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  1. You have parts defined in multiple files, all ending in " 2.cfg", e.g. "HeatShield1p5.cfg" and "HeatShield1p5 2.cfg". These define parts with the same names which then leads to duplicate TweakScale properties. There seem to be some copied directories, too, e.g. "SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Thermal 2", ".../Thermal 3", ".../Thermal 4" etc. Removing those additional (backup?) files should clean it up, I guess.
  2. It did for my Eve probe (on a ~400x100km polar orbit). I'll know in 2 years game-time if it works ;)
  3. When you righ-click a command pod or probe core on that craft, does the window have a "MechJeb enabled/disabled" button or none at all?
  4. Because Kerbalism uses a formula to determine the number of ignitions. Engines that perform well at both sea level and vacuum with high thrust only get one or two ignitions. You could add MM patches to increase the "rated_ignitions" value. If the Rhino is based on the J-2X that would probably be four ignitions and 2000s "rated_operation_duration" (or *4?) (tbh, I disabled engine reliability since the first time I tried Kerbalism and engines blew up just too often. that's been fixed, as far as I know, but I never went back. my engines fire all the time every time ) I didn't check,
  5. Exactly that. As I recall, AMP requires installation of the "Soundtrack Editor" mod and that one installs Music and Playlist directories next to GameData, not within it.
  6. An engineer is needed if someone forgot to add a JS-1 socket to a new craft. The resource transfer station can be used by any Kerbal. The valid point remains that with two Kerbals, one can go on EVA without interrupting the magic.
  7. The non-code solution could add a dependency on the Community Category Kit mod and ship a custom filter config file. If you'd like to go it yourself, PartCategorizer.AddCustomSubcategoryFilter() looks promising, e.g. used like this: https://github.com/allista/AT_Utils/blob/master/Addons/SimplePartFilter.cs https://github.com/allista/GroundConstruction/blob/master/GCFilterManager.cs
  8. One option is to change the biome option of the EVA and crew reports, so you'd only need to EVA in space high/low and can run the biome reports from the safety of the capsule: Not fully automatic (you'd still need to EVA and board manually) as I understand it. I haven't tried this one:
  9. Ohi, I've been on vacation and haven't checked the forum much, so you probably already found your answer :) labSub.science looks like the field you want. This is how [x] Science does it: CompletedScience = ScienceSubject.science * HighLogic.CurrentGame.Parameters.Career.ScienceGainMultiplier; TotalScience = ScienceSubject.scienceCap * HighLogic.CurrentGame.Parameters.Career.ScienceGainMultiplier;
  10. That's the spirit! :) In my experience, precision landings require a TWR that's not too high (neither too low, of course) and responsive attitude control. More or less balanced RCS thrusters help, too. If MJ starts pulsing the throttle or roasts the engines on a slow brake burn, I reduce engine thrust.
  11. About that option, is there a reason why it can't be set in the editor? I changed it and have not noticed any ill behaviour yet. It helps me not forget to set it before sending a new rover off :) I often root a rover in a structural plate, so "up" is usual the right one.
  12. At higher time-warp rates, Kerbalism stops modelling a proper day/night cycle and switches to "analytic mode". The solar panels receive an averaged amount of energy over the whole cycle and the shadow/sunlight automation won't trigger. I have seen it happening at 1000x and up, although it's supposed to trigger above ~6000x. My biggest gripe in a current attempt at Kerbalism is that dump-valves don't keep their settings and a whole converter chain thus stops when switching to another vessel. I had to jiggle the decimal points in ISRU recipes a fair bit to produce fuel in a subjectively pla
  13. In addition to what jimmymcgoochie said: What kind of shadows? Only sunlight throws shade, other lights like the Illuminators shine right through any part.
  14. If any, I'd expect to see it in this mod but it hasn't been updated in a few years:
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