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  1. Some good came out from the bug. Now that I've been forced to use sub-assemblies, I found out that instead of creating tanker ships, I can cram my SSTO Hangar with a bunch of cargo container sub-assemblies and haul lots of material. I still need a pair of external CC tanks that are partitioned to carry all types of resources, in order to facilate transfers/unloading of material since I can't transfer stuff directly to/from hangar cargo. When the external tanks are emptied, I just refill them from the hangar cargo using the "Transfer resource" function of the hangar. And once all the c
  2. For me, the current layout where all the info is in 1 line/row is ok. The layout above splits that 1 line into 2 - 1st for type and the 2nd for the resource. The 3rd resource in the example, Material Kits, shows the "Edit Tank Volume" function which took me some tries to figure out how to complete. Didn't realize that I had to press ENTER to exit it. So adding a Done button in the UI is helpful. You can get rid of the fill percentage. At least with me, when I edit the tank, I have the PAW up, so I can see the fill percentage there. I assume the other numbers in the 2nd line are
  3. @allista, I just had a chance to use version in KSP 1.10 and encountered an issue. I can't add ships to the hangar in the Editor. When I try to add ships, nothing happens when I click on Load after I select a ship. The good news is there is a workaround. Subassemblies load fine. Probably because you provided your own window to load them up instead of using the stock window like in loading ships. Here are the logs... https://www.dropbox.com/s/sgpkqeowglkmjck/log20200707.zip?dl=0
  4. The videos in https://www.youtube.com/user/allistau pretty much covers the how-tos. From your screenshot, I see that the DockableKitContainer is docked using the wrong end. The stripes on the side of the kit serve a purpose. They tell you which end is which. Note that one end of the stripe has a D in a triangle. That's the "Construction Dock" end - or "Dock", for short. Which means the other end is the "Transport Dock" end. So when moving it around, your SpaceCrane should be docked to the Transport end. In your screenshot, it is docked to the Construction end. So if you flip
  5. Radial Hangar also works fine in 1.10. So at least for me, Hangar is good for 1.10.
  6. @allista... I'm running 1.10. Just paid a visit to my Mun base made from a VTOL Hangar. No explosions, no krakens. TCA has some Nullrefs in the log but it's not spam level. I did crash and exploded on the 1st try to land but that was me messing around with the Collision Prevention System. So far, Hangar is OK with 1.10. Will try deploying some satellites using my radial hangar equipped SSTOs later.
  7. I first encounted the use of __LOCAL from the Tweakscale forums. Yes, I'm aware of the MM documentation. However, over the course of chasing issues in my install across several releases, I noticed the pattern in the logs (KSP and Player) that the patches in __LOCAL are applied last. MM does several passes to apply CFGs. For each pass, stuff in __LOCAL are always executed last. They are logged that way for me so I just assumed that it's the same for everyone. Try it next time you try to patch something and look at the logs.
  8. Haven't put in some 1.10 play time. I found an issue while launching 1.10. The affected part is Hangar\Parts\SmallHangar\Hangar1, module ModuleDeployableSolarPanel. To get past 1.10 hanging during startup, I created the following patch in GameData\__LOCAL - so that it is executed last and is separate from the mod folder. @PART[Hangar1] { !MODULE[ModuleDeployableSolarPanel] { } } The patch gets rid of ModuleDeployableSolarPanel from the part. SimpleLogistics is also similarly affected and I posted there as well. I don't use Ground Hangars in my
  9. Narrowed the issue down to a single PART/MODULE - PART[DeployedSolarPanel], MODULE[ModuleDeployableSolarPanel]. Instead of renaming the CFGs, I created a new CFG in GameData/__LOCAL. From what I understand, the __LOCAL folder is where MM expects user-created patches and executes them last. I don't want to mess with the files in the mod folder because I just manually install mods (I always delete the old mod folder and drop-in the up-to-date one). However, even though I placed the patch in __LOCAL, and it's supposed to run last, because DeployableScience.cfg adds the ModuleDeployabl
  10. If you're able - maybe you have a save game - try the toggle dock but this time, display the autostruts first (Alt-F12/Physics/Display autostuts) before toggling dock. Observe how the autostruts change during the docking process. I suspect that all the bouncing and possible whipping around is caused by the re-rooting and repositioning of the CoM when the ships are docked. If so, you can mitigate this by changing the autostruts of each ship such that no part is autostrut to root. Also try to eliminate any autostrut to heaviest. When the 2 ships are docked and you start moving resources aroun
  11. After I saw the GC requirements for my Munbase in the Editor (2.6M Sp + 2.6M MK), I decided to take some shortcuts since I already have a working harvesting and manufacturing facility in the RockArch crater where I will situate the base - I used VesselMover to spawn my base on the Mun Some pics...
  12. "Hidden feature"... This only applies to DIYKit based builds... Switch to the kit. Display the kit's PAW and click on "show deployment hint". Then go back to the GC screen and start the deployment. The kit will grow until it encloses the space defined by the deployment hint. That's the indication how far along the deployment is. Then time-warp to minimize the drift.
  13. Another option, which I use a lot, is using the RadialHangar. In gravity environments, it doesn't have the issue of payloads passing through. However, it sounds like you're set on using a disposable hangar, hence the fairings. Does your payload appear to shake when it is spawned after fairing is deployed? If so, read on...
  14. Thanks for looking. The logs are here... https://www.dropbox.com/s/02he5zvu15jlz2t/KSP_logs.zip?dl=0
  15. Thank you for looking into it. It's not a biggie. I just use the "Attach anchor" now only when necessary - when GC issues the message where it cannot assemble/construct because the ship is moving. And I make sure to detach anchors before saving. I've also upgraded my existing vessels to have those stock friction pads for those with landing gears - I just retract the landing gears so they sit on the friction pads. Have VesselMover to thank for that So now, thanks to Hangar, GC, CC and TCA, I've built the support structures of my Munar base. Started by bringing in an InlineWorksh
  16. Hi @allista. I'm trying to build a Munar base by building modules on site. I had my GroundAssemblyLine on an incline and cannot build stuff because it keeps slipping. That's when I noticed that the GroundAssemblyLine has an "Attach anchor" command. That's cool! I made a patch to add ATGroundAnchor to parts that contain a ModuleCommand - did it in the __LOCAL folder so it gets executed last. So far, nothing has exploded and all my ships now have "Attach anchor" capability. Are there any known issues that I should be aware off? So far, the only thing I noticed is that when loading a
  17. Thank you for taking this on. I have a minor issue... Selected waypoint is not showing for me in the navball. Not a biggie as I mentioned. I worked around it by installing NavballHUD. NavballHUD displays the waypoint so all's well for me. Just posting it here so that others are aware of the workaround. The logs are clean as far was WaypointManager is concerned. But then, I have 109 other mods installed
  18. It actually looks prettier now that I'm able to play with the aspect. Size=30, Aspect=0.2 is looking nice. It's not a "thin-crust-pizza" but it's not too high to be prohibitive. Will have to look for a nice flat crater now and start my Mun base :D
  19. @allista, I've been using the mod for a while now. But this is my first time trying out the Ground VTOL Hangar. I'm hoping to be able to use it in a Mun base I'm building. I tried using it and found out the following things. The dark square (landing pad) in the middle determines the size of the craft that the hangar will accomodate. I was hoping to land my VTOL SSTOs on it. As you can see below, I needed to size it up to 24 before I could fit my SSTO in it. Is there a way to configure the ratio of the area of that landing pad with respect to the area of the top of the han
  20. Have you installed the applicable version (to your KSP version) of Community Resource Pack. I had a similar issue before and installing the latest CRP stopped B9PartSwitch from spewing errors. I'm on KSP1.9 with CRP1.3.
  21. New to me as well. The thread dates back to 2014 so maybe ScanSat has evolved since then. I haven't gone interplanetary yet so my experience is deploying satellites within the Kerbin system - Kerbin, Mun, Minmus. I use the "Best" altitude for determining the height of the orbit. Then I use 90 - FoV to determine the minimum inclination of the orbit. If I'm combining several scanners into 1 satellite, I combine scanners with the same "Best" altitude and use the smallest FoV value of the lot to determine the minimum inclination.
  22. The KLAW is a part that can attach to anything. That will be the basis of the workaround/hack. If you want something smaller than stock KLAW, use Tweakscale or WBI/Servos' Micro Klaw. Then the next thing is to attach it to a Winch. Use a Winch + JS1 + Klaw combo like so - W<J. Note that the pointy end of the bracket corresponds to the "dockable" part of the JS1 connector. Just remember to arm the Klaw before you extend the cable. Once you extend the cable, the JS1+Klaw combo is no longer part of the ship the winch is attached to. You'll have to reel it back in and "dock" the JS1
  23. I had the "OPTATM" issue as well. Solved it by installing the latest CRP version. Note: I didn't need KGEx.
  24. KEO is based on sidereal day - 5h 59m 9.425s ( https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/KEO )
  25. Check the CFG file of the affected parts. ModuleDeployableCentrifuge has a setting called SpinRate. You can create a custom CFG in GameData\__LOCAL to overide the setting.
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