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  1. My whole ksp folder is 2,25 gb anyways. And I put both folders in the gamedata folder. Could it be incopatible with some other mod? I have all the same ones as in .23 though. And I didn't have any trouble then.
  2. Those are 4b in the gamedata folder or as a whole?
  3. Hmm, whenever I stall this mod it crashed my game while loading. What could it be?
  4. I don't know if anyone has tied this, but I'm going to report it anyways. In case there's something that can be done. http://imgur.com/TFVDGll
  5. I've reinstalled all my mods and everything works as it should. But my parts are really wobbly. I don't know if it's because of the new update or if it's a bug. My large KW rockets wobble like wet noodles during launch when they where rock solid before. I think it's because of the things Kerbal Joint Reinforcement changed. I'm going to try and tweak some thing and see if they become sturdier. I'll report back with results.
  6. Thanks, that fixed it. I was actually wondering why I had firespitter in my old install.
  7. After the ARM update I can't seem to open or close the cargo bay of the Mk2 extension pack. Not in-game or in SPH/VAB.
  8. This is just amazing. I've never really liked the cartoony textures of KSP. This is going to make using mods much more pleasant :3
  9. Can somebody help me patch in a little bit of code into my script so that my rockets speed can be locked until a certain height? Something like this? until 23000 { if speed > x [set throttle to t - x} if speed < x [set throttle to t + x} }. Or something like that, I dunno I'm terrible at this...
  10. I love the rockomax engine texture. They look so much better than the stock ones, can't wait
  11. hmm, maybe I should have looked into the bug a little more before posting. Turns out that the Probe IVA mod renders KAS unusable. All crafts get destroyed like I mentioned earlier is Probe IVA is installed BTW: Any way to rotate parts that I want to attach in another axis than b/n?
  12. Id like a HD version, but it's up to you. The re-texture will be welcome in whatever res you choose
  13. It is quite simple to reproduce, attach a pipeline from one vessel to another, then enter one of the connected vessels. Either both will be flung at great speeds or they will collide and explode. (newest release)
  14. Hey guys, I was just going to refuel a lander on my Mun base and when the Kerbal got into the ship everything exploded and got thrown away at high speeds, some things even reached sun escape velocity. I managed to repair some of the damage with the in game cheats and Hyper edit. What is going on, why did everything all of a sudden start doing this? I've recreated the phenomenon with a spaceplane and space station in LKO, it also exploded. While recreating the base, I connected everything with pipes again and when the kerbal entered it all exploded again
  15. Thanks mate, something else... I'm making a simple script to LKO. It runs perfectly until it's time for the circularization burn... wait until apoapsis >80000. lock throttle to 0. lock steering to prograde. print "Gravity turn end.". wait 2. print "Coasting to Ap.". wait until eta:apoapsis <30. print "Begining circularization burn.". lock throttle to 1. wait until periapsis >80000. lock throttle to 0. print "Launch complete, vessel in 80km LKO.". It works well, the periapsis is 80km, but the apoapsis burns to >300km. How do I do some kind of If statement so that it makes an eccentric 80km orbit?
  16. hmm, does the line "lock steering to node." not work in this version? It doesn't work for me...
  17. Looking good. Is the capsule texture done? If so, is there a version in higher res?
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