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  1. Hi, if this is still relevant to you, I can try to fix it)
  2. As far as I know RO is not very friendly with SSTU. But Ro has ROEngine and ROTanks packages that borrow details from different mods, including SSTU. The kit also includes configs for Waterfall.
  3. No problem. Unfortunately, the moderators did not allow my configurations in ckan. And I can't remove the inscription that it is available on ckan for a reason unknown to me.
  4. Are you playing with SSTU and would you like to have a chic exhaust that Waterfall provides ? Then these configs are for you. Adds new effects for all liquid engines, as well as new effects for capsules with built-in RCS. Installation. Just move the SSTUWaterfall folder to your GameData folder and enjoy the new exhausts on your engines! Depends: Waterfall, SSTU. Download: The mod code is licensed under the MIT license. SpaceDock GitHub Screenshots of some engines and rcs exhaust for capsules: Changelog:
  5. Hi, could you add a little more Russian air-to-air missiles. We are talking about the R-27, R-37 and R-73 missiles.
  6. Aww. Hello. We have already crossed paths with you for a long time. I hope you remember me. I thought you were still going to develop a mod only for KSP 2. Then in this case, I stop developing new models. We look forward to hearing the news ! And let me ask you a question. Did you make a canadarm ?
  7. And so. The DECQ message gave me the idea that it was time to really make new 3D models. I started doing it. I don't know how long the work will take. In addition, you will need new textures. @SpaceODY can I use your wing textures ?
  8. I'm making a half fairing. Its parameters: height 16 meters, width 6.2 meters and length (depth of concavity) 3.1 meters. Where should I get the numbers for the drag cubes module ?
  9. Hello. I'm just starting to model, so I'm sorry for the banal mistakes if they have a place to be. My problem is that the part (fuel tank) that I made .... It doesn't work properly. The aerodynamic effects on it are not the same as on all other parts. As you can see in the screenshots, they are twisted in a spiral somewhere under 45 degrees. Used by Unity 2019.2. 2f1, the latest version of Part Tools and TextMesh Pro Release 1.0.56. Everything was done according to the guide that is fixed in this branch. In Blender, I did the standard manipulations. Created a cylinder of certain dimensions. Smoothed it out and applied the Edge Split modifier. That's all. What can cause such strange things to happen ?
  10. Hello. Do you still have some work on Candaram 1 ? Could you lay out what you already have for using it with the shuttle ?
  11. Aww. I wanted to say that there is a special job that I have long wanted to do. Of course I'm not leaving here. I just doubt that I can do anything to help now because there is some work in which I can test myself and my skills. If you need my help, I'm always in touch.
  12. I don't think I need to do this anymore. I am sure that my help will not be required since @DylanSemrau has already done everything that could be done. I am glad that I will soon be able to fly this miracle. So I'll try to find a job for myself. I mean, I think I'll figure something out ...
  13. And Yes, if you are ahead of me, which is possible by 90 % (if of course everything is ready). Please note the comment in these videos. With respect !
  14. Aww. With the return. I love your mod so much that it has become an important addition for me. I'm so happy. Thank you for updating to 1.9.1
  15. Be careful with this. Now this branch is owned by Radar and the mod as a whole. In addition, I also plan to release some updates regarding RO soon.
  16. Hi, everybody. Thank you to the author for the work done, but unfortunately I have trouble. I hope it's a mistake on my part.
  17. For me, your craft file has earned. Thanks for the help.
  18. Hi. I have a problem. My Patriot Missile Launcher doesn't fire on a radar tip in guard mode. It just accompanies the target, but does not shoot. What might be the problem ?
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