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  1. my poor rig :'( 16 gig ram still not enough, (from someone who has huge part pack mods with full res setting)
  2. hi so I use KJR and I CANT PLAY WITHOUT IT as for now, ferram has not update the mod. is there any alternate mod that can do the same? ps: I hate strut connector, its stupid, ugly, annoying, and inefficient
  3. hello are you still alive? jk

    is there any plan to update your mod for 1.4.1

    its  seems the update break your mod

    pls let me know, I cant play ksp without kjr

  4. lol if you think about it, ksp is as complicated as the first pic you post. the different is that ksp has less hud and was run by small tiny green people
  5. Just want to share my experience on ksp and how I encounter it in the past me as a kid in 2012 are really into an astronomy and space stuff and I wonder is there any game that let you play as nasa or space agency, launching rocket and stuff. I google it and found Kerbal Space Program. at first a thought pfft this game looks unfinish and look cheap. at that time it was version 0.13 but regardless I try it (by pirated it...ugh..ugh) anyway I am glad I did because I still play it to this day (and buying it from steam as soon I have my own laptop). I usually dont run ksp on steam so I dont have the record of how long I play this game but I think its about 600 hour atleast for the last 5 year also while on you tube I saw the fake trailer of ksp, I remember saw that vid a long time ago. that vid is legend and the music stuck into my head
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