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  1. fruitsbar

    SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

    Alright fine, maybe just a big space port. But really, don't let my dreams down smh >:(
  2. fruitsbar

    SPACE STATIONS! Post your pictures here

    Yeah.. about space stations, I've just begun making them. My first space station that i started making today. I'm planning on growing this space station into a massive city like the one in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. It's growing everyday...
  3. fruitsbar

    Landing on mod planets!

    Jebediah Kerman opens the hatch as he enters this strange, alien land. He looked above and saw massive rings going round the planet, and not so far away from these rings, the sun shining from a far distance. And how did you feel when you first landed on a new planet from a mod? Let me know below!
  4. fruitsbar

    Breaking Ground... What will you build first?

    Bases has always been my kind of thing, I just tend to give up easily. However, I had plans on the following... 1) A walking base. 2) A rover with a robot arm. 3) Many more coming to my head...
  5. fruitsbar

    [BETA][1.7.x] KerbalGalaxy Remaster

    Hey XxLedvin25xX, thanks for the bug fix with Miller's Planet, but now I can't go near Miller's Planet / Mann's Planet. Going near Gargantua makes me fling off to infinity.
  6. fruitsbar

    [BETA][1.7.x] KerbalGalaxy Remaster

    Thank you soooo much! I'm looking forward to seeing Miller's planet and... Is that a mountain i see in the far off distance? Anyway, thanks again for fixing this. May your mod become more popular!
  7. fruitsbar

    [BETA][1.7.x] KerbalGalaxy Remaster

    Thank you very much! I'll get too re - installing the mod once the fixing is done. Thanks again for listening! I had this issue too. Then I found out that I didn't have the TextureReplacer mod installed. I also didn't have the textures installed either. Have you checked if you have all mods? If not, install the remaining mods. And if it's still not working with everything installed (including the textures) try reinstalling it.
  8. fruitsbar

    [BETA][1.7.x] KerbalGalaxy Remaster

    Great mod! Genius! I absolutely love it. I almost felt like I was in the movie Interstellar all over again Just one problem. Miller's Planet has got some issues with it's textures. There is water, of course, but its transparent. Anyway you could fix this? Also, when I try looking beneath the invisible water, this happens:
  9. fruitsbar

    [1.7] Kolyphemus System Continued

    I have no idea, actually. I only know one extra - planets mod that doesn't use scatterer but its pretty buggy.
  10. fruitsbar

    Making Terrestrial Buildings Fly...

    Just heard about the Breaking Ground DLC and I am hyped! I plan on getting it after I have Stormworks. Anyway, enough of DLCs, that's an amazing creations! I always try finding smart ways to build bases.
  11. fruitsbar (Mod Hosting Site)

    Hello everyone! I can't get on Spacedock. Could I know why please? My internet connection is always at it's full performance and I'm having no problems getting on other websites. It tells me "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" .
  12. fruitsbar


    Been trying to find a good mod for ages. Though no matter where I look, there'll always be a good mod thats outdated or has been closed down. Got any mods I could use? Note: it can't be a visual enhancement mod or an extra planets / solar system mod. Too laggy for me.
  13. fruitsbar

    Your first time docking

    I'm fully aware on how to dock, just that I literally start sweating when I approach the part i wanna dock to... But then again, I use mods to help me out. Most camera mods should give you a better chance of docking, as well with flexable docking ports.
  14. fruitsbar

    Hmmm... What's this?

    where DO you get magic asteroids, anyway?
  15. fruitsbar

    How can you change your kerbonaut's head?

    how do I make them have a different skin colour? I try editing the skins in the texture replacer mod but it doesn't allow me.