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  1. Any information on the mod at this point? I looked it up and it said it was taken down. How in the world does that make sense, after it's just been released? Thanks for any info.
  2. No problem! like the new Kerbol System so far, especially the new Mars-like planet and Kerbin. I'm super excited for its release, and good luck on the rest!
  3. Hey, do you think the Sol. System will ever be added to this pack? So like you could start from Earth then have a big galaxy to go to? Also, great work so far on it! I especially like Blalo's rings and aurora!
  4. Ahoy there! Good job on the pack so far! I'm very excited, as I like this sorta "realistic" type of thing.
  5. I don't see my other post, so I'll have to do this new one. I think you had a misunderstanding: I can only use Spectra and BoulderCO for my stock system since Scatterer always gives me a "white atmosphere and ocean" glitch. I was wondering how I can fix that, plus the Kopernicus glitch I talked about. I don't think the Scatterer thing is mods clashing, either, since I once tried it with only the Squad and EVE mods. Also, how do I post logs? Thanks!
  6. I know that, and I never do, but I'm just saying that all visual mods except for Spectra and BoulderCO? don't work since they need scatterer. And no matter what, scatter does not work for me. Even when I do not have any other visual mods installed (except for EVE), of course. Then the Kopernicus error always is there as well. I guess I should also say that I have a MacBook Pro 2015 and a KSP version 1.6.1, just in case. Although I don't reckon it should matter. Sorry about this, but how do I upload the logs? I'm new here XD (obviously).
  7. Congrats on the release! I do have two bugs, though, and they won't ever go away. I tried searching google, but nothing helped me: So for Scatterer, the oceans and atmospheres turn white, so I can't use it. (Spectra visual enhancements works fine, though, since it doesn't need Scatterer.) However, Kopernicus also keeps telling me that, "There was an exception in the loading process and the planet pack couldn't be loaded," or something like that.
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