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  1. VoidSquid

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    Hey @cfds, for you, this might be pointless, for me it's not. Different opinions, as simple as that. I also think your argument is invalid, but refrained from a longer elaboration as it looks to me that this would just lead to another long and pointless off-topic discussion which ultimately would lead to nothing but a bad mood. Again: different opinions, I'm fine with that, and that's it for me
  2. VoidSquid

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    My words were: Personal simple calculation Doesn't has to be a valid comparison for you, but for me it is, as in: Personal
  3. VoidSquid

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    I generally agree, but compare the KSP development budget to say GTA. I think it's unrealistic to expect the KSP developers to be able to spend a great amount of work (which ultimately translates to money) on bug fixing and optimization, like AAA titles (and even those are more often than not pretty buggy). Which a limited budget, and having to keep sales up at a certain level, most effort will go into content, not bug fixing etc. Hence, in this case, I'm willing to pay for maintenance, bug fixing, optimizations.
  4. VoidSquid

    Kerbal Space Program Breaks Ground with a New DLC!

    Not browsing through 29 pages, just my 2 Cents: We all love (save for the undying killjoys) to play KSP, and are interested in maintenance, bug fixing, and new content, aren't we? Squad as a business entity needs to earn money, pay salaries, to provide these. Hence I'm more than happy to pay for this DLC, which will as a benefit also give me some new content Personal simple calculation: I payed around $50 for KSP plus MH, and played say at least 1000 (probably more) hours until now -> 5 Cent per hour of fun. Now compare that to say watching a 2h flick in the cinema for 20 bucks.... My only wish @SQUAD: prioritize on bug fixing and performance, new content is nice, but doesn't rank 1st, imo. You have my support anyway, guys, including financial
  5. Yes, but if I ever will use LGG's AA mod, this would cause a conflict then, I'd rather avoid this in advance. I'll simply disable the patch and be happy with it, makes no sense to make a mountain out of a molehill.
  6. Would a simple replacing of the string nuclearEngine_size0 by nuclearEngineKANDL in KANDL.cfg work to only have the engine with the new name? Obviously nothing for the general audience, just talking here about my KSP installation, as I've never used this engine before, no craft can break, and in case I'll ever use LGG's mod, the conflict couldn't arise in the first place, I think.
  7. ...which gives me these, respectively:
  8. Hey @4x4cheesecake You're getting straight to the point, thanks a lot, that certainly causes the issue. Noob question: would I achieve my desired result if I simply disable SpaceTuxIndustries.cfg by renaming it to whatever_extension_but_cfg (constraint: do not install SpaceTuxIndustries/RecycledParts?/AtomicAge, ofc) ?
  9. I'd agree, but: I do not have LGG's AA installed (or any of the other mods from SpaceTux Industries Recycled Parts)... and removing MHP also removes the engine completely. As I said, this issue is only when enabling the filter, not present when browsing parts stock-like. VoidSquids are not known to be the smartest creatures in the universe (what do you expect: Void + Squid?), but they're not totally dense either Unrelated side note: I recommend, when disabling the changed Terrier, Swivel, and Reliant, also to disable the respective cfg-files from Real Plume Stock. I wish there'd be a "half-Reliant" too
  10. Hey @Snark , using the Filter Extensions mod (by @linuxgurugamer), the Candle is shown twice: All other nuclear engines, including the BKN, are only shown once. And in the unfiltered, normal (stock-) view, the Candle is only shown once as well. Any idea what's wrong here?
  11. VoidSquid

    [1.6] Modular Fuel Tanks v5.12.1

    Hey @taniwha, with 1.7 came that new nose cone Mk16A, do you already have a config for that? I'm thinking to copy the config of that Mk7 cone and just multiply the relevant numbers by 8 until it will be integrated in your mod.
  12. Hey LGG, just saw you're adopting this mod, big thanks, much appreciated
  13. Hi LGG, I hope it isn't asked too much, but is there any chance you might adopt the TAC Fuel Balancer mod as it seems to be abandoned? That mod offers some functionality which I can't find here.
  14. There are already some incompatibilities with mods I use and which I regard as crucial for me. Only switched from 1.3.1 to 1.6.1 just three weeks ago, I'm fine to wait a bit before I jump to 1.7 (probably 1.7.1 by the time).