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  1. Streamline nuclear engines? Maybe 0.5-0.75-1x scaled (by weight and thrust) versions of NERV
  2. I had been a huge fan of Mk2 Expansion since I first tried it in 1.3.1, but it's intakes make me upset by being stubby and not hypersonic looking.... And your intakes... they are perfect!
  3. I use (RPM-only) version and it works
  4. It's Jeb's junkyard from Kerbin Side Remastered
  5. Made Jeb's junkyard from KSR an ammo store. The ammo has zero cost because it has unitCost property missing in BDArmory resource definitions.
  6. By saying "huge" i mean the size similar to this: Doesn't fit a stock scale but is comparable to the scale introduced by ACA mod that allows to rearm and refuel airplanes landed on a carrier
  7. As it's a parts-only mod it doesn't require any updates for 1.9 or 1.10 because there were no changes that affect parts behavior. Problem with HUD5 is not a compatibility issue, it's just an error in the cfg. I'm using v3.2 of this mod and it works with every KSP version from 1.4 to 1.10
  8. Nope! The idea is good but you can't just make explosive projectiles out of rock and dust, an ammo factory should be a huge facility vulnerable to bombs and missiles and it also requires tons of various resources (ammonia, copper etc from community resource pack should fit nice) , the resource supply routes are also vulnerable to attacks ... because war is hell
  9. Scramjet allows to reach Kerbin's escape velocity so you don't need to circularize at all It could take me the half way to Duna or Eve. Possibly it can do even more if I find an ascent profile that allows to gain more velocity without overheating.
  10. Looks like the problem is here: Roll, pitch and yaw variables are no longer being updated when the UI navball is hidden, I guess.
  11. - How to run multiple threads on Arduino? - Use multiple Arduinos As for me, Stm32 + FreeRTOS looks more reasonable for this purpose.
  12. MAS has the same problem in 1.10 so it's definitely a compatibility issue.
  13. Did you notice any problems with current version in 1.10? You can help modders to keep the mod up to date by reporting what exactly is broken. If nothing is broken there is no need for an update.
  14. KSP has head tracker support in stock. I use a POV switch to look around without releasing hands from joystick and throttle Mirrors are already made by NMB team
  15. Loss of thrust is normal for propellers in real life. Propeller blades begin to stall at a certain airspeed, producing less thrust and more drag. Don't expect to go supersonic with early piston engines, even mighty turboprops can't do it.