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  1. I'm having the same problem. I downloaded it from spacedock and unzipped it. I then placed the file in the gamedata folder, but when I load KSP, the mod isn't there. I'm using macOS, and airplane plus (an AWESOME mod, thanks for making it) works on it.
  2. Yeah... I'm gonna put the engine on the middle so that it's not gonna blow up. If it works, I'm gonna put our hero Jebediah on it!
  3. Just asking, but are only guns from BD Armory allowed? Or guided missiles are also allowed('cause some from 1950 used guided missiles)? Thanks in advance for replies.
  4. Well, I've been thinking about this for a while, now I've got it! This is my very first attempt. So..... it was 75m/s. I'll be adding improvements soon during the holidays.
  5. Well, you're completely right. I am kinda exaggerating. And yeah, a lot of people are into shooters, and some games tend to be shunned. So, pardon me for exaggerating and being totally immature.
  6. 9..... Almost older than my sister...... Just asking, why does everyone who never played KSP always think KSP's an useless game? And just surprising that people are still making that mistake in the 9th year.....
  7. Moved out of the thread to prevent derailing it :) 

    21 minutes ago, Yeet_TheDinosaur said:

    Sure thing mate.:wink:

    Wait....... Did I see you before?

    Had your KSP crashed lately? :P :D 

    1. Yeet_TheDinosaur


      Uh..... No. But I'm pretty sure you replied on my post.

    2. Lisias


      Got curious. I think it was on the Breaking Ground hype thread!

    3. Yeet_TheDinosaur


      Yep. I posted something about whether the ew DLC was worth the money, and youreplied.

      Thanks for tip back then ^. ^

  8. Sure thing mate. Wait....... Did I see you before?
  9. Well, as you might all know, today is our beloved Kerbal Space Program's 8th(or 9th)!!!. Some may argue that today, June 24th, is just the release date, but I personally think that release date should be KSP's birthday. Anyway, I wanted to celebrate KSP's birthday by posting memes/parodies of KSP!!! I think you guys can help me do that by posting memes or funny/stupid things that you did or happened to you in KSP or how it was like in the good old days. So again, let's celebrate Kerbal Space Program's birthday!!!
  10. So hi K\KSP users. I'm a Korean speaking KSP user in Australia and I've had this idea of squad releasing a korean KSP. I mean....... there are at least 12,000 koeran-speaking users, and it'll be good of squad to release a korean version of KSP. And the transalting? Probably I can take part in it, partly because it'll be fun and partly because I know it's a nice thing to do in my freetime ^ . ^ So Squad, please consider this. If you are interested or are planning to do so, please let me and other Korean users know. Thank you
  11. (sigh) There are 12,000 korean KSP users on their forum, but almost none here. Mmaybe we should go there and notify them? I mean, this forum is bigger and has more mods on it and is monitored by squad. 흐아아아. 네이버 포럼에는 12,00 유저가 있는데 여기에는 한국인들이 거의 없네요... 아마 그쪽에 가서 여기에 대해 알려줄까요?
  12. Could you include me over here please? I'm currently in highschool in Australia(But middle school in America), working hard to go to Sydeny university or above and get a degree on aerospace engineering, orbital science or chemistry. I'm studying maths, science and technology more than others. And reading heck a lot of books.....