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  1. Where are you?

  2. For the better Thank you, @Snark, I do appreciate this.
  3. And still the raven remains in my roomNo matter how much I imploreNo words can soothe himNo prayer remove himAnd I must hear for evermore Embracing the raven Wisdom and eternity Singularity
  4. Works like a charm, another big thank you to you
  5. Thanks man. I won't go that far with my wishes, regarding my little world (wife, family), just surviving another day is a good thing
  6. For me: Pink Floyd: Wish You Were here CCR: Chronicle, Vol. 1
  7. [snip]ing depression, it just sucks. Hate it so much. But thanks to Valentina, Jeb, and some good old music, I'll get over it. Again. Again. And function. I had better times. Isn't life a wonderful thing?
  8. Some more (irrelevant? not for me me though) thoughts (and, hey, this is MY thread about "this and that", isn't it) Been up at around 4 am. Birds are singing, back, winter is over. Human affairs? That important? The world still goes on, doesn't it. I'll be gone in the not so far future. What will be left? I can only hope the world will not be worse off than if I've never had been. As long as I'm still here: please, people, save those nasty, snarky comments when you have an issue and don't like my answer. I simply try to help, if that's not good enough for you, then just move on. My time is too precious for such a nonsense. Do not insult people who just try to help. Thanks. Don't we, as humans, have way more important things to worry about but going after each other? Making your next (fellow) human's life miserable? Obviously not, it seems. What a pity.
  9. Now that's real the question then Or does it at all?
  10. Not for me. Have to go to office tomorrow. Who cares that I'm in the risk group (preconditions). How can I not love him?
  11. Him being crazy? Ignoring that he twice had a heart attack, the last one just 2 weeks ago? Then: perfect madness.