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  1. The mod was made a long time ago. And Radar and I decided to restore it. In fact what you can download now is a fix for problems with boosters + now I've built in texture switching. Unfortunately, this can be done only until the firespitter. But in the future we will give it up.
  2. Apparently radar was wrong. Maybe he's headed for the future.
  3. Yes it is. If you mean RSS, then I cook it but there is a small problem relative to the OMS. Therefore, the work has been suspended. If you mean the standard version of the mod radar said that will be used standard fuels and no more. What do you mean the suspension is small for the engine. Could you please send a screenshot ?
  4. "Could you clarify what exactly "breaks" the game ?" Certainly. I downloaded the new file you gave me here... "Well here's a new file space shuttle." That downloaded just fine without mods. Added all my mods back, and this download still worked. I had the parts to build the Shuttle with all its parts and various textures. But I want to use the Shuttle RSS files as I play with RSS/RO, so I downloaded the RSS Shuttle files you gave me here: "Oh it's my fault. I forgot to give you another file. You just need to move the space shuttle folder to gamedata with the replacement." Once I move the space shuttle folder in the RSS Shuttle file to gamedata, with the replacement, no Shuttle parts appear in the game. Oh apparently I messed something up. This file "Well, here's a new Shuttle file" Already includes RSS configs. That is, you just need to download this file and place it in gamedata. What I gave you then "Oh, it's my fault. I forgot to give you another file . You just need to move the space Shuttle folder to the game data with the replacement."You don't. In General, let's see what happens. Just download "Well, here's the new Shuttle file" or not if you've already installed it and report the results.
  5. In order to switch the texture you need to install the mod firespitter and place the archive (unpack it) in the Gamedata folder with the replacement. Could you clarify what exactly "breaks" the game ? I think Yes there is no time to check. Yes, this docking module does not work well. I think that soon we will return the old docking module, laboratories, etc. Yes, soon I will release new boosters that should fix this problem. It's different. Since Radar is missing, I can't update the main link. Thus, people who come to download this mod will not get a new update.
  6. How are things? Did you succeed in everything ?
  7. Well here's a new file space shuttle. Since I have not identified any problems maybe your mods affect the mod in any way and create a problem. Temporarily move all mods from the gamedata folder so that there is only the squad folder. After download the file I gave you above. Folder Space Shuttle KSP transfer the 3 folders (Firespitter, SpaceShuttle, KspWheel) in gamedata. Let me know the results and again do the tests without mods.
  8. Oh it's my fault. I forgot to give you another file. You just need to move the space shuttle folder to gamedata with the replacement.
  9. I'm working on that. But until the update came out I advise you to use the following settings.
  10. You mean the moment of takeoff in vertical mode ? If Yes then it is a problem of boosters at which the module of a gimbal badly works. Ah well of course having looked once again at a screenshot which you sent me I saw that caused an error. What I advise you is this. Delete the folder gamedata from the space shuttle. Download the space shuttle mod from this link. Place the space shuttle folder in gamedata. Download save for 1.4.5
  11. I'll check file on the presence of errors wait. You exactly sure what the files in the folder space shuttle not damaged ?
  12. I don't play with this mod. But space shuttle from this fashion can enter into the atmosphere
  13. Sorry I'm an hour late again, but I ended up making a video. At the very end I showed the tests of what happened, but for reasons unknown to me OBS is not recorded. But eventually I got a working version of space shuttle with a working texture switching feature. If you need proof I can take screenshots.
  14. I'm sorry I've been gone so long, but work is killing me. I hope you're not angry. And right now I'm making a video. So in 10-20 minutes you will get it.
  15. Mod on the part of the canadarm not come with a mod shuttle. No, I don't checked. But this should work.
  16. I don't think. If I throw off him folder ksp from steam, if a copy he bought the game to start, if not bought it will be redirected to buy it the game. Perhaps it works wrong ? Try to start the game of folder on file KSP.exe And close the steam. It will automatically start steam check do you have this game and run ksp. You mean with this mod ? Should but until I checked.
  17. Wait have a chance at all, but you have a very strange problem. This does not mean that you will not succeed. I want to give you a crazy idea. You steam version of the game ? If this is the case then I can offer to send my entire KSP folder. Yes it will weigh about 4 gigabytes. But my job is to solve your problem. Recently, the focus is on RSS only because we want to make it good for RSS. But I also do not throw stock as many people play without RSS. Just answer me you have steam version of the game or not ? If not, I have an idea for that. Or I can just record a video that will show you the procedures that you need to do. If it makes you feel any better. Maybe you're doing something wrong. Write your what is the way of solving problemi suits you better.
  18. It is still very strange. You ever used what either graphic fashion ?
  19. Thanks I'll read this. While I'm in a stupor I want to make it real but there was a problem. OMS units have RCS as you know. But the problem is that in the OMS config rcs is described by several modules. In reality, RCS engines operated on a mixture of monomethylhydrazine and nitrogen tetraoxide. + the pressure that was provided by helium. As a result, the consumption of engines should look like this in the config ro But it turns out quite differently. And the fact is that the Shuttle is the so-called Vernier engines. They have a different thrust judging by the wiki. So I'm at a dead end.
  20. No under the removal of all mods I meant to transfer them to another folder easier to make a backup of the gamedata folder. And remove all mods including the squad folder from the main gamedata folder. After that, reinstall the game if you bought it on the site, or in the steam client, click check file integrity. To do this, right-click in the game client and select properties. Select the local files tab and there will be this button. Steam will load a new squad folder. I faced this problem when installing the mod TextureUnlimited After you have everything working, I suggest you dobovlyat one mod and see which one affects the texture.
  21. Oh, I didn't take your message as bad for me. This is a good note and soon I will make a guide for stock lovers. I advise you to completely reinstall the ksp as the reason may be in the mods that you installed earlier.
  22. This is a very strange. Since I currently do not have access to a computer tomorrow I you both throw off his folder gamedata. But I need clarification. You use Rss ?