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  1. Lisias

    What did you do in KSP today?

    #sigh Well… Some debugging is on the schedule.
  2. It can be both. It usually does, by the way.
  3. Lisias

    When will updates stop breaking mods?

    On the other side, you can only do what they allow you to do. For every single thing you is able to do, someone had to think, decide if they want you to do so, and then implement. It's the exact opposite from KSP, where they allow us (and even encourage us) to tinker in whatever we want. We can change absolutely anything on the game, from the Aerodynamics' engine (see FAR) to the Orbital Mechanics' (se Principia). You can't have the cake and eat it too. Or we have KSP as we have and love, or we don't.
  4. Hey, had you ever considered a formal training on Software Q/A? You have the touch, as it appears! Good job, you caught some modules being ignored by KJR exactly due this. I don't know if this was intentional, but due this "ModuleDecoupler", "ModuleAnchoredDecoupler" and "ProceduralFairingBase" are not being instrumented. I'm firing up my "nightmare Craft" to test this. For reference, line 109 of file KJRJointUtils.cs (290 on the original): int i = 0; do { string tmpPart, tmpModule, tmpDecoupler; tmpPart = config.GetValue("exemptPartType" + i, ""); tmpModule = config.GetValue("exemptModuleType" + i, ""); tmpDecoupler = config.GetValue("decouplerStiffeningExtensionType" + i, ""); if (tmpPart == "" && tmpModule == "" && tmpDecoupler == "") break; — POST — EDIT -- This had been this way since the first time this file was committed, on 2014-0703, a bit earlier than the 2.4 Release by ferram4.
  5. Lisias

    What happened to awesome space movies?

    Not bad, but I think I enjoyed Europa Report more.
  6. Lisias

    [1.2.x] Kerbonov Kn-2 Cockpit Module

    Anyone have the older zips for Kerbonov? On Curse, it can be found only the 12-25-16 and the 5-9-15 (M/D/Y) versions. (Yeah, I lke to preserve the mod's whole history, including old versions, when possible!)
  7. Lisias

    KSP store for merch is gone!

    It's my opinion that we are seeing a "Not done here" kind of decision. The new guys on the TTI handling this have no personal interest on saving a good idea made by the previous 'Management" - they want to succeed using their own ideas, so they would have the credit. It's how people works , and you get what you promote. Companies that favor "Xmas Bonus" as rewarding usually face this kind of stunt regularly. note: This is a personal opinion based on previous experiences - I have no idea on what's really going on.
  8. Lisias

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    It's possible to search my posts for URLs? Are they stored on plain text or they are "decorated' somehow? I loose trust on Google for some time now, and with G+ going under 7 feet soon, I'll move all my content to my own site - I see no benefit on spending money on something I already have, a web presence (and Archive will preserve that content - I trust they will be around for more time than most of the shinny content sites I see around). But, then, I want to update all my posts for the new location, I don't plan leave my posts with broken links (at least, not intentionally). I'm not asking for an API (that would be nuts as it would be a huge security flaw), I'm ask for a reliable and deterministic way for looking into my own posts for some URLs , so I can edit them to the new location. (Yeah, it will be a lot of work, but I think it's the proper way on doing things). As a side note, perhaps would be a good idea implementing a bot that would search for dead links, and then "decorate" them with the URL for the WayBack machine? That would be an interesting feature...
  9. Lisias

    Mod for Keeping Vehicles Upright?

    I use TweakScale for that!!!
  10. Nope. But at least I could confirm the behaviour. Testing things late Friday is not a good idea. Something is messed up, indeed. I'll be working on it soon.
  11. It's a somewhat juicy machine this if yours! (check it on the logs!) It was what I was considering, until that log message with both in the very same millisecond. Not exactly due this being an "evidence" (it's not), but due the incredible amount of "luck" to such thing to happen on the environment I'm using it. By the lessons learnt on recent (unhappy) events on my MacOS, I learnt that your time gap is, probably, due switching context or any other O.S. locking up due external causes. But… It's just another probability. I found this interesting, as if you are right (and you still might), that would imply on possible Race Conditions on loading time - with all that nasty known effects. But without more information, I tend to invest my time on the issues I already have under my nose (and they are smelly ones!!). If you find something new on the issue, kick me here.
  12. Lisias


    How about...
  13. Not all of them. Be careful, strong image below!
  14. It's not zero. The current value is too small for the scale bar to render it as it has a "snap" value, and the computed value was below the first snap point.... Hummmm.... It deserves a second test run. I will do it in the morning. NOW I understood what you mean.
  15. It works for me!!!