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  1. Today was quite a boring day of running Tourists around the Mun and back for funds. I did manage to use the missions to land in Kerbin's north and south polar areas and collect surface samples, though, and I've collected almost enough funds for the next KSC upgrade. Tomorrow that will get done and then I'll go and land on the Mun.
  2. Today in "living incredibly dangerously": Rescue contract in LKO. I Launched by standard LKO rescue craft when the target was just over the sea to the west of the peninsula KSC is on, and this time I managed to achieve a direct intercept from launch... with the minor issue that the rescue ship was still suborbital at the intercept point with a closing velocity of 40m/s. Cue a *very* hurried bailout by the rescuee, a jetpack dive across space and into the capsule... just in time to see the altimeter tick over from 70,000 to 69,999. I mean sure, I *could* have done it the boring way of making the rescue ship go into orbit, but where's the fun in that?
  3. How fast were you going when you threaded that needle, @Snark? With relevance to the question: Science Labs are, in my experience, the absolute worst modules for knocking your spacecraft about on exit. It's so bad that I habitually block the exists when building stations. I don't know why this is.
  4. Today in "Simple build errors to make your life harder", I accidentally put a Mk 25 Parachute instead of a Mk 16XL on a rescue craft. Result: One rescue craft needing rescuing. I sent the second rescuer up to collect the initial rescuee, and landed that with no issue, but then I chose to de-orbit the capsule with only a Mk 25 and have the pilot simply jump out (couldn't do this with the rescuee of course: No parachute on 0 star engineers).
  5. A slight build error on my first Mun orbiter of my new save made for some interesting adventures. I forgot to put a heat shield on, and slightly underestimated the required delta-V for a polar orbiter to return to Kerbin. The combination of these meant that I had to use a series of aerobraking manoeuvres. I got the Pe to 60km, Ap at 12million, and gradually (9 passes through the atmosphere) bled speed off before coming in for a parachute landing in the ocean ENE of the Dessert Launchpad. Nearly 300 Science and EVA reports completed for all Mun Biomes though.
  6. Stockalike Station Parts Expansion. Which is a depreciated mod.
  7. I'd find more utility personally in a 1.875m Storage part; I have tried rescaling the model of the bigger versions to create on but without much success.
  8. Right, having done a bit more testing I think that the issue I'm having is actually to do with the weird things symmetry mode does with STR parts. When you attach an STR part to something with symmetry on, it can often attach the symmetrical part in strange ways. Some are visually obvious, but for others what is happening is that the part is surface attached it looks visually fine in the VAB, but when you get out in the field the part only has nodes on the end which is buried inside the part it's attached to.
  9. I've been experimenting with parts to figure out why @linuxgurugamer's Structural Tubing Restructured mod doesn't play well with @IgorZKAS mod. So far as I can tell, KAS really doesn't like trying to attach a part to an STR part that has two nodes pointing in the same direction.
  10. Am I missing something, or is the Material Extractor better than the Ore Processor at everything in every way?
  11. And/or attach the biggest reaction wheels you can find to it.
  12. And a ladder. Never go EVA without a ladder or two.