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  1. Most certainly. But my most complex replica has 2800 parts, I'm estimating the part count of this one to be around 2500, so nothing I can't handle
  2. The zap flap mechanism is now actually fully working. It's slow and takes a million and one steps, but it's working I'm working on it to ensure that it reconnects flush, as you can see at the moment it sags a bit on the right side.
  3. The very concept of measuring the frames per any unit time smaller than an hour is a joke when talking about that screenshot.
  4. I've decided to post updates to the 747sp as new posts on top of adding them to the OP, once it is finished I will condense these down into spoilers. On that note, Tonight's update! The main thing I've been working on is the stock Zap Flap mechanism (not a Fowler Flap, but similar). The flap itself functions as a large custom control surface when not deployed. It has gone through multiple redesigns and countless changes before arriving at the current set up, and it is much smoother, smaller, less part intensive, and more reliable than the initial prototype. Though it isn't that strong, and I will likely have to revisit it again. The actual mechanism for deploying the flap is a nightmare. This flap is heavy, so trying to build a mechanism capable of reliable moving the whole thing has been a pain, currently it just barely works when deploying the flap, though 1/4 times it'll just get stuck somehow and self destruct. It suffers severely from flex and cannot retract the flap again. Tonnes of RnD time has been put into it, and despite it's current state it has improved a lot, and I suspect that it'll just be a matter of making gradual improvements until it works to my satisfaction. Best part is, once I finish that, I still have to build a whole 'nother one from scratch. Honestly didn't expect large functioning flaps like this to be so difficult, but it's worth it for the cool factor alone. This all brings the part count of the wing up to 218 parts and 21 tonnes. Which isn't really surprising, since by every possible metric it is more accurate and complex than any other wing I've built. I expect progress to be slow but steady.
  5. My 747sp replica has seen some nice progress (if gradual). The craft has its tail fin and tail planes, giving it a total of 768 parts so far. The vast majority of the work I've been doing has been on the wing. For this project I wanted to accurately replicate the flaps used on the 747sp using stock mechanisms and without any DLC parts. So far I have working Krueger flaps as well as a single WIP zap flap. At the moment it only functions as a control surface, I will make it be able to deploy later. Funny thing is, the wing is 181 parts already, even though the actual wing has barely any progress done on it at all. And only half of the stock mechanisms are done, since I need to build another unique zap flap after I finish the first one. Funny that I'm doing so much work to incorporate features that don't actually do anything due to how basic KSP's aerodynamics system is. Overall this project has quickly gone out of proportion, mainly because with the announcement of KSP 2 (and college) I'm uncertain that I'll even have time to start another project after this, so I'm pulling out all the stops and making this craft my magnum opus.
  6. @Bottle Rocketeer 500 Actually @Munbro Kerman has been working on just such a replica, I don't know if it is complete or not or when he'll end up posting it, but there you go! That isn't to say that I couldn't make my own, but I'd prefer to let him have the glory. I've never been one for one-upmanship.
  7. So, this sucks. Some of you may know that I have been teasing a Stratolaunch replica for a while, and believe it or not, it was effectively completed. Here it is! This craft has about 2 months of near continuous work invested in it. However, only that first month was spent building it, the latter month was spent entirely with bug fixing. Anything from parts not loading correctly, to the craft file being craft, to chunks of the aircraft completely loosing their relation to other sections of the aircraft. The kraken has it's grimy tentacles all over this thing. Everytime I solved a problem a new one sprang up, so after a month of trying to get this thing to function, I simply gave up. With craft of this nature, you tend to get into the Sunk Cost Fallacy. I had already spent so much time working on it, why give up on it now? However, I eventually realized that I was dreading to open KSP, because this hell spawn of a craft file was waiting for me, so that was that, I moved on. The craft was constructed in 2 distinct pieces, the fuselage, and the wing. These were then put together to form the craft. But while they work fine individually, together they summon the kraken. I rebuilt the craft multiple times by taking these two components and putting them together, but everytime I did this wholly distinct problems arose, complete unique each time I built the craft, and these problems somehow get worse over time, which is ultimately what forces me to rebuild it again. The end to this sad saga. I'm giving these parts out! I don't think they are particularly useful on their own, but hell, better than letting them rot. If you want to take a stab at putting this craft together, the engines that are meant to be used with it can be found here... As for me, I'm moving on to greener pastures.
  8. Imprecise wording on my part. Airbus has proposed variants of the A-380 with 1000 seats, however none of the ones in the air have that many. It's been fixed.
  9. @Avera9eJoe Thank you very much! Doing these kinds of builds are a huge passion of mine, and account for 90% of my time playing KSP.
  10. That would save me a great deal of trouble, but alas, I am cursed (by my own arbitrary standards) to build stock!
  11. WELCOME TO THE HANGAR Here there be giants With part counts measured in the thousands, these colossi of the skies aren't for the faint of heart Look inside to find detail-oriented replicas of some of the largest passenger and cargo liners ever built or conceived With no mods or DLC required, these craft are open to all who can handle their bulk! Boeing 747-100 Antonov An-225 "Mriya" Boeing 747-8 Airbus A-380-861 Boeing Pelican "ULTRA" Hughes H-4 Hercules "SPRUCE GOOSE" McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Boeing 747sp (WIP)
  12. My next replica is well in the works, this time I'm tackling the dinkiest variant of the 747, the Sutter's Balloon (AKA the 747SP). A mere 56.4 meters in length with a 59.7 meter wingspan, this oddball of an aircraft is turning out to be mountains of fun to build! I'm pulling out all the stops for this one and am proceeding with the goal of making it as accurate as I possibly can, part count be damned! My building style typically involves keeping the part count on the fuselage as low as possible, however this craft's now complete fuselage boasts 178 parts and 9 fairings by itself. To go along with this I will be using replicas of the Sutter's Balloon's PW JT9D Turbofan engines to power it. True to form they boast a high partcount of 171 parts each. All in all, this project is a monster, but I'm more excited than ever to work on it! Without a doubt this will be by far my best craft once completed.
  13. Stratolaunch is nearing completion! The wings are now complete, theoretically all that would be left is to add the engines. However, the engines will add a lot of fairings and parts, so I am going to do a lot of testing to make sure that everything works beforehand.
  14. Stratolaunch progress report, the wing section connecting the twin fuselages is complete. I've attempted some flight tests, but it is currently incapable of takeoff. I'm hoping completion of the wings fixes this.
  15. And I just started rewatching TNG, how appropriate! It looks good so far.
  16. Starting to work on my stock Stratolaunch replica again, the individual fuselage is now complete and stands at 744 parts. Considering that this doesn't include the second fuselage, wings, or engines. The part count on this will be among the highest of my aircraft replicas.
  17. I'd say you did a pretty good job right there. Thanks a million!
  18. This craft is a full stock 1:1 replica of the McDonnell Douglas MD-11, this craft makes use of no DLC parts or mechanisms. While I have built a number of large planes, it has been nearly a year since I've built an actual airliner, so I decided to tackle another one. I wanted to built a tri-jet as I had simply never done one before, and true to form I chose the largest tri-jet ever built, The Md-11, a largely altered variant of the DC-10. This craft features refined versions of building techniques I had used in the past, as well as new ones. In total it took 3 months of on and off work to complete, as various difficulties and roadblocks would regularly halt progress on the build. This craft also utilizes a perfected form of the custom actuated wing surfaces used on my Drehmeister fighter craft to replicate the large control surfaces located at the base of the wing. basically every section of the craft had to be reworked or rebuilt from scratch, this made the build the slowest going out of any craft I have built proportional to it's size. However, I feel it payed off as the final product is notably more polished than any of my previous builds. Download Link: Part Count: 1485
  19. Thank you so much for having me on here. With all of the incredible and important stuff going on this past month, being among them is a real honor!
  20. I kind of have, I built a large fighter a few months ago that utilized the same concept, It had all moving wings giving it excellent control authority, the wings in total were similar in weight and lift to the control surfaces on the wings, and could withstand 30g maneuvers as well as speeds of mach 2 (though at those velocities they didn't work well with SAS). The control surfaces on the wings having a much greater internal volume allowed me to make them out of much stronger components as well, so I'm confident they will handle well in flight. Since the wings will be a custom aerofoil, the craft likely won't exceed 200 m/s anyway, so they won't have to experience very extreme forces.
  21. Currently working on the MD-11's wings, and when I saw the huge control surfaces at the base of the wing, I decided to replicate them using the power of stock mechanics, the result is a huge custom control surface with a high degree of deflection and fast actuator speed, which will hopefully give the finished craft unparalleled control authority for its size. The number of lifting surfaces used to construct means that this will provide the equivalent of 2 of the stock aeroplane wings swiveling, and that's each wing. Imagine and aircraft with 4 total of the stock aeroplane wings moving like giant control surfaces.
  22. MD-11 is off the shelf and back on the bench, first things first is the tail section. The engine, tail fin, and tail planes are all finished. This leaves the wings as the only big section that needs to be completed. Progress is good.
  23. I have more plans for this jet. And they are coming along rather nicely.
  24. Maybe not, but what it does have.... Is the same functionality...