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  1. Oh, the new series: Star trek in kerbal. Or is it Kerbal trek? Who do we have here claims the role of commander James Kirk and his first officer Spock?
  2. My space station KSS "Universe" (similar to the Soviet space station MIR).
  3. Yes, in real life, such events only highlight the difficulty of exploring unknown distances and the heroism of those who do. Do your duty to the end and lay your life on the altar of science and in the name of all humanity. We will always remember these heroes, just as we will never forget the names of those who did not return from there: the crews of Soyuz 1, Soyuz 11, Challenger and Columbia. R.I.P P.S. You have a great story. I wanted to write something similar about my career in my game. But for me, English is not my native language, and writing smoothly through an online translator will not work. So I read and enjoy these beautiful stories.
  4. How can it be? Come all this way and die on the doorstep of your home.....
  5. I checked with small containers on 3 and 6 slots that kerbal can carry. If it is first fixed to the craft, filled with BG devices, and then unpinned and placed in a KIS container, it can be transported to any place. I was sent these devices as additional cargo on the Mun and Minmus.
  6. But you can cheat: first put the devices from Breaking Ground in their container, and then put this container in the container from KIS. And voila!
  7. I tried running this mod in version 1.8 with Kerbin Side Remastered. It works, Kosmodrom appears on the map. You can use buildings from this mod to install in other locations. But nothing can be launched from lauch pad, the missiles get stuck in the launch towers and explode. And so of course this mod is beautiful. On the other hand, the starting point is located in the desert at the same latitude as the starting point in the same desert, only slightly to the East. It would be more logical to place Kosmodrom in the place of KSC2, especially since this location is displayed as Baikerbanur or Kerbanur (as a direct allusion to the real Tyuratam, better known as Baikonur). But I think that there is a problem with the authorship of the mod, and without the consent of its Creator, it is not so easy to take and integrate somewhere.
  8. If we stick to the historical truth, Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Seregin (not a cosmonaut, but an instructor pilot) were killed during a training flight on a MIG-15UTI on March 27, 1968. And this fact is not in doubt. Although there are different "alternative" versions of the death of the first cosmonaut, for example, during a test flight on a lunar flyby ship from the Soyuz-7K-L1 series, which flew to the moon in an unmanned version of the ZOND program. Connect the launch date of one of the ships of this program - ZOND-4 with the date of Gagarin's death. But ZOND-4 was launched on March 2, 1968. The launch was unsuccessful, the Probe-4 did not reach the specified flight path and burned up in the atmosphere when returning to Earth. There is still no documentary evidence that this could have been a manned flight. Soyuz-3 was actually piloted by cosmonaut George Beregovoy on October 26, 1968. This was the second test flight of the Soyuz series, after the death of cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov on Soyuz-1.
  9. Thank you very much! That's what it means: difficult to read in a foreign language. Reinstalled the mod and no more problems and messages.
  10. KSP AVC reports version But such nowhere there is no. How's that?