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  1. This is what I get with many crafts in 1.11 Some parts do not allow to EVA at all, even if there is no attachments. But if I click on the "obstructed" hatch and EVA kerbals using a hatch interface, they get out through the "obstructed" hatch (if it's not really obstructed).
  2. Reloadable rail reassign function works well with the stock attachment system, I attached a new missile and successfully reassigned it. But there are some restrictions: after adding a module ModuleCargoPart to the missile rail it stops reloading missiles, and the EVA construction mode doesn't work when the fuel line is attached to the carrier nozzle.
  3. No, I mean electrical aircraft propulsion of any kind. Real life plasma jet still needs a compressor and uses Brayton cycle I guess, so it's closest analog in Thor Tech is electrical turbojet. WarpJet looks like a giant airbreathing ion engine using a magnetic nozzle and some magic for extra performance
  4. I agree, it doesn't sound as a good idea to convert heat from a fission reactor into electricity and turn electricity into heat again. In Thor Tech thread you mentioned that some of these engines will return as sterling engines so I was surprised to see no electrical jet engines in this thread, now i get the idea why you refused from a nice and shiny ionized exhaust (shiny radioactive exhaust is also very nice and it's ionized as well)
  5. And what about electric plasma jet? (not japier, the real one)
  6. The part has a missing part module MASFlightComputer. It's a stock part so there should be MM patch adding this module. It should look like this: @PART[mk1-3pod] { MODULE { name = MASFlightComputer gLimit = 150 baseDisruptionChance = 0.0 requiresPower = false rate = 0.0 } } you can save this as blahblahblah.cfg (or Mk1-3MAS.cfg) and put it somewhere inside gamedata like this: PallasCatAerospace\Patches\Mk1-3MAS.cfg
  7. It's also the most kerbal deep space exploration vehicle (i should bring it to Eeloo I think)
  8. NO! Stock mini claw is just a resized usual claw, it looks ugly and stubby when attached to a spaceplane. SME claw is more streamline and it fits nice (but it's heat tolerance is a bit too low to make it a good nosecone)
  9. adopt for what? "recompile" text cfg files with the latest version of notepad? Or repack the zip file with the latest version of WinRar?
  10. List of reasons why my SAM turrets fail: 1) I forgot to add battery 2) I forgot to add RTGs
  11. MODULE { name = ModuleECMJammer alwaysOn = true resourceDrain = 0 jammerStrength = 5 lockBreaker = false lockBreakerStrength = 0 rcsReduction = true rcsReductionFactor = 0.2 } This is how stealth technology is represented in BDA. I took this from F-22 cockpit cfg file. rcsReductionFactor reduces radar cross section of a part that has this module.... or a vehicle... i don't know how BDA calculates RCS
  12. It's easy to mess up with KF tracks and get inverted throttle or steering control, AI can do really weird things while dealing with inverted controls. Check if your tanks don't have inverted steering or driving direction.
  13. There is a ground AI unit, it can drive a tank, shoot other tanks and occasionally destroy the KSC while doing this. But sometimes something goes wrong and my AI driven tanks go pacifistic and decide to make love not war
  14. Streamline nuclear engines? Maybe 0.5-0.75-1x scaled (by weight and thrust) versions of NERV
  15. I had been a huge fan of Mk2 Expansion since I first tried it in 1.3.1, but it's intakes make me upset by being stubby and not hypersonic looking.... And your intakes... they are perfect!
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