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  1. Espatie

    The Skiff. What is it good for?

    It has higher Thrust than the Poodle, and the alternative model fits on a 1.875m stack.
  2. Espatie

    If I ever make it back from Eve

    You can save a lot of dV by landing in the right place on Eve.
  3. I think he means that the orbit is inclined, rather than eccentric.
  4. How low are you trying to take it, and (more importantly) why? Sinking stuff deep into a Gravity Well is rarely a good idea.
  5. Espatie

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I've finished the design of the new Mun Hopper, ready for launch tomorrow. In the meantime I've sent the OTV Slingshot with a crew of 5 rookies to Minmus. Their orders are to grab some basic science for the lab to work on from Minmus orbit, and then head to Mun where they will form the first crew for the new downside station that I've been handed a contract for. Also I've realized that the Kerbals on the game's title screen are in a Retrograde orbit around Kerbin, and I can't now unsee it.
  6. Espatie

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Mostly today in KSP was a day of getting things back to normal before the next big moves. Everybody except for the rover team are now back from the Mun (they should be picked up tomorrow), and the LKO station is partially refuelled. Tomorrow will be a day of further "make good and mend" and possibly the deployment of a hopper to retrieve the Rover Team.
  7. Espatie

    Rescue in LKO

    Just to check: You do know that you can use your SAS to align to the Retrograde marker, right?
  8. Espatie

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Well... that was disappointing. After all the fun of rescuing the crashed Rover mission, repairing the Rover with KIS/KAS and so on... actually driving the rover anywhere to do anything is about as much fun as pulling teeth. Kelvis and Maduki drove over to the pre-existing SEP layuout, and have expanded it with the next experiements, recalibrated the old ones and so on... but no way am I driving onto the next biome. That was no fun at all. Back to the drawing board. First up: A means to rescue Kelvis and Maduki from the Mun Highlands.
  9. A query: is there supposed to be the same mass/proximity check on simply detaching things without grabbing them (i.e. with H instead of G)? Because it seems like I can always detach even when the object would be too heavy to grab, and the detach distance definitely exceeds the grab distance.
  10. Espatie

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Further adventures with a Moon Rover! Command uploaded some altered control settings to ease the Rover's steering. Instead of WASD, the Rover now steers with NumPad 5123, and 1 & 3 are also bound to the Roll function, rather than the Yaw function, of the SAS wheels. This makes an immediate and noticeable difference to the handling of the rover. It's also discovered that the roll function alone is quite capable of flipping the rover over (or righting it afterwards). For normal use, Kelvis dials the wheel response down to 50%. For a shakedown test Kelvis takes the Rover out the 8.2km to go and rescue Beawell. The drive is actually more like 10km as it's necessary to detour around a small but steep-sided crater. Maduki is of the opinion that it's relatively new (it's very bright, which she says indicates that the formation is quite young) and the micrometerorite "hail" that rains down constantly hasn't had time to erase the sharp edge. "Young" is of course a relative term - maybe a quarter of a million years old. Kelvis tests the rover extensively - and finds a few problems. It has a tendency to veer to the left under acceleration, especially when going uphill. Command is of the opinion that this means that the left front wheel (one of those replaced following the crash) is slightly lower than the right one. Kelvis is going to try softening the suspension on that side to see if it helps the issue, and if not he'll jack the rover up and try to fix it that way. Overall though, considering that the Rover crash-landed in its original form, it performs well. Kelvis will now bring Beawell back to the landing zone, where she will board the Heavy Lander and return to Kerbin. Kelvis and Maduki will then head out - first eastwards, to where a Surface Experiment Package from an earlier mission is deployed. There they will add additional instruments to the SEP and turn northwards towards the Twin Craters biome, about 30km away.
  11. Espatie

    What is better science of funds

    You need to have enough income to operate. Once you have enough income, Science is always more valuable than funds sitting in your account. In other words, it's only worth having funds if you are using those funds. It follows that in harder modes, funds becomes more valuable because funds are scarcer. Science is also scarcer in harder modes, but without a certain minimum level of funds Science is useless because you can't afford to buy the parts it lets you unlock.
  12. Espatie

    Science 'Masks'

    Loads of mods edit Stock parts, be it by changing the artwork or by adding new capabilities or deleting other bits. Just make sure your mod is doing it by editing the properties of the other item in the loading process, not actually editing the cfg file.
  13. I have lost multiple Surface Experiment Package setups to the same thing as @taniwha It seems to be localised to certain areas, so I now use flags to find out if the location is an explosion zone before I plant a full setup down.
  14. Espatie

    What did you do in KSP today?

    OK, The Plan to repair the Rover mission has... sort of worked. The Heavy Lander arrived, deliberately injected into a inclined Mun orbit. We had a bit of a wait for local dawn to roll around at the landing site, but then we managed a pretty good descent and an initial landing with a LOT of dV to spare just under a kilometre from the Rover crash site. After assessing the situation, we took the lander on a short suborbital hop and managed to land under 100 metres from the crash. So far, so good! Repairing the Rover was fiddly, but not especially difficult. With 2 of the legs from the lander (it has 6 more; it'll be fine) to act as jacks, Kelvis got the whole thing back upright. Dragging the replacement wheels the 100 metres from the lander was a pain at 6m KIS movement distance per move (they are too big to go into a Kerbal backpack), but eventually Kelvis got the wheels replaced. He then drove the Rover over to the Lander to make it easier to add the rest of the parts. The new port side solar panel and batteries went on fine. The replacement lockers near the rear door (small KIS storage SEP item, if you need to know) were slightly fiddly to get into place without blocking the door, but eventually fine. Unfortunately a short test drive has revealed that the Rover is an absolute pig to drive in Munar gravity, prone to flipping when turning and apparently capable of flipping forward under acceleration if the default keys are used because that also triggers the Reaction wheels. What I need to figure out is a way to have the reaction wheels trigger to stabilise the roll when turning, but not trigger when accelerating. It's been nicknamed "The Lady". Because it's not for turning. Still, We have a working rover on the surface of the Mun. That's better than we had yesterday.
  15. Espatie

    Rescue in LKO

    I think helmet lights are U by default. IDK I have mine on Numpad * Unlike @bewing I fly long distances almost entirely by Navball in EVA mode. I find flying by eye impossible unless at really close range. Quicksave, try it, revert if failed. You've got about 200 m/s Delta-V in the pack. It's perfectly possible to cross kilometres between ships once you have enough practice with the technique.