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  1. It is not, only if you want MJ to be partless. Without MM, you'd have to use the AR202 case.
  2. VoidSquid

    KSP Jokes

    It does: keeps people busy of thinking of its effects
  3. Looks like this bug which as per the patch notes has been fixed in 1.11.2 https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26961
  4. Hi and welcome to the forums, @AMA PR0 To be able to help you. we need some more information please, as outlined here: Chances are that you manually installed the mods instead of using CKAN and somehow have an incorrect folder structure for MechJeb, it should look similar to this:
  5. Looks like this issue https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/27008 Maybe the workaround described there works for you too?
  6. Being an "old timer", yes, of course, I have Though that wasn't my point here, actually.
  7. In descending order of priorities: Max. single core CPU clock. Amount of RAM. Graphics card.
  8. You're not. All dv maps I know about are not including any GA assisted trajectories, I'm sorry. Naturally, the higher the mass, the greater the GA effect of a given CB can be, for the Kerbol system that would be, apart from Jool, Eve, Kerbin and Duna.
  9. Try right clicking the pod/probe core, there should be a setting allowing you to toggle the orientation.
  10. In the VAB, for me it's a single click on the mod toolbar icon. In flight mode, I have my two custom HUDs on top of the screen, left and right from the altimeter, no obstruction at that place.
  11. EVE by itself is a framework, you'll need a texture pack like Spectra or SVE. I also recommend you install the scatter mod, huge graphical improvement over the stock visuals. Other graphical mods I can recommend are Engine Lighting Relit and Real Plume.
  12. You could use an engine with gimbaling, e.g. the Spark, or the Caravel from the RLA Reborn part mod pack.
  13. Err.. so your KSP playing experience now is to start KSP, wait one hour, then play?
  14. Another post removed where I tried to defuse a situation, tried to understand both sides. Oh well...
  15. I remember my fist boss saying, well, if you have zombies in your closet, you better take the effort to kill them one by one before you put them to rest. Extra effort, of course, but if you don't, some day there will be a heavy rain and they'll all be washed up again together and start to wreak havoc, en masse, which then you won't be able to handle. Personal note: I'm quite happy to be able to engage in a meaningful discussion here, off-limits, free-thinking, just what comes to the mind. Thank you for joining this, @Lisias
  16. As if didn't already have more than enough reason to stay with 1.10.1 Thanks @Lisias for your efforts, although I'll probably never have to use your workaround.
  17. Total extraordinaire vid quality, I know... still, the best vid I could find to get the impression of the very time (or age). At least, the audio is ok.
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