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  1. Haven't though about this possibility. The engines seems to have a very high need for cooling. Are there any specific uses for the Ec while the engines are on, or simply recharge the batteries? The dose of realism this adds, about how a nuclear engine works, is really cool. Also a question about nuclear reactors in general. I usually don't leave they on while in the background, only start them when I'll use something, for short periods of time. Always put some small solar panel or RTG to not lose control of the vessel. Because of this I always put the minimum allowed quantity of uranium, which is 1/10, to greatly reduce cost and weight, and it can still run for 200+ days. This possibility was taken into consideration when making the mod? It feels like a small cheat.
  2. [1.3.0] OPT Space Plane v2.0.1 - updated 29/07/2017

    Many tanks! I removed the OPT_FS.cfg. What's the difference from simple removing all the ":NEEDS[ ]" part, so it will always apply independently of what mods I have? I did that and it worked, the tanks are like stock, holding only LF and Ox. When Nertea's mod is around, It add the option to switch between LF, LF/Ox, LH2, LH2/Ox and Ox, and all the boil-off/cooling thing, like it does to all the stock tanks - everything that I could need. With Nertea's mod I cannot use Modular Fuel Tanks. Please don't take this as disdain with OPT parts. I like to keep my load times inside relatively sane limits and my parts list organized, so I have to prune a lot of parts and choose what I'll really use. I pruned all the stock wings and the ones from other mods, use only the ones from OPT, and also some J parts for unmanned SSTO's, and the Shuttle Cockpit. I also pruned all the Stock Mk3 parts, never build anything good with it. To complete the collection I use some parts from Nertea's Mk4 and Mk2 Expansion. I really like VTOLs, fast planes and SSTO's Spaceplanes, and this relatively small set of parts allows me to build everything I'll use. I really like mods that are stock-a-like, so everything merges seamless. The K, H and KH parts are really awesome, but I haven't much use for them in my game play, so, with much sorrow, they needed to go.
  3. I simply use TweakScale with the 1.5m engine, works very well.
  4. How exactly the patch to add nuclear reactors from Near Future to the engines work? I will have a small nuclear reactor, that I can use with radiators, or without any radiator while the engine is on? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the reply! I think that the best option to work with Nertea is to have a option to make them work like stock tanks, with LF/Ox, so it can applies it's own system, with the cooling. But I'm no expert. I did a test install without firespitter (by accident), and got this: The wings simple got the resources and Nertea's fuel switch took over, like any other tank. Since many mods I use have Firespitter as a dependence, I need to keep it. So I tried to remove everything in GameData\OPT\mm_config, the wings lost all the tanks. Them I removed only the OPT_FS.cfg, no effect. Removed OPT_Resource_Defaults only, lost the tanks. Them I removed OPT_FS.cfg, and removed the mod dependencies (:NEEDS[!Firespitter,!RealFuels,!ModularFuelTanks]) from OPT_Resource_Defaults.cfg, so it should always applies the tanks. It worked for all tanks, wings and cabins, with firespitter installed. But I lost the custom OPT category I don't see any relation for this to happen. My OPT_Resource_Defaults.cfg: Is there a problem if I use OPT this way? Firespitter has someting to do with the custom category? I don't really know what I'm doing Sorry to take your time! We could move this discussion to the OPT topic if you or anyone thinks it's more appropriate.
  6. Thanks for the info! I already knew the Cutlass Engine and the patch, even made some SSTOs with it! Now that you said, I think that Mk4 really fits better the LH2, all my spaceplanes using Mk4 and LF become too short and stub. I can use only the Cutlass without problems, it goes well with Tweak Scale. The real problem is the wings, I only use OPT for them (to greatly reduce parts count), and they have integrated tanks with a proprietary fuel switch that does not support LH2 or Cryotanks. In the OPT topic there are some people complaining about that, and none solutions.
  7. To everyone that does not use the patch to convert the engines to liquid fuel, how is the experience going? I really wanted to use them with LH2, but I think that will bring many problems and incompatibilities with other mods, and maybe some unnecessary complexity to the game. I don't know what to do. For now I spotted problems with OPT and Modular Fuel Tanks. OPT is manageable, but my Space Planes will be limited to LF only, and will not be able to make combos with nukes. MFT does not work, and I really like being able to adjust proportions of LF and Ox in Space Planes SSTOs and other applications. Also there isn't a RCS for LH2/Ox, only one adapted from Near Future Propulsion, that shares the same model than the lithium RCS, and runs with LH2 alone. And the vacuum tanks can be exploited to be used in the atmosphere, if them don't heat too much. Do you think using LH2 worth the trouble, or prefer to simply go with the abstract Liquid Fuel? Thanks!
  8. Puting a retrograde rocket engine on SSTO space planes, very small engines gives a TWR of 0.5 when it's almost empty. Helps a lot when landing, and can be used to correct the landing site from the upper atmosphere without turning around and risking lose control. I use that one from the SpaceX's Dragon, kerbal reusability expansion adds them. Also mods, a lot of mods. I think I pruned 80% of the stock parts, and use better parts from mods instead.
  9. [1.3.1] Modular Fuel Tanks v5.10.0

    Is this mod compatible with Cryogenic Tanks from Nertea? When I use both I lose the option to change tanks to cryogenic, and the tanks the mods adds become stuck with LH2, without the boiloff. When I remove MFT, I get again the option. Did a fresh install and downloaded all the mods today.
  10. Thanks @DStaal and @Streetwind! Searching about it I found out that hydrazine (N2H4) can produce hot exhaust gases, only passing by a catalyst. I thought mono-propellants where only pressurized gases, so I found strange them to have a flame. About the electric engines, I'll keep them original and enjoy all the work that have been done in this mod. With TweakScale is possible to keep only 3 or 4 tanks for each type of fuel without missing anything, and a lot of mods allows to change it's tanks into Xenon/Argon/Lithium.
  11. Awesome mod! At first I thought it was confusing as hell to have all that experiments. Than I spend some hours learning and testing, and everything made much more sense. I changed the 4 stock experiments that give only numbers to give 100% science when transmitting, so I can make probes and rovers that will give full science. Now the manned (kerbed?) missions will include only the science bay, goo, and the new drill and seismic pods/hammer. I was truly amazed when testing TweakScale, simply loved that the cost changes when I reduce or increase the size of the experiments. Now I can fit everything, or adjust CoM, without cheating. I only have some minor bugs/questions: I get duplicates in some sensors, like scanners. It's a common problem/mod incompatibility? I can track everyone and post screenshots if needed. The "Multispectral Imaging Platform" can scan for biomes, like the part in SCANSat, but it also gives the option to analyze the data and receive some science? I sent a probe to the Mun, scanned everything and do not have that option. Is possible to disable, in SCANSat, resources that I don't use? I only want to know about the stock ore and water. The others are just clutter. Thanks!
  12. The monopropellant engines should produce flames and the nozzle became red due to the heat? I know that are some monoprops that decompose in chemical reactions, like H2O2, just curious. The capacitors have some correlation with real-life capacitors? I know, the whole EC system in Kerbal don't seem to be much realistic, and I find the capacitors interesting in the gameplay. Just curious again. And would be very nice to have a patch to convert everything in Near Future Propulsion to work with Xenon, like the patch that convert the hall thrusters. I really appreciate all the work, the very cool FXs, but I like to keep things simple, without having to add a lot of new tanks. I use all the nuclear and cryo engines with the patches for them to work with liquid fuel, and I really prefer this way. Thanks for the awesome mods!
  13. If anyone wanted a reactor, the USI-Core has one that fit perfectly inside the small cargo bay. It produces 36 Ec/s, which is not too absurd for a Rover. It works with Near Future. The mod also have vacuum tanks that looks surprisingly good, better than any other mod I saw. Don't forget to put the reactors as close as possible to the Kerbals, they really like the warm and how they glow. It's something very small, I used it a long time before noticing. I'm also having a problem with the small tanks, the textures don't change when changing the tank type. But I'm using the last version with 1.3 KSP, could be that.
  14. I turned off the "recover kerbals" option and it worked! I don't plan to jettison kerbals from rockets during launch (even though I use the mod "fuel efficient pilots", and it's not entirely out of question). It's actually funny that the rover tries to go rovering in the bottom of the ocean You're right, I got duplicates and a lot of bugs. The first page don't say it support Feline Rovers, and it's not included in the .cfg with the others, so I though it was not supported. Removed that part from my post to prevent anyone from trying.
  15. Great way to collect science. I was having trouble thinking how to get the science reports for Flying Low (without jumping from hills), or even the Flying High for the atmospheric analysis. The solution: After that I deflate the balloon, and let the lander can fall with chutes. Go to it with the rover, repack everything and reattach to the rover using KIS. I guess this is the most Kerbal thing I've ever done. I'm only having problems with the Kerbals disappearing in Kerbin (and only Kerbin) using this. I'm almost sure is the "Stage Recovery" mod.