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  1. Uh… I swear we were on the Lounge, didn't realized we were on the CKAN thread. :P

    well, about this post:



    Do you remember when this happened? It's more for the sake of curiosity, as I saw a lot of problems on Github at one time, and I curious on the matter.

  2. The lesser problematic version for me was 1.4.3 . But my problems were all related to Add'Ons, not the game itself (it has some glitches, but they didn't bite me so hard as it did to others). The 1.4 series was a game (engine ) changer, we took the whole year to learn to cope with the changes. Interesting enough, now and then I fire up my 1.4.3 installments with the Add'Ons fixed (most of them, interim versions), and that version holds it very well for most of the time. It's surely a bit faster than 1.7, what's on a potato like my current machine, it's something. From my experience, there's few to almost none differences between 1.4.5 and 1.5.1 - I have the feeling that 1.4.4 should be the 1.5.0, with 1.4.x series ending with 1.4.3, and 1.5.x series ending with 1.5.3 (and not the 1.5.1). It looks silly, but Versioning for Add'Ons would be hugely easier to keep track this way.
  3. This post was post, originally, to answer this post on Kerbal Construction Time thread. And quickly I realized I derailed the thread, so I created this one instead to declutter that one. —— I'm not exactly disappointed. it's exactly what I was expecting to say the true. (it's unity, after all) KSP 2.0 was an open secret after all. I even think that the original 2.0 hype was "planted" by someone from Star.Theory staff to gather "intelligence". I'm pretty sure we were being closely monitored all this time. Anyway. I remember the promo video for KSP 1.0. And I played a bit with KSP 1.0 later, and IMHO, the KSP tradition is being maintained. I expect a lot of learnt lessons to be applied, a somewhat elitized eco system at the first (due the higher pricing and legacy fan fase sticking for sometime on KSP 1), but on the long run, we will end up all here, complaining about KSP as we ever did. We will complain about new problems, but we will complain. I'm pretty sure some of us will complain about missing the good and faithful old problems. For me? I will keep going normally. KSP 2 is still way ahead (I expect it to launch in Xmas 2020, as the North Hemisphere's summertime is usually low on selling games - most people are enjoying the Sun out here!). I'm reaching a somewhat successful way of keeping my code KSP version independent (I have code running from 1.2.2 to 1.7.3, relying on specialized libraries to handle any difference), it's not impossible that I could manage to support KSP2 too. It's still Unity (for the best and for the worst), so it's feasible.
  4. É uma espécie de "banco de dados' para código, com histórico e uma pancada de features para facilitar trabalho em equipe. Dá uma olhada num deles. Então, ao invés de usar a reencarnação do protocolo DPLDPC (Disquete Pra Lá, Disquete Pra Cá - só que agora é dropbox!!!), você "comitta" e "sobe" o savegame para o github. Isso não só garante sincronia, como permite consertar os savegames se algo der errado. Também vai dar pra brincar de "what if" - vc pega o savegame que foi comitado no passado, cria um "branch" à partir dele, e começa à brincar daquele ponto. E por aí vai. Savegames são um tipo de código no frigir dos ovos. Então GIT funciona de boa com eles também. O que eu tentei fazer no FdS, mas fiquei sem tempo foi bolar uma forma de simplificar o processo para essa tarefa. Bom, tem o próximo FdS. Vamo ver se consigo.
  5. Welcome back! (kinda of :-P). Sorry for that. If you are not aware, that Pesky, Scaring Message means that there're some Add'Ons on a toe stomping fest. Sometimes TweakScale can fix the mess by itself, or at least mitigate the problem. You will see Yellow warnings and advises when something not dangerous are in need of your attention. However, there're some other problems that would corrupt your savegames, cannot be fixed automatically, and can happen at anytime you install an Add'On. These as the fatal ones, and besides now and then a not letal glitch ends up mixed on the basket, a single one of the nasties can ruin your day. Check the Issue #34 to see what can happen (not only on VAB/SPH but also on the flying crafts!). Fixing the mess by hand is not for the faint of heart! Enough chitchat. Let's crack that nut. Follow the FATAlLities on your installment: I think you got lucky. I recognized the first of them, and not The bluedog ones are the screaming victim. The perpetrator is CxAerospace. You will need to apply a hot-fix, as this Add'On is currently stalled. You will find instructions to fix CxAerospace on this post. TL;DR: So the patches will survive updates and will be easily found when the time to delete them come. You will see advises about hot fixes on startup. They close by themselves, and they are there to keep you remembering that there're hot-fixes on your installment. Hot-fixes are workarounds, and can cause as much damage as the ones they fix if something changes too much - but since CxAerospace is stalled and no one can issue a fix without copyright infringement due the licensing terms, that's what I can do for you by now. However, your installment has a new problem, and with Contares this time. This is the patching process for one of the affected parts: [LOG 12:53:51.635] Applying update Contares/Patches/CONTARES_TweakScale/@PART[truss-octo-*] to NearFutureConstruction/Parts/Truss/truss-octo/truss-octo-04.cfg/PART[truss-octo-04] [LOG 12:53:53.774] Applying update FMRS/FMRS_MM/@PART[*] to NearFutureConstruction/Parts/Truss/truss-octo/truss-octo-04.cfg/PART[truss-octo-04] [LOG 12:54:19.725] Applying update RecoveryController/RecoveryController_MM/@PART[*]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleAnchoredDecoupler],!MODULE[ModuleDecouple],!MODULE[USDecouple]]:NEEDS[StageRecovery] to NearFutureConstruction/Parts/Truss/truss-octo/truss-octo-04.cfg/PART[truss-octo-04] [LOG 12:54:46.894] Applying update TweakScale/patches/NFT_TweakScale/@PART[truss-octo-04] to NearFutureConstruction/Parts/Truss/truss-octo/truss-octo-04.cfg/PART[truss-octo-04] [LOG 12:56:27.295] Applying update B9PartSwitch/PartInfo/@PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]]:FOR[zzzzzz-B9PartSwitch] to NearFutureConstruction/Parts/Truss/truss-octo/truss-octo-04.cfg/PART[truss-octo-04] [LOG 12:56:39.318] Applying update InterstellarFuelSwitch/PatchManager/ActiveMMPatches/IntegratedDecoupler/@PART[*]:FINAL to NearFutureConstruction/Parts/Truss/truss-octo/truss-octo-04.cfg/PART[truss-octo-04] [LOG 12:56:40.627] Applying update WarpPlugin/Patches/NearFutureConstructionFix/@PART[truss-octo-*]:Final to NearFutureConstruction/Parts/Truss/truss-octo/truss-octo-04.cfg/PART[truss-octo-04] [LOG 12:56:41.130] Applying update WarpPlugin/Patches/OreTanksFix/@PART[*]:FINAL to NearFutureConstruction/Parts/Truss/truss-octo/truss-octo-04 The problem here is that Contares is applying patches for TweakScale on NFT, ignoring the TweakScale default patches. The good news is that this is old news, and was, too, already tackled down here. However… Contares doesn't provides a Github, Bitbucket or any other Code Hosting service, so I'm unable to apply the patches myself as I use to do. The canonical way of handling this is reaching them and asking to fix their patches. In the mean time, you can workaround the problem by deleting Contares/Patches/CONTARES_TweakScale.cfg - the TweakScale ones are the ones ruling the scaling now (as they were applied last), so this is the safest way to handle the mess if you already have ongoing savegames.
  6. Liking to go against the grain, I got fed up of speculations about KSP2 and decided to look about what was KSP 1.0. Or 1.1, whatever. So I wasted some time on Youtube watching old videos. I found this one (between many) worthing of being mentioned.
  7. Interesting revisiting of a George Michael song! I think it's better on Adele's voice, by the way.
  8. Announce TweakScale is now available on Spacedock and CKAN. I forgot to do it yesterday, and today we had some Breaking News to cope with! For non CKAN users, see OP for links, change log et all. Scale safe!
  9. KSP is consistently dying for years already. When it finally happens., could anyone please warn me about? I will probably be busy fixing some bug on TS and will miss the event!
  10. What doesn't means it does it properly. There're some inconsistencies on the Linux/MacOS port of Unity that I find…. interesting, to say the least. Things are not perfect on Windows neither - the Mono's JIT are playing havoc on some especial circumstances on Windows machines. Initially, I though it would be confined to the XInput stunt, but I saw one or two output_log.txt that appears to hint it can be a broader problem . Squad made that agreement. KSP2 is Star.Theory land now. I don't think they will need any push on selling KSP2, by the way. The game can sell by itself nowadays - and I expect them to avoid cannibalising the KSP1 eco-system, at least for while. That said, my expectations are so good as yours. All of this are just educated guesses.
  11. For the best and for the worst, will be Unity. Not a clue about what version.