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  1. Thanks! I will test removing this mods one by one. Since the bug doesn't affect my main save, it's not causing much problems, I'll test while I play. I'm starting to think it has some relation with Hyperedit or changing the orbit with the cheat menu, and them reverting the flight. And because of it my main save isn't affected. Will need more tests. Many mods simple include it on the main folder, I didn't know I was supposed to remove them manually. Anyway, with a quick search I found the 37 copies scattered around and removed 36 of them. RCS Aid seems to be working fine, but I'll test removing it. I'm using KSP 1.3.1, MM 3.0.4 seems to be the last version for it.
  2. In a 1.3.1 install should I use the version 3.0.4, or the latest? Thanks.
  3. Looking at the log, I think I found the error, but I cannot understand what it means:
  4. I'm having a problem every time I use a save different from my main one. I create a vessel, launch, revert to VAB/SPH, make some changes, and when I'll launch again nothing happens. I can create and load other vessels, but also can't launch. The only thing I can do is to go to the Astronaut Complex via the Crew tab, and can't exit it anymore. Only solution is to restart the game. Strangely it never happened in my Main Save (the first one I created and use in that install), only other saves. I tried: Creating the save in a fresh install and them moving to the modded install. Creating a copy of the Main Save and changing the name. Neither worked. I'm also having a minor bug, sometimes I cannot use the offset and rotate tools or select parts in the vessel, I get a "whoosh" sound instead. Grabbing a new part and deleting it solves the problem and I can select the parts in the vessel again. Thanks in advance if anyone can help. Log:
  5. The new models and textures on the tanks are way better Loved the compact tanks being split in 4, and the new foil texture. Thanks! About the balance, I'm keeping a 1.3.1 install, and will use the old configs for a while, so I cannot give input on that.
  6. MaximumThrust

    Mods that have airbags

    I'm looking for mods that adds airbags. Right now I found only STX Continued and USI Exploration Pack. Is there any other mod that adds them? I'm looking for radial airbags, that are not too overpowered, and have drawbacks like being possible to reset only with an engineer in EVA, consume monoprop. after each use, can be used only one time and deflate after, etc. Thanks!
  7. Hi @RoverDude, It's expected to have any sort of problem or misbehavior if I apply TweakScale Patchs on the Airbags and Floaters? I wanted to keep only one part of each type, and use Tweakscale to choose the size. Thanks!
  8. MaximumThrust

    How to get old versions of Mods

    I'm playing in 1.3.1, and 95% of my mods are from SpaceDock, and 5% from GitHub, using this. I think it will help new users. CKAN is great for searching for mods, and seem very simple to new users, but I had many problems with it. Since the Kerbal mods are stored in individual folders, a Mod Manager is not really needed, I find much easier and more organized to do everything manually, and have full control of what's happening.
  9. MaximumThrust

    [1.4.2] Mkerb Inc. Oxidizer Tank

    @ManuxKerb You need to click in the "Show UI", and from there you can add only Ox, or any combination of LF, Ox, Xenon or Monoprop that fits into the tank: What tank you wish to change and cannot?
  10. I think Near Future Tech and company, from Nertea, already bring more than I could ask, with models, textures and overall mechanics much better than a hypothetical and optimistic KSP 2 would bring. I also didn't update from 1.3.1, and probably won't.
  11. MaximumThrust

    Downgrade from 1.4 to 1.3.0

    Beforehand you should install mods compatible with 1.3.1. If there isn't a 1.3.1 version, you can try the 1.3.0 or even 1.2.2 and see how it goes. You can take a look inside your GameData folder, in the KSP directory. By the name in the folders there you should be able to easily identify all, or near all, the mods that are installed. I suggest you make a clean install and re-download and re-install all the mods, to make everything clean and organized.
  12. MaximumThrust

    Downgrade from 1.4 to 1.3.0

    I always keep my install folder away from steam, CKAN or anything that may change it, and a backup of a fresh install of the version I'm using (right now 1.3.1), plus a install to make tests, throwing mods recklessly in it. Glad is just a copy and paste, without any hassle. It's not expected to have a mod working in 1.3 and not in the 1.3.1. If you are able to revert to 1.3.1, give us the names of the mods and maybe we'll be able to help.
  13. MaximumThrust

    [1.4.2] Mkerb Inc. Oxidizer Tank

    Are you sure you installed the mod correctly, and a version compatible with your KSP version? You should be able to change the contents of any tank that holds LF/Ox, like the FL-T100 you used in your mod. Tanks that holds only LF have some limitations, but you can change that in the configs. Link for the mod: Feel free to ask again if something don't work, with screenshots and some details.
  14. MaximumThrust

    [1.4+] Balanced History (ABANDONED)

    You may find this video interesting: IIRC, the Russians fitted 3 people in a capsule originally designed for only 1. I'm playing in the 1.3.1, but I would probably look for a mod like yours or simple remove this parts, I hate inconsistences like this in the game.
  15. MaximumThrust

    [1.3] FuelCellTweaks [v1.0.4]

    Wow, are you trying to build a functional Death Star? I never used more than one reactor or more than 4-5 capacitors in the same ship, so for me the balance of the mod is interesting. I don't think smart parts will help you much with this one, but still a very useful mod that is worth knowing.