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  1. Yep. To simplify things (I hadn't enough time for testing things as I want), I was cheating my funds before launch to have barely the money needed to launch the craft. If the thing costs 7015 , then I zero my account and cheat it into 8000 . So, on recovery, I need to have that 8000 back. Easier to track failures without having to bean counting things! Tomorrow I will reserve some time to proper test FMRS and Pay to Play (just to be on the safe side - this is the point where overconfidence usually bites me on my SAS). Everything going fine, I will release the thing into the Wild W
  2. Today is this magnificent piece of art from Wendy Carlos, TRON.
  3. And some people that should be working on KSP1 are spending their time on KSP2 now - or, at least, is what we were informed on these 4 pages you was complaining about.
  4. More or less good news... Almost all the test beds passed, but one (B9PS and TweakScale), appears to have a rounding error somewhere: Craft file on the comment: https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/KSP-Recall/issues/16#issuecomment-821219507 Since I had ran out of modding time (by a mile, boy I need to work now!), I will rush a Pre Release on github for people willing to test the stunt. I didn't tested it on FMRS neither, by the way - so don't assume the thing is fine yet (I may had borked something on the module life's cycle, I really didn't tested this s
  5. Lucky one! Mine are more like this: ( but the crater is usually on the right place! )
  6. No. Only to the public one, and to the delivered products. Do you?
  7. No. Perfectly understandable. The issue tracking reflects perfectly the professionalism and the character of the development team.
  8. The new owner must be facing some operational problems. Before the transition, i was a matter of opening a ticket and in you had the new version available on the next working day. When I asked them for 1.11.1, they took a week . For 1.11.2, it's half a month and no reply on the ticket.
  9. Yes, they do. Reputation follows people. The different parties have overlapping human resources. You don't need to be too smart to understand that taking broken pieces from an unreliable engine to fix a new engine will, unavoidably, lead you to have two broken engines. (of course, some pieces may not be broken at all - but this is exactly where reputation plays a role).
  10. Yes, we are. On these very same 4 pages of discussion were revealed that KSP1 developers are spending their time on KSP2. Since these guys are the ones involved on KSP 1 bugs, it's reasonable to to expect (or fear) the same results from KSP1 on KSP2. There's a interesting thing that happens on Real Life, where people don't hide behind nicknames and are, so, accountable for their deeds. We call this phenomena REPUTATION. Don't bother going back to this thread if this subject does not interest you.
  11. Your are misleading the problem. Some people here are fearing that KSP2 would be plagued by the same problems KSP1 is getting now and are being vocal on it. If you get the same people doing again the same things, it's reasonable to expect (or fear) the same results.
  12. Shhh!! Let the kids argue! What people are forgetting is that the Open Source guys, more than once, ported games between Engines - and with Unity getting a lot of attention these days, you can bet your mouse sooner or alter someone will write a wrapper over it in the case they cease to support Linux. It's a hell of a work, but it was done before. A full report on how this could be achieved is, obviously, against Forum Rules (that Legal Boundaries thingy), so I will not talk about here. But, and again, it was already being done in the past. It can be done again in the future.
  13. One good new. I fixed the Over-Refunding related to Kerbals! #hurray (not bad for a lunch break) Craft on this comment on Issue #16. By night I will go through the currently known Use Cases to test against regressions, and then if everything looks fine a new Release will be on the wild!
  14. I'm not 100% convinced on this. I had worked on teams formed by very skilled teammates just to see them utterly failing on tasks I was (relatively) succeeding. I was not more skilled than some of them. But yet, I was delivering some good results, besides the problems. The real problem was environmental. I may had not be [damn, this is right?] more skilled than some of my colleagues, but I was way more experienced - so I did what it was needed to be done, not what I was expected to do.
  15. The devil is on the details... I realised something interesting - late night is not exactly the better time of the day for debugging... I had assumed that the extra 70 Funds were coming from the EVA JetPack from the two Kerbonauts, but the true is that... WE DON'T KNOW from where this Funds is coming from. Checking the test craft on a stock KSP, I got this: So, it's not a surprise I was not being able to get rid of that extra 70 Funds, and ended up chasing ghosts on the ProtoPartSnapshot. This other bug on KSP is deep on the code on some hack made in the past, an
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