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  1. Hey there @nightingale, Seriously: what you did and do for the KSP community, namely CC - I doubt I'd still be here, still playing KSP without that. So please accept my heartfelt Thanks (even if it sounds odd to write such flat and direct words).
  2. Thank you for the update, @nightingale, I was already wondering about some weird new contracts about surface based comet science experiments on Minmus
  3. What @Boyster and @jimmymcgoochie said. In addition to that, two mods are coming to my mind: can show you which mod are non-stock parts of a vessel are from. And can show you unavailable parts used in a craft, usually not available yet in the tech tree.
  4. KER let's you display the actual acceleration, quite useful for situations other than LKO
  5. Never seen this before, freaking odd... wish I could reproduce it and help. I'm sorry.
  6. Hmpf... I can load your game, but there a no ships at all, probably due to mod parts I don't have. Can you try something else maybe: select the other vessel as target, set SAS to Target Prograde mode, and make a screenshot?
  7. For an unknown reason, I'm not able to download anything (bad swearing words at Google) Do me a favor, mind to upload the save game to anything but Google drive (e.g. dropbox)? I'll check tomorrow, bed time here now, gn o/
  8. Signed, that's the very moment KSP won't play you but you will play KSP What I can offer you: drop me a line when you might be on twitch (weekend preferred, and times please in GMT/UTC) , and I'll torture you with old man's wisdom what and how to do
  9. Typical @Zhetaan Comprehensive, perfect and exhaustive answer
  10. You could upload a save game file (.sfs), nothing illegal about that
  11. what? That not odd, but very freaking odd. I'm playing KSP for a couple of years, never had that. You have a save game available (don't know which mods you're using though)? I'd like to check, if you don't mind, ok?