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  1. Manul

    1.7 Airplane Part Redesigns

    No, please, no. I don't want Goliath turbofan look like this
  2. Awesome looking cockpits. And Rafale is the best, perfectly fits the MK2 cross section and the wing sections (or canards) fit to both sides of this cockpit just as planned. (unfortunately it's the worst for flying in IVA but I hope it's internals are under construction). Got the JSIVariableAnimator error when using KU34 and Cobra cockpits, it affects the HUD pitch ladder and velocity vector. After adding a RasterPropMonitorComputer module in config files the error has gone and the HUD seems to work. Also the Rafale has science experiment and science container modules missing so it can't do the crew report. Did anyone try to board the Rafale cockpit in space? My kerbals wasted all the EVA propellant but did not make it, so I had to dock another vessel to my spaceplane to use it as an airlock. I don't know if it's a bug or I'm just not good at getting kerbals into cockpit without integrated ladder.