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  1. 20(+) JNSQ graphics are AMAZING. And I've only been in Kerbin so far (in JNSQ save)
  2. 18(+) Ye...... The last time I used JNSQ, my computer crashed. Hoping for luck this time.
  3. 14(+) Cool. Just googled them and I am pretty shocked how complicated maths could get in a couple of grades.....
  4. 12(+) Never heard of Integrals and Derivates..... Do they have something to do with calculus?
  5. 10(+) Nah... Construction is just using compass to divide lines in half and make triangles.
  6. 8(+) Hmmmmm. Let's see..... Pythagoras Theorem (we need to prove it), construction, sigma...
  7. 6(+) Yup. And maths extension is just part 2 of my yearlies. Its a compilation of harder stuff. Ugh.
  8. 1(+) Eh.... I finished most of my yearlies now.... I only need to do my Maths Extension Yearlies (the hard one)
  9. Ouch. And then that unlucky Kerbal (most likely Bob) comes up with the idea of gravity.....