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  1. I'm not sure I see the point of this. What is your goal, and how does a cluster of mini sats help accomplish it? If we know that, we might better understand your question.
  2. I haven't seen a space kraken like that in a while.
  3. It's a joke stretching back to pre-release version of KSP. Honestly surprised with your 2013 date that you don't remember the jokes about Kerbals being plant people.
  4. It's a series of calculations. Maybe someone else knows a simplified way to calculate it, or you can derive a simpler way by working through the formulas and canceling as much as you can and setting some of its parts to be constant for just kerbin and the target body. Here's a good place to start though, hope it helps. http://www.braeunig.us/space/orbmech.htm
  5. That's normal. People see something they like, it inspires them and there are some things they would do differently, so they do. It's a compliment to the quality of the originals that they spawn copies like that.
  6. Honestly? I dont. I correct the orbit when I get there. It's not worth the trouble and time to mess with imo.
  7. To echo the common mantra, less is more. I disagree with the mk2 hate since aesthetics are very very important to me and you can still get them to work fine. I've got a mk2 ssto that can take off to orbit, get to minmus, land, take back off back to kerbin, and land there. Dont expect to do much with a spaceplane ssto though when it comes to cargo, or making it past Kerbins SOI. To do that you'll usually need to do some orbital refueling. You can make one that can carry cargo, but it wont make it much beyond orbit. You can make one that goes farther, but you wont carry much useful cargo. Still fun though. I built a docking ring like the star wars jedi fighters for interplanetary travel. Main things to consider are drag, lift, and weight. The more lift you have, the weaker jet stage you can get away with. The lower your drag and weight, the weaker both stages can be and still push the craft to orbit. Also, you're likely to lose the first many planes you build. Aerodynamics in ksp are a bit wonky and if you though rocket wobble was a challenge, well plane flipping is even more common when you first start. Planes are also much more prone to reentry burn up or g-force rapid unplanned disassembly if you dont follow a correct flight path.
  8. Haha yeah. Jet engines to well over 2000 m/s at stupid altitudes
  9. Messed with the version you posted that's using the adapters, It seems normal to me. Can you post up the one with the clusters done the other way that make it lag bad?
  10. @Phreakish Awesome. I'll look at it when I get home. I'm thinking it's some kind of CPU bottle neck. Would fit with your physics engine theory. When you lower graphics settings without enforcing a lower frame rate, your GPU will ask the CPU for more so it can crank out more frames since the GPU isn't working as hard. That would slow the CPU down even more if it's already bottlenecked by the physics calcs. Your part count is really shooting up when you use your cluster method vs the stock cluster method. Each part has it's own physics so that does quickly scale up calculation cost. Just out of curiosity try your clustering with engines that DONT have gimbal and see if that reduces the issue.
  11. Attach a craft file? I'll see if the same happens on my machine. That would help at least rule out a few hardware related things.
  12. Kerbals photosynthesize. That's why they are green, they are plant people.
  13. That would jank with other people who are used to how it is and all their designs made to work under the current system. You can tweak your com a little bit by attaching things to the capsule.
  14. That's discrimination. At this current point I don't have any live Kerbals to pilot vessels. They all died early in the program so that we might learn what not to do in later missions.
  15. I built a plane in an attempt to get to orbit. Failed to make orbit but had fuel left after the attempt to decided to absolutely full throttle it back to KSC Runway. I hit just slightly over 1000 m/s at around 150 meters above sea level. The instant I tried to make a slight adjustment in flight path, the plane ripped itself apart and I laughed in delight at the nice fireworks. I'm sure others have gone faster that low, but hitting mach 3 at sea level for me is pretty serious. I laughed.
  16. My fear is that rather than having it be an early beta like you suggest, it would instead end up being delayed release for everyone else. Broken mods has always been part of the package when it comes to modding games. Ya just kinda have to suck it up.
  17. I hate to nitpick, especially since you correctly address this later in your post, but your delta v can change any time your mass changes, not only when your mass changes by burning fuel. Things like ejecting a payload or fairing also alter the remaining dv of your craft.
  18. I once took some boosters off one of my rockets because it didnt need that much delta v.
  19. You could survive reentry in just your space suit and as long as you landed on your helmet you would just bounce and not die? When did they change that? I'd like to see it again for nostalgia.
  20. My craziest mission all started quite mundane. A normal trip to Minmus was all it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, something happened along the way down. My descent staging wasn't done right, I had forgotten a decoupler, so the lander was unable to produce any thrust due the part below blocking it. I tried burning the part off but the small lander engine just couldn't generate enough heat. My choices were to crash, or abandon ship, so naturally I did both. Right as the lander was about to impact, I Eva'd. The resulting explosion tossed the Kerbal out away from Minmus and with the eva propulsion I was able to get an escape from Minmus. Unfortunately, this was also a Kerbin Rendevouz trajectory. In order to save this poor Kerbal, KSC command only had one shot. So out rolled the only tested ship, with seating for multiple kerbals, in inventory, a spaceplane just capable of reaching orbit to deliver kerbals to a space station. With no time to waste it roared off the runway at full burn, climbing toward orbit with everything Valentina could get from the engines. Once in orbit she made rendevouz with one of orbiting fuel depots to fuel up, then off again she gunned it full throttle in a race against time to intercept the falling Kerbonaut before he intercepted Kerbin. She caught up to our falling friend at a distance about half that from the Mun to Kerbin, and managed to stabilize a flight path to match him. Slowly she inched the craft toward him until he was able to grab hold and climb in the passenger bay. Then they simply rode the path back to Kerbin where they landed safe, and mostly sound of mind(spending so long floating in the void of space in just your space suit takes a toll afterall) on the KSC runway. That rescue mission was really my first big test of getting a rendevouz on the first pass. Most of my rendevouz had been done in multiple pass getting closer each orbit but there simply wasn't time for it on this one. I was pumped that I managed to save the Kerbal.
  21. This weekend I rebuilt a rocket multiple times without trying to use it because the node system told me I didnt have enough delta v to do my transfer. Finally I just went for the transfer anyway and it was fine. I had 15% fuel remaining after it even though the indicator said I didnt have enough. So, I wasted about 200k credits on a mission that only rewarded me 100k Also, Bob, Jeb and Valentina met their ends before ever getting to the Mun. Bob and Jeb died on the launch pad. Valentina died on reentry when the capsule flipped over and lawn darted into the ground before parachutes could deploy. I need to build a shrine to them.