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  1. But I mean at the start of a new game ask the players if they want a full realism or stock KSP that would be the best and I do not mean that it is compulsory for fully realistic. The player has to decide it.
  2. Realism overhaul is nice but I wish it was stock and I want to find out how many would like it in Stock
  3. From the update 1.4 the magnetic force to dock was decreased. Not completely sure about that.
  4. But can you use those navball marker which you have to go prograde etc instead of the cameras? And is there a mod which you can use to allow the kerbals to repair something in a ladder/command seat?
  5. Ok I tried it but any way to master the jetpack controls and thanks for that suggestion anyways
  6. Hi everyone I was wondering if there is a way to do an in-orbit EVA with a kerbal and get back to the spacecraft easily
  7. Other who have solved the problem please post the method to solve the problem
  8. Try using auto-struts by going to the settings and turning on advance tweakables. When you have done that, just right click on any part in any two editors or even in flight and you will find an option which says Autostrut:Disabled click on the blue button and choose any of these options: Heaviest part, root part, parent part and grandparent part. This option adds tiny invisible struts to your vessels and helps to reinforce the joints. Try KerbalJointReinforcement also like how Rafael acevedo said both of them should work
  9. I need help. When the mk-2 lander can is selected, it stops the right click menu from showing up for all the part selected. Please reply if you have a solution and how many other than me are facing this problem. Thanks In advance