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  1. Is Real Chutes download for KSP 1.8 realism overhaul broken? I keep getting a message "Developer Tools Access needs to take control of another process for debugging to continue." This pops up when the game is loading at "RealChute/Agencies/WenkelCorportation_scaled". The game load freezes and my computer wants me to input a my password. This seems very sketchy. What's going on here? And I have verified it is this KSP 1.8 download from the link on the first message in this thread that is the issue. Remove the mod and everything else loads perfectly fine and the Realism Overhaul game works. Image: https://imgur.com/a/mbqhrJ3
  2. Going to assume the G Limiter and acceleration limiter are just dead now since the people who've asked this previously have just been ignored? I know a lot of use would appreciate a rationale for removing this used and needed feature.
  3. And it's the .mu file I need to upload into Unity to modify, correct? (Very very new to modding anything. As in, this is the first attempt to do so. Appreciate the help.)
  4. Love this mod. I've taken your suggestion and have manually tweaked the configs to be scaled with RSS/RO. That's all worked great size wise. My one question has to do with the speed at which the various arms move. Specifically, the Shuttle and Saturn pad arms. I see in the .cfg files an "animation speed" line that's preset to 12. My issue is that no matter what I change the animation speed number to, the arms always move at the same speed. Changing that number doesn't seem to effect anything. Is there another area I'm missing, or another file, I need to manually update to change the speed at which that arms move?
  5. Absolutely LOVE this mod! Wondering if anyone else is experiencing (or has experienced) the same minor issue I am. Everything works great, but each time I open KSP and go into my saved game, the entire Real KSC mod with all parts automatically populates every time, and specifically placed elements like SLC-41, the LC-39 pads, etc, that I deployed with KK and saved previously are gone. I basically have to manually delete every element of this mod each time I re-start the game, re-place the pads... and when I do all of that and save everything, the next time I open the game, all the saves are gone and everything auto-populates again and I have to start all over.
  6. Wondering if anyone else using this mod (the RSS/RO config files) has the issue of the Shuttle overheating on reentry and burning up in the atmosphere. No matter the pitch or roll orientation I try, the Orbiter just overheats every time for me.
  7. Will that future update by chance include accommodation for Radar's Shuttle and sizing for RO/RSS?
  8. That worked perfectly! Everything is working now. Thank you, Briso!
  9. "Could you clarify what exactly "breaks" the game ?" Certainly. I downloaded the new file you gave me here... "Well here's a new file space shuttle." That downloaded just fine without mods. Added all my mods back, and this download still worked. I had the parts to build the Shuttle with all its parts and various textures. But I want to use the Shuttle RSS files as I play with RSS/RO, so I downloaded the RSS Shuttle files you gave me here: "Oh it's my fault. I forgot to give you another file. You just need to move the space shuttle folder to gamedata with the replacement." Once I move the space shuttle folder in the RSS Shuttle file to gamedata, with the replacement, no Shuttle parts appear in the game.
  10. OK. Having done this, the issue not with this basic non-RSS/RO file. These work fine. All parts populate and work. They even populate with all my mods installed. (But I did try with and without the mods. This file works.) The issue is with the RSS Shuttle file. As soon as I download that from the files given, the entire Shuttle mod completely disappears. No parts are available.. with and without mods installed.
  11. Haven't had a chance with work and launches. Will try tomorrow.
  12. Hm. Maybe I have a bad KJR download. Let me try a fresh download and see if that fixes the issue.
  13. I'm using RSB with RSS/RO in KSP 1.4.5. The single-stick vehicles like Delta IV and Atlas V worked great! But as soon as I try to use the Ariane 5 of Delta IV Heavy will the large side-mounted boosters, the available attachment struts fail instantly at launch. The side boosters start swinging wildly and break away from the attach struts. I've tried reinforcing with braces and everything available in the game, but nothing works. Is anyone else having this issue? How have you gotten the DIV Heavy and Ariane 5 to work?
  14. When I do this, "move the space shuttle folder to gamedata with the replacement", the same issue I had before is now there again. The Shuttle parts do not appear in the game.
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