by the plasma nozzle, the third would be be more akin to a really good solid core NTR. Would have all three come out the same nozzle with different exhaust types. The ISP would be around 1,000 sec. and there is calculation for how much thrust it would provide from atomic rockets the harvesting mode engine will create thrust of 1 newton per 7,000 watts of neutron + bremsstrahlung power The latter is more of a cool but rather extraneous idea but giving the Discovery to be both a Magnetic and plasma nozzle would prevent it from being redundant. A cool concept that deserves a place in KSPI extended is the Nuclear Thermal Turbo Rocket. This mode for both the Thermal turbojet and Ramjet nozzles would function on the idea of heating a fuel (like liquid hydrogen) in the reactor which would then be mixed with intake air (not atmospheric intake because the hydrogen has to combust with oxygen) and would combine with the oxygen in the air and heat it which would be the propellant. This would have the unique function of producing a fairly high thrust and ISP on the launchpad. It would reduce the amount of reaction mass used in the beginning of the launch to, at most, 16% of what is coming out the nozzle. Once it is out of most of the atmosphere then it could switch to NTR mode. Here is link to the presentation. like to hear back from you.
  10. Probably not there but I can give you the error log from after I click refresh. When I hit refresh an exception window opens up like when I try to open CKAN. I can click on buttons 'details' for the log, 'Quit' which will quit CKAN entirely and the last button is "Continue' which freezes on the update page that says i can't connect to the link already stated. Here is the second error log https://www.dropbox.com/s/974dp2fhw9w8gos/CKAN error log 2.txt?dl=0 I also get this error when I start CKAN first with only a dismiss option Error in autoupdate: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. I cannot program at all, please help!
  11. Click Continue, then Refresh. I tried that and I got another exception which I clicked continue and then my refresh page said that it couldn't connect to https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN-meta/archive.tar.gz and froze. I am not sure what is going on there. Do you want me to get the second error log?
  12. Can I get some help? My CKAN will not open at all normally without throwing this error log https://www.dropbox.com/s/3a1u6fh0ubr4te4/CKAN error log.txt?dl=0 I am planning on updating to KSP 1.3.1 soon and would like to have CKAN available to update the mods I installed with it. Also it can't seem to update at all so if updating will fix it I would just need how to get it to update.
  13. I totally respect your idea for your mod, I just asked because the two non ablator engines have a kind of awkward thrust value, they have too much thrust to realistically be used with just a pod/service module (I tend to try for a level of realism i.e. don't black your Kerbals out with G-forces) but too little thrust to really be used as just a launch engine. The engines with ablator are fairly good for that use. Both engines work well together with the Landertrons mod. If I could model or code at all then I would making that engine as well as some other parts. Unfortunately I have skill in neither. Mostly I got your mod for the pods, the IVA's are really cool, good work with them. I understand that doing IVA's are one of the hardest things to do for a modder so props to you!
  14. oh, OK thanks for getting back to me so fast. Edit: that worked perfectly, I feel foolish.