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  1. yep, but triple monitor display: center for visuals, left for orbit map, right for data and other things.
  2. How do you make sure mods dont conflict with each other?
  3. What is a good software for editing any mod?
  4. How do you debug any mod?
  5. Still downloading mods for ksp 1.2.2
  6. Remember the quote from Armageddon: "At NASA we don't take chances, we double up on everything".
  7. pc spec update i7 8700k gtx1070 32gb ddr4 1tb hdd 500gb ssd current windows os dual monitor display 165 hz, one for non-UI full screen visuals, cinematics, the other for UI flight information, controls, pc health monitoring, and browsing.
  8. because other mods in my modlist are not yet updated to 1.3.1
  9. Thanks, I'll try downgrading a bit. But the most significant visual mod I am going to use is extreme texture overhaul to make KSP RSS look realistic as possible. It needs at least 12Gb of RAM and a powerful graphics card to work. other visual mods include planetshine, distant object enhancement, RSSVE, EVE, scatterer, texture replacer, and a real skybox. All of those visual mods combined needs a powerful graphics card above gtx1000. I'm going to use KSP 1.2.2
  10. Thanks, I'll try downgrading a bit.
  11. the intel i9 is one of the powerful processors i've come across, which i am planning on getting, it has around 4.5 Ghz of processing power.
  12. Toolbar advanced jet engine ambient light adjustment animated decouplers b9 parts better burn time better crew assignment camera tools camera focus changer canadarm community resource pack community tech tree connected living space cormorant aeronology cx aerospace deadly reentry distant object enhancement dmagic orbital science docking sounds easy vessel switch engine lighting environmental visual enhancements extreme texture overhaul fasa ferram aerospace research firespitter GPO speed fuel pump hangar extender heat control hullcam vds continued interstellar fuel switch jsi kas camera mode persistence kerbal construction time kerbal joint reinforcement kerbal konstructs kerbal optical alignment system kerbaltek kis kk antares kopernicus ksc switcher kW rocketry space x launchers pack magic smoke industries mechjeb modular flight integrator module manager module rcsfx audio muffler near future electrical near future propulsion near future solar nebula decals orbital decay persistent rotation planetshine principia procedural fairings procedural fairings for everything procedural parts procedural wings RCS build aid real launch sites real chute real fuels realism overhaul real plume real scale boosters real solar system realistic progression 0 reentry particle effect remote tech rke kanadarm rn cygnus rn proton rn r7 rn salyut rn skylab rn solar panels rn soviet probes rn soyuz rn us probes rn zenit RSS date and time RSS textures rve saturatable reaction wheels scatterer scansat smokescreen solver engines soviet engines space shuttle system sstu stage recovery tarsier space tech test flight texture replacer tacls time control toadicus tools trajectories tweakable everything tweakscale ubio welding vapor vent wasd editor camera if some mods are missing, let me know.
  13. I cant seem to find RSSVE compatible with version 1.1.3 please send me link.
  14. use ubio welding to merge multiple parts into one part