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  1. tried using this for 1.5.1, believe that the carrier ships are impossible to land on for planes that are stock built because of collider problems.
  2. Here is two more mods I found having something to do with BDA. Sometimes people are requesting for missiles and parts in a thread and I knew that there is another mod out there that have the parts they want. It's frustrating, right?
  3. I was so bummed when I couldn't land on the Nitmiz. Thinking it was my piloting skill, I tried so hard over and over again. I got a super struted plane touching the deck at 25m/s with a vert v of -1m/s and still it exploded. THAT's when I decide to look up the forums and see the invisible collider being a thing. haha ah well. Looking forward to the next release! The models look great!
  4. Alrightie, addressing your first point, I would say from a modding perspective it doesn't change require a dramatical change, just modifying the code of the .cfg file is sufficient. Moving on to your second point, the engine of the real life F 35 does have after burning mode, which I assume this engine is based by the looks of it. According to wikipedia, the Pratt & Whitney F135 engine will have quote "Thrust augmentation increases to 52%[34] in horizontal flight when using the afterburner, but with a large increase in fuel flow." Lastly, its your mod to maintain and I do appreciate the extra fun it gave me. I understand it still take time and effort to add an extra function in, I didn't take account to velocity curves and atmospheric curves when I add in this extra function for myself, so yeah think about it maybe. Thanks for the reply and I hope my criticism is constructive!
  5. I managed to add an afterburning mode to the K35 B engine by messing around the .cfg files. Perhaps adding that to the next release?
  6. Yup, the AI works fine now. I don't know if this might worth mentioning on the front page at the mod conflict section. Thanks for the quick reply narwhalz!
  7. Hi, I am currently running KSP 1.4.5, I appreciate the efforts placed in this mod and I find this mod to be very well maintained and very useful, especially when working with my carrier expansion mod. You see, I like to fly warbirds in KSP and the collision mesh with wheels sometimes goes crazy when the part count goes up, so the hangar mod comes in really handy when I park my F 14s on Aircraft carriers. However, there might be a mod conflict with Bd armoury. There is an AI pilot in bd armoury that will check if missiles/bombs are located inside cargo bays, and would open the cargo bay to launch missiles. What happens is that when I installed the Hangar mod, the AI can't open the cargo bay doors even though it is selecting the weapon inside the cargo bay. I believe this is because somewhere along the code, the AI is told to find the "open" command and execute it, and since your mod changed the name "open" of cargo bay into "open hangar", something just don't click. I don't have a log, but I was able to get the AI to open the cargo bay door just fine when I uninstalled your mod. The AI also fires weapon normally if I have your mod installed and manually opens the cargo bay. So, I wonder if you can fix this in your next update please? I have some suggestions on how to fix it, like simply returning the name of open hangar to opne/close, or include a version of cargo bay without the hangar function along side those, so we can opt in or out the function with the pre existing parts? Then again BD armory's AI is not the most reliable thing in the world, your mod might just be fine.