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  1. Using JNSQ with KSP 1.7.3 and BG expansion. I accepted and successfully completed a contract to scan a surface object on Kerbin (I think it was called a Bilboa Tree), with the OP-E scan arm. Then I accepted contracts to scan Mun Craters on the Mun and Olivine formations on Minmus, but using the same rover and scanner, I cannot get these scans to work. Is it possible to scan surface objects off-Kerbin at this time with JNSQ?
  2. KSP 1.3.1/RO 12.1.0/all required dependencies specified in the OP I'm unable to get RCS to work. I'm mounting thrusters directly on the fuel tank and have configured the fuel to match the thruster requirements. I've tried many combinations of thrusters and RCS tanks, but the engineering report in the VAB always indicates "consumers not receiving mono-propellant". If I uninstall RO/Real Fuels/Real Plume, RCS seems to work fine. Thanks for any help.