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  1. I've had success with a non-plane SSTO (though it could be converted to a plane easily enough): plasma nozzle + positron reactor + lots of positrons. I didn't bother with refueling, but the basic structure has enough lift to take all the hardware needed to refine fuel. To make it easier to handle in atmospheres I gave it some small LF tanks. For everything else, a giant H2 tank. I can see if I can dig up a craft file for it later. This is, however, fairly high tech, so not suitable to an early career build (I used it in mid career).
  2. Perhaps you could block fuel usage I'm afraid not. I'm afraid the refuelling mechanic never took into account for more than one reactor. It's one aspect I want to address when I overhaul the nuclear salt reactor. In general, I would recommend using one nuclear reactor per vessel to prevent issues and it also offers mass bonuses as a single big reactor has a lower mass than multiple smaller reactors with the cumulative same capacity. The first time I encountered this was on a station I built to breed Tritium and beam power using four MSRs. The second time was on a spaceplane using 4
  3. Hahah! Indeed. I wouldn't worry too much. If I'm reattaching IR parts in flight, I'm pretty much expecting explosions
  4. This could happen quite easily with KAS/KIS. I'm curious how much IR would freak out if you completely detached something, then built it into some other vessel (but not enough to give it a try just at the moment :) ).
  5. Oh cool, I thought I was doing something wrong and moved on to positrons + plasma.
  6. I haven't been able to reproduce this on a simpler craft and the one that had the failure was ridiculously complex, so I suspect something else was going on. It still points to a strange power distribution problem. I didn't see any evidence of geforce spiking (though who knows when exiting warp) and I'm pretty sure the heat sinks were much more than necessary. Certainly wasteheat wasn't near max.
  7. @FreeThinker I was able to reproduce the problem with a similar ship in a totally different situation. The ship has 2 plasma nozzles with positron reactors and MHDs, and a QSR. The plasma nozzles worked fine until the ship crossed from Kerbin SoI to Kerbol SoI. After that I had to shut down the QSR to get the plasma nozzles to work.
  8. Interesting. I see the rationale, though I think there are three problems with it: 1st, even a PBH wouldn't have a lot of impact on the atmosphere and PBHs are many orders of magnitude larger than what I suspect the Quantum Singularity Reactor is supposed to use (I assume based on the fact that it feeds in Hydrogen or Helium that it is an unstable size, which means fairly small). 2nd, if that were the reason, why could I then power it up inside the atmosphere? 3rd, The ship has a bunch of MHDs, one for each positron reactor, which haven't been turned off (this is how the ship
  9. Great, that makes sense, thanks! However there's still the problem of the example 3 which causes the plasma nozzle(s) to fail after entering the atmosphere. The bizarre workaround is to turn off the singularity reactor, then power it back up after entering the atmosphere (although at high altitude so there's still near 0-g acceleration).
  10. Also the Quantum Singularity Reactor produces positrons. The rate of production of the free electron laser is so low that in career mode it took me less time to develop the more advanced tech (and faster production) than it took to recharge a single ship using the free electron laser. However the quantum singularity reactor is also massive and seems unable to connect to any nozzle to provide thrust (it says it can be hooked up to a magnetic nozzle, but the thrust produced is minuscule).
  11. I'm currently puzzled by something I've been experiencing for a while. This seems to apply to plasma nozzles (when I replace the plasma nozzle with a krusader, the problem seems to go away). KSP 1.6.1, and the previous 2-3 releases of kspi, situation is vacuum. Game is career with the positron reactor fully upgraded. Ship design is a simple stack: mini molten salt reactor and thermal power plant, positron storage, probe core, large Lh2 tank with graphene radiators wrapped around it, positron rector, nozzle. With the plasma nozzle, the ship sometimes will operate properly, and I g
  12. I figured it was something like that. Not to worry, I've downgraded for now
  13. There's an interaction between KAS 1.2 and Extraplanetary Launchpads 6.5.1 that causes EL to break when selecting a craft in the UI (definitely including a craft that does not have KAS parts). I'm guessing it has to do with one or more of the deprecated parts. Reverting to KAS 1.1 solves the problem.
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