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  1. Thanks for all the hard work, has anyone heard anything about methalox engines in the works, holding off on the duna direct plan until i can actually make fuel.
  2. Hi, Im having an issue with the general launch pad tech node not showing up, ive tried installing alpha dev by its self and with MLP but the only new nodes are soyuz, shuttle and saturn, Thanks *Issue fixed but i have no idea how*
  3. Hi, does anyone have advice about reentry and landing, im playing on JNSQ so its about 2.7x. I can't figure out a entry profile that doesnt cause something to explode from overheating, usually its the nose landing gear or the payload adapter. Other than that the mod is amazing Thanks
  4. Hi, I have 18.0 installed but I cant seem to find the zarya and zvesda parts, i know they were in an older version but now I cant seem to find them did they get removed or am I just dumb I need my sexy ISS fix Thanks
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