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  1. @Raptor9 tested vanilla and modded : same results Yeah I checked the great video about CisMunar propellant Economy ! good one btw : gotta watch it again in details (have u got the depot base crafted in a way ?) I noticed that I had to be a little more careful for the liftoff than with the KerbalX for ex which is really easy to fly. All the rest has been working fine as soon as I got the rocket launched properly. Redownloaded the rocket then staging went all right ! Everything's nominal for Titan 3p Again, thanx a lot! Now to test all the other crafts
  2. same result vanilla mode. Not used to the rocket I guess. After multiple attempts, kinda worked when modifying AoA from 7 to 2 or 3. More than that and the craft would flip. So I'd say I found a way... maybe ^^
  3. thanks for answering @Raptor9 I'm gonna try it vanilla mode Do I have anything to do to activate the different stagings except space bar ? I didn't modify the staging because I'd rather not use the conception part of the game for the moment I'll redwnld and try it vanilla and keep u posted !
  4. Hi there first of all : awesome work !! No words to describe all these crafts done for many purposes. Wow ! So I thought : I'm gonna use those to start my game !! I play KSP 1.3.1 with very few mods. Mech Jeb-Planetary Base Syst- KER-HE- but no mods to change the gameplay or graphisms I tried the Titan 3p to send pathfinder to Mun. Mechjeb failed. I tried myself. When i ran out of Lox, I decoupled pressing space bar then wanted to start the other engine. I checked it and activated it manually (mouse click). Then pressed space bar. Nothing but fairing's gone. Then pressed bar again : decoupled from pathfinder ! What did I do wrong ?
  5. hello there ! 53 pages so I admit I havent been reading all of them !! Sorry : I was watching the FH liftoff ^^ Anyways, I have been using mechjeb with 1.3.1. Quite efficient with basic ships. Quite not with big ships but useful nonetheless Yesterday I have addes SSRSS to enjoy a better game exp and better views. Now, I tried a simple orbit around earth via mechjeb ascent guidance.... it crashed my big ship and failed to circularize properly a basic vessel (KerbalX). Worse, it sent me on an interstellar course instead of the supposed moon encounter.... What happened ? Did SSRSS completely changed the gameplay so that mechjeb can't deal with it ? Cuz I've seen friends playing KSP with that mod and mechjeb and doing fine. Any idea ?
  6. Okay then !! So I seem to have understood the basics of building the base and getting it into kerbin then propoer orbit Landing seems more complicated though ^^ Picking the right sport as well. I went to land with a KX rocket at 1° 31' 38" S and 55° 52' 47" W but I don't really know what to enter on HE to get close to that point ! But getting there, getting there If anybody can enlighten me I'll feel smarter got it for lat and lon compared to landed ship positive values for North and East, negative otherwise. I just didn't know ! That's cool !! Thanks guys for the tips, really. The game is a real challenge and if u still wanna have a life IRL it's good to take short cuts
  7. HI @fronbow ! Thank you very much for such a detailed answer !! Very helpful indeed ! I'm gonna try it right now and see how I can make the most of it !! Not sure I'll be able to do evrything properly for the first time but I'll be asking for more infos in that case ! Not sure how you can rotate the "vessel" : I had tried once and my base happen to land vertically on Mun then fall over on one side :S I'll try to manage the landing then ! As for the coordinates I'll be landing with a normal rocket before to check up the place so I'll get good enough coordinates I hope !! Thans A LOT for the tips anyway
  8. Hello there I'd like to know if it's possible to use hyper edit to place a pre assembled base on Mun, Duna or wherever I'd like in the Kerbin system. I like to travel light
  9. hi everybody ! Sorry to put this here (do please move to wherever it's best to appear in the forum).... but this is the HyperEdit topic right ? Well I've been looking (probably badly)... but I didn't find a tuto on how to HyperEdit a base (like, to mun or duna or everywhere else) we would have pre assembled. Is that possible or does it work with vessels only ? Is it possible to send the whole VAB elsewhere ? Thanks a lot and again : very sorry to ask a dumb question in here.... I didn't wanna create a topic for that