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  1. I have made a patch for the reverse thrusters and posted it some time ago . You can use it until blowfish has time to correct it. Here is the link.
  2. Hi, i have the same problem with the controll key sets throttle to 60% with mod version 2.0.4. Try a clean install with only MM, Action Groups Extended, Click Through Blocker and Throttle Limit Extended but same problem. Key X & Y (german keyboard) for 0% & 100% are working fine. is there a way to make my control key working normal again? Here is my KSP.log if needed . Thanks for all these fine mods, greetings, Ernstberth
  3. Hi, it sounds like you know whats the problem but i would let you know that it dissapears if i deinstall "Action Groups Extended". Thanks for the good work! EDIT: OK, i am to slow
  4. Yeah, me too and the next point what is annoying me is that i found it out afer building my new station with only inflatables. now i have to bring adaptors up.
  5. Hi. because I did not want to wait for the next update I tried to solve the reverse thruster problem by myself. If anyone else is interested, here are the cfg files. No guarantee that everything is perfect. Thanks for this great mod!
  6. Hi, Thanks for this mod but it don't work for me with 1.4.2 and DLC. Anyone with the same problem or have i a modconflct?