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  1. Okay you were right @Snark The fuel cell didn't work because i had more than 95% of electric charge and under this number everything work properly. Thanks for the help !
  2. Thanks for your response. First, it's the first time I use fuel cells so I don't know if it's related or not with the update. And thanks for your clarification about the power level when it activate. I have only tested it when my vessel was high on battery, so that's maybe the cause of my porblem. I'll give it a go with less battery and see if it work.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new here. I use 1.7.3 and I think I have a bug with fuel cells (I don't know if it appeared with the update or not, i just noticed it) : no matter which fuel cell (the single one or the 6-pack), when I press the button to start it, it doesn't create any power and doesnt consume fuel. I put the fuel cell directly on the fuel tank and there is no other power generator on the craft. I had mods before but I removed them long time ago, I don't really remember but I think I made a new installation after removing them so there is little chance that it is a mod related issue. I searched on forums but it seems i'm the only one to have this issue. did I do something wrong ? Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for my approximate english
  4. Sorry i don't understand english very well. I don't have scatterer atmosphere effect with my ksp 1.4.3 Do i have a bug or it's just a compatibility problem with 1.4.3 ? Thanks in advance
  5. I have no particule effects on coloret (from the tracking station) is this normal ?
  6. Hey! Is KO compatible with KSP 1.4 ? If not, are you planning an update ? i love so much this mod, thanks anyway for the amazing work you did.
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