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  1. Intriguing. Do you have a reason for not using KER if you miss it so much or is it just a dare?
  2. I guess the rescue contract expects command modules to have a hatch. That's not true for some modded parts, e.g. the surface-attachable cupola from SSPXr is such a command module without an exit. If I encounter one of those on a rescue contract, I just edit reality and change the part name to "cupola" in the save file, then reload. Edit: Now that I thought about it again, I seem to be wrong. Rescue contracts don't always pick command modules, do they?
  3. That can be a chore on a multi-stage craft with multiple tanks. I use "Fill It Up" to quickly check where the CoM lies with half a fuel tank, full ore and some monoprop:
  4. No, the patch as shown removes all resources from the cargo containers except Ore. If you'd like to remove just a few specific resources, the patch would use something like "!SUBTYPE[ExoticMinerals] {}". I need to look up MM syntax in the handbook almost every time
  5. Well, there is this in the DEPLOYEDSCIENCE configuration node: ScienceTimeDelay = 60 //Calculate science for timed experiments every x seconds. DataSendFailedTimeDelay = 600 //Time delay when science transmission fails before retrying in x seconds. It doesn't seem to work right now as changing the numbers didn't have any effect.
  6. SSPXr adds most resource types when the CommunityResourcePack is installed and a few more for Snacks, MKS, et.al. So it already supports only resources installed by other mods. @ISOREX_ could remove the resource subtypes with a MM patch likes this one: The idea is to revert the additions made by StationPartsExpansionRedux/Patches/SSPXR-Containers-Switches.cfg and keep just the Ore resource. Removing the tank types added by StationPartsExpansionRedux/Patches/SSPXR-B9TankTypes.cfg is probably not necessary but they're not going to be used anywhere else.
  7. You can hide some of the labels. Move the mouse to the top in map view and de-select the launch pad icon. That will clear out the 5 labels KSC, Island Airfield, Dessert Airfield, Dessert Launch Site and Woomerang. The other labels are here to stay and since they all belong to the same orbit, I don't think there's a mod even to hide them.
  8. Global/Ground Construction allows you to put the "specialized" parts of a craft, subassembly or part into a box and have engineers build it into the finished article: Extraplanetary Launchpads works similar: And of course, there is KIS/KAS which would allow you to pack an inventory full of parts and have engineers assemble it piecewise:
  9. It depends on what your goal is. Kopernicus can scatter static, collidable objects around the surface. Apparently with Science, too. To my knowledge, the only interactable, animated surface features come with the BG DLC and rely on "prefab" assets. You can, however, redistribute and rename these. Look in SquadExpansion/Serenity/Resources/rocsdef.cfg for their definitions. Have some trees on Minmus:
  10. No, I am not the author of Chatterer. That honour belongs to @Athlonic What I meant was that I had a poke about in the source code and compiled a patched version for my use that ignores science transmission from any experiments with the word "deployed" in their ID string. The code change is bigger than I expected at first and I didn't test it for unwanted side effects, so it's probably not cleaned up enough to propose a change to official Chatterer.
  11. I had to check to be sure. Yes, stock science transfer is silent. You can disable the "SSTV on science transmitted" sound in the Chatterer settings: Edit: In the end, I patched Chatterer to ignore deployed science transmissions. This still leaves the flurry of messages but I expect that we might see an update to take care of that, yet. When the deployed science instruments were first released, people complained that they accumulated but never transmitted their science points. Now they send every little bit as soon as it's available.
  12. What sounds? I use Chatterer and disabled its "SSTV on science transfer" option.
  13. When you asked this question, I remembered seeing the mod you were looking for (or something similar) on SpaceDock but couldn't find it anymore no matter which keywords I tried. Today I came across it again by chance (and then had to find *this* thread again), so I'm just leaving this here: I think you're looking for "Historian". See this screenshot: I never used it myself so I don't know if it has any of the TV filters you mentioned. Those I only knew from the HullCam mod. Edit: reading the Historian thread, I came across "MovieTime - Olde Timey Movie and TV Effects" which might be the right one but it looks pretty dead, I'm afraid.
  14. They are under Robotics because they're basically the same as rotors just with different input resources. That also means you need to control them like rotors, i.e. set RPM and torque either manually or through axis or robotics controller
  15. Fuel tanks attached above and below plated engines also become autostrutted and keep that setting even on revert to the editor. Which can lead to wobbliness in my experience if I then add another part in between and the tank autostruts to the engine bell. In those cases, I replace the locked tank with a fresh one.