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  1. SM Armory is seemingly down again, can i get a link?

  2. Hello, as a military stuff boy and a fan of missiles I have some suggestions that you could find interesting It actually is possible to have two stage missiles by da wae(Aster missiles from SM Marine are in fact that way) so 1-THAAD ABM We know it from North Korean missile crisis, THAAD is a 2 stage medium interceptor against ballistic missiles that has RCS thrusters for terminal homing outside thick atmosphere.I suppose RCS is possible when we already have HE-KV 2-Kh47M2 Kinzhal Kinzhal is a heavy aeroballistic missile from Russia, it is simply launched from an MiG31 interceptor and used against both carrier groups and land targets, Missile moves at hypersonic speeds as its dropped at speeds above mach 2 as well as it quickly climbs to the stratosphere compared to its possible cousin Iskander SRBM, Kinzhal uses satelite and assumed radar targeting, and i think that could already be implemented. 3-ASELSAN KORKUT ASELSAN KORKUT is a 35mm CIWS system with probably the highest firepower of any CIWS, it has high levels of modularity, it can be mounted on M113, ships and even static platforms!KORKUT utilizes 2 barrels, very high rate of fire for its caliber and airburst rounds for ensuring maximum firepower.I am aware of there is Oerlikon Millenium CIWS but that one could be nice to see too! 4-SOM-J Cruise Missile A Turkish small cruise missile especially designed for internal bays of F-35 JSF.SOM J gets is award for being the smallest cruise missile that you could mount it on an attack helicopter!Despite its size it maintains 2/3 the range of most ALCMs.Why not going small I mean 4-AGM114N This aint a nuclear armed one, AGM114N is the version armed with thermobaric warhead, you know the rest 5-Kh102 Russian Nuclear Armed ALCM for bombers like Tu160 and Tu95 sporting a 350kt warhead.This one is a f..cking big missile, it holds the range record of not only ALCMs but the whole realm of cruise missiles in use! 6-Brahmos NG Brahmos NG is the air launched version of famous Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile, currently P800 Oniks of SMArmory is too big and other supersonic LAGMs are Antirad, BrahmosNG however works like a cruise missile and fit to be launched from air 7-Cirit ROKETSAN Cirit is a laser guided 70mm rocket designed for lots of platforms, especially light UAVs and Helicopters, it packs the range of ATGMs while having low size.It uses pods with 2 and 4 slot configuration.Cirit also has a thermobaric variant 8-KN18 Think of a Scud, but it is made in North Korea and literally manuevers during terminal phase 9-Radially mounted 40mm Bofors and 25mm Rotary Cannon Anyone remember that AC130 uses 40mm and 25mm besides a big 105mm?Just why not making it real by making radial variants
  3. Eyya so hi my dude, its good to see someone is making that huge expansion, I d like to come up with some suggestions as dufferent stuff SOM-J:Turkish Cruise missile developed for internal bays of F35A, its a very small cruise missile with 180km range(just scale down to kerbal level range k) 4N06M:Russian super long range hypersonic SAM with 600km range irl, developed for S500 3M22 Zircon:Russian Hypersonic ASM, travels at stratosphere until descending to target B611M:Chinese SRBM with terminal random manuevering to evade defenses And giving capablity to SM6 target ships as it can with radar