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  1. Can you explain what you mean? The cockpit is inside of the fairing and is not visible, the "cockpit" at the front is actually a couple of solar panels. Also as has been mentioned the glitch occurs without scatterer installed.
  2. I would be satisfied with that, but part clipping isn't even necessary. As you can see in this gif the glitching even occurs between the segments of a single fairing, where there is no part clipping whatsoever Not too mention the solar panels at the front that are also being affected despite not even TOUCHING the parts below them. The glitch also seems to reset once the craft is above a certain altitude, in this case 200 meters. Dipping back below 200 meters also caused the glitch to come back, the glitch seems to build in intensity the longer the craft is flying below this "reset altitude". I have heard others mention this phenomenon as well, but the altitude at which this occured was different from mine, I am unsure what factors decide the altitude. It should also be mentioned that the glitch does not completely disappear above the "reset altitude". This is most apparent if you look at the turbines after the craft goes above 200 meters. Setting the camera FOV low will also still make the glitch worse above the "reset altitude". The glitch can also get much more severe than this. This is interesting, what you described is extremely similar to this glitch (I have also confirmed with others that they have experienced it as well) but I only started noticing after 1.4 and for me even a single craft with no other craft in physics range will experience the glitch.
  3. Oh, I just use my old topics to experiment and figure out how to post certain file types, since I'm still relatively new to the forums. Didn't cross my mind that poeple probably follow these.
  4. @purpleivan The artifact you're highlighting is the edge of a faring segment made visible by the glitch, it is dark simply because it is in shadow. fairings are segmented along their length as well, the brightly colored artifacts visible in the fairing are segment edges which are illuminated due to facing the sun. Said artifacts are also slightly yellow in color, which is the color of the inside surface of white fairings. for whatever reason the internals of the fairing are being drawn on top of the outside of the fairing, and only at the seams of the fairing segments. As for the shimmering, I did not notice it while playing the game, but it is present in the gif. I'm not sure what is causing it, but again I did not notice it in the game itself. I can't say for certain if it has any connection to the other glitching observed.
  5. How about this. Just as @EvenFlow described the glitch seemingly resets upon reaching a certain altitude, in my case it is 200 meters. The change is so sudden as to rule out aerodynamic forces being the cause. The intensity of the glitching continously builds the longer one spends below the "reset" altitude for the glitch. Also Lisa seems appropriately concerned for this situation.
  6. Not at all, the glitch we are discussing is purely visual rather than being a physics glitch.
  7. It's not a video but a gif is good enough. As you can see, the glitch even occurs between different segments of the fairing that composes this craft's body, which in no way could be z-fighting. Z-fighting occurs when planes of the part models are perfectly overlapped, this is not the case with ANY of this craft's parts, and obviously not the case with a singular fairing which has no part clipping whatsoever. without part clipping being a necessity for the glitch to occur we can safely rule out Z-fighting Unfortunately this still doesn't tell us why the glitch is occurring.
  8. Hard to describe. It's a glitch where part models at random go invisible in areas where they are near another part model (that's the best I could do okay?). it seemingly happens at random and varies in intensity. I think it has something to do with the games shaders, since the effect disappears when you zoom the camera far enough away such that the game switches to it's lowest quality shader (an optimization feature). As far as I can tell it effects both stock and modded installs. Are you using the most up to date version of KSP? Because if not, then that would lend credence to the theory that it is a glitch from the newest version of the game. TH-THANK YOU You shall have it by tomorrow or the day after... hopefully
  9. It flies quite gracefully actually. True to the actual A380, my craft has it's CoL placed in front of the CoM making takeoffs and sustained flight quite easy. Though with close to 5000 kN of thrust I suppose that isn't too shocking.
  10. I don't think any computer can handle it, at this point half the time I've spent working on it has looked like this I'm just glad this thing is done. With 35 fairings this craft freezes my game for up to 5 MINUTES at a time, my patience has truly been tested by this craft.
  11. Full Stock, about 1900 parts and quite a Beaut when it's not devolving into a glitchy mess.
  12. Today I decided to take my A380 for a little test fligh- This glitch is bringing me to my knees, Seriously. GOOD GOD MAKE IT STOP
  13. They each have 1 reaction wheel, so if you have SAS active on the jet itself and launch a missile then the missile will also have SAS active. The missiles are actually stable without SAS, but will arc downwards if it is not active.
  14. Good to see that I'm not the only one experiencing this, this bug has been the bane of my existence ever since the 1.4 update. I'm not sure what causes it but it is dangerously close to game breaking for me. I have been able to determine that it has something to do with the games shaders. In which case Scatterer may be at fault.
  15. I like to build stock personally, though I can't deny that mods like that would be very useful.
  16. Not sure on how bad the frame rate will be as I have yet to fully assemble the craft. However, adding everything up it seems like the final part count will be around 1800. The craft isn't finished yet, but I can't see it going any higher than that.
  17. Thanks a lot man! It was your A380 that actually inspired me to make this one. I actually already put the engines up on kerbalX. Heres the link if you want to check them out. https://kerbalx.com/Kronus_Aerospace/GP7000
  18. Thank you! Unfortunately I've already disassembled the thing to finish it up. But, I'll keep that in mind.
  19. Ladies and gentlemen, today I welcome you to a new era of replica technology. My full stock A380 takes flight! It took a lot of work to get to this point, but seeing this behemoth take to the skies makes it all worth it. Today I managed to finish the wings, they didn't quite turn out like I thought they would, but atleast they're done. The key feature on this replica is that the wings replicate the thickness and shape of the real A380's wings (And all other lifting surfaces), which essentially doubled my workload. This whale of a plane is nearly complete, I just need to add the cockpit, passenger cabins, and the proper engines. At this point I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to top this, mainly because I've run out of large aircraft to build.
  20. Finally finished up the Sukhoi-esque fighter craft that I started awhile ago. I'm happy to say that it turned out pretty good. The craft itself has a part count of about 270, which isn't exactly low, but it's conservative by my standards. However this part count is bumped up to 350 with the addition of 4 missiles. The missiles are each powered by 8 seperatrons and are able to accellerate to beyond mach-2 before running out of fuel, they have an effective range of 3 kilometers. The craft also ended up being very similar to the Su-30 in terms of general appearance, approximate size, and even weight. This was not intentional but I'm not complaining. The final version also turned out to be significantly larger than I had anticipated. Here's the craft compared to @Servo's F-22. Despite its apparent bulk this craft is actually very maneuverable and extremely responsive. EDIT: The engines have been tilted downwards such that they are now inline with the CoM. Also due to various optimizations the craft is now a whole 3 tonnes lighter and is even more maneueverable.
  21. @prgmTrouble Upon checking everything out I was able to figure it out, the engine torque doesn't have that much of an effect in the craft's stabilization. The culprit would seem to be the front section, the fairing gives it very low drag, due to the higher drag of the lower rear section this creates a downwards torque. Also, the fairing itself is angled downwards causing it to generate a decent bit of downwards body lift. Altogether pushing the nose down, this combined with the craft's good yaw stability causes it to naturally stabilize. I like it when you get pretty complex aerodynamics like this in KSP, crazy to think it all happened by accident.
  22. I have had a growing fascination with Sukhoi aircraft as of late. My skills with fighter craft have yet to grow to the point where I'd be able to make a replica, so instead I started work on an original Sukhoi "inspired" aircraft. So far the craft is turning out well and is stil under 100 parts, granted it has a pretty simplistic design, but I'm happy with that none the less. The craft is basically an amalgamation of various elements from different Sukhoi aircraft, making the craft more of a vessel to experiment with this type of design than anything else. This craft is also quite interesting in that the CoL is in front of the CoM and as one would expect it flips out quite easily, but it always stabilizes itself very quickly. Considering that most of my aircraft that have the CoL behind the CoM do not recover nearly as easily, that makes me think that there is some kind of funny business going on with this craft's aerodynamics.
  23. Today in KSP I worked more on my- This plane man... just... this plane.
  24. Today I spent quite some time working on the wing of my A380 replica, and WHOOBOI has this turned out to be a massive time sink! The bottom portion of the wing is nearly complete, just a few more parts left to add. I'm very happy with how smooth and realistic this wing is turning out so far! Unfortunately there is still the top portion of the wing left to complete, that's the price you pay for trying to replicate the thickness of real aircraft wings, you automatically double the workload. This craft is turning out to be an exhausting project. BUUUUT that's something I should have expected to be honest.
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