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  1. I'm not trying to blame MJ in all troubles, I just want to say that if mod lost it's compatibility with MJ it doesn't mean it's totally broken (as a lot of people think). I've heard an opinion that all mods are broken due to Unity update and they should be forgotten until they get an update (if they do). But there is an opposite side of a question: Squad did all they could do provide backwards compatibility, .NET has backwards compatibility (I know that old code sometimes fails in 4.5 but not so often), unfortunately Unity 2019.2 hasn't but not every single DLL from mods refers to Unity. Not all mods will get their updates soon, not all mods can be updated at all due to license or unavailable source. I think these mods should not be removed and forgotten as "outdated" without giving them a try.
  2. I didn't notice any problems with this mod both in game and in a log (had to watch logs for several hours to find problems with other mods) because I'm not using MJ and switced off the dust effects (potato computer is so potato). I just want to know why some mods don't work with MJ, not only for my own curiosity, some guys in my local community begin to panic when the game doesn't load at all blaming Squad, modmakers, aliens or Unity. So some information could be useful to stop false rumors.
  3. This time we only have some particle effects missing. I don't mean to say that MJ is responsible for other mods problems... but I'd prefer to have a red lamp indicator not an explosive charge. I know, the explosion attracts more attention than just a flashing light but that hurts.
  4. Didn't know that MJ is fully involved in addons loading, I used to think it just makes a check of compatibility. I guess, when addons with minor problems are being loaded KSP throws some exceptions MechJeb can't handle (or MJ tries to access mod's DLLs and receives an error). Is it a right guess or things are much more complex?
  5. So is this behavior intentional? Just disrupting loading process because there might be some problems (and might not be as it happens with KSPWheel). It created some sort of panic in my local community ("the game is not loading we are gonna die!" and similar posts everywhere)
  6. It's not tradition, it's MechJeb. It became violent in 1.8 and conflicts with everything it dislikes
  7. With Tegmil's RPM patch mirrors work in 1.8.1 just perfect
  8. BDA v1.3.2 PRE 1.17 and ModuleManager, no other mods. Docking/undocking with countermeasures or radar jammers gives the same result as in previous versions Scripts error after docking two crater crawlers equiped with countermeasures, when I undock them they explode
  9. Actually they aren't holes just the deck ends not where it ends. Not as dangerous as holes near airplane lifts that used to trap planes in 1.7
  10. Without MechJeb KSPWheel is working just fine, no log errors, no weird behavior of landing gear. Kerbal Foundries reports about missing textures for some tracks but it isn't gamebraking.
  11. Placeholders are replaced with stock textures. But stock textures tend to move around after updates ending up in this: [ERR 15:14:38.433] PartCompiler: Cannot replace texture 'placeholder' as cannot find texture 'Squad/Parts/Aero/cones/Cones' to replace with
  12. Nobody says MAS is not as good as RPM because it's even better. But there are hundreds of awesome props in ASET props/avionics pack and lots of nice cockpits using them. And they all depend on RPM. So we need RPM to keep this or this working Does MAS affect the framerate less than RPM?
  13. Thank you. You have just saved the day for all IVA pilots I'm currently using Defender Cobra M5 but I can not recommend anyone to use this monstrosity since it requires tons of upgrade parts from VKB-sim and these parts are not produced or sold anymore. I have future plans to use EJoy32 controller to join joystick and my custom built ECS (including RCS stick) into a single USB device and also add MOAR buttons, lights and adjustment knobs
  14. It's a common problem for huge parts due to collider bugs in KSP or Unity. In 1.8 it has been fixed and Nimitz is now safe to takeoff and land
  15. Tested some aircraft carriers in 1.8.1 and I have good news. Nimitz made by @Eskandare and LBPCVS carrier by @SpannerMonkey(smce) do not have destructive colliders anymore and now they are absolutely safe to land or takeoff. Some other hulls from SMmarine that used to have collider issues work well in 1.8.1 Enterprise had invisible walls near aircraft lifts (just simple colliders not these ghostlike you can pass through) now they are gone. Invisible holes in the deck still remain but getting trapped doesn't crash the game anymore. Couldn't check Liaoning because when I approach the carrier jumps into the air (sometimes up to one thousand meters) and hits my aircraft if I'm not fast enough to pull up. I think, I shouldn't place ships of this size on the runway.