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  1. Out of here for now :( Looks like I overreacted and took offense where none was given, as a fellow forum user explained to me.

  2. Sigh... if anyone has a good idea. please let me know: Again a situation where I truly don't know how to understand it, how to react. How did the other person mean it??? For the better or worse, we are limited to the written word here. No voice intonation, no facial expression, no body language. Aspie here, fits me perfectly, I can't understand that anyways. That's why I'm deliberately using emotions, to make the mood perfectly clear. But what should I do if the other person doesn't give me such clues? Without any descriptional context, any emoticons, I
  3. Granted. That PC though is quite power hungry, causing a massive overload of the power network. The whole country faces a blackout now because of: YOU! I wish I don't have to make a wish here.
  4. You're the 1st one looking for help and providing every possible data already in the initial post, you know. Big thanks for that! Out of curiosity, I'll try to load and launch your craft "WIP2". EDIT: can't load the craft as it contains parts from various mods that I don't have. Maybe one of the mods is to blame? Does it happen with a craft built only with stock parts too?
  5. Call it what you want, a bug, an oversight, poor planning, ... Fact of the matter is, before 1.11 a Kerbal had a jet pack and chute as part of their gear, and could carry a part of a surface experiment. Since 1.11, the Kerbal and the personal gear have been split in separate entities, sum of the three masses the same as before 1.11. Long story short: worked before 1.11, doesn't work since. I call that broken or a bug.
  6. I'd report this issue here if I were you https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/projects/ksp/issues
  7. Reminds me way too much of 1.4. Took (at least for me) until 1.6 that KSP became playable again. Bug tracker for 1.11 would make a good script for a horror movie
  8. If you can reproduce it, it would be a good idea to report that issue in the official bug tracker, that is what the developers do read. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/projects/ksp/issues
  9. Might be good idea to report that issue here @se5a: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/projects/ksp/issues
  10. The Blue Screen Stop error and the crash dump would be helpful for analyzing what causes this, the color of the laptop, not so much. The Windows crash dump file is C:\Windows\Memory.dmp.
  11. So just my 2 cents here: Since I think 2015, from time to time KSP popped up at my Steam shop page. I totally do not like games with cartoonish graphics, and seeing the Kerbals on that shop page image actually made turn away, I was assuming it's another one of those cheap and bad run of the mill games. One day then one of my favorite youtubers had a little Let's Play series, and people really liked it. What the heck, I'll have a look. That was kind of an epiphany, so to speak, I learned that KSP was actually a hard physics and math based sim at its core. Purchased it the very same da
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